How To Propagate a Fig Tree? - Efficient Method

In this guide, we will learn how to propagate a fig tree and provide it with the right growing conditions that this plant requires. A Fig tree is a large, deciduous tree. It grows best in full sun and well-drained soil. It can be propagated from seed, grafts, or cuttings.

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The propagation of a fig tree is quite simple. You can either propagate your fig tree by seeds, cuttings or grafting. 

How To Propagate Fig Tree

Seeds are used for direct seeding. You can sow the seeds directly in your garden or in a pot. This is the most popular method for propagating fig trees.

Propagate Through Seed

You can take cuttings from the branches that have a lot of leaves or from the branches that have no leaves.

Propagate Through Cutting

For this method, you will need a branch with a lot of leaves from your fig tree. You can use a softwood branch that is not more than two inches in diameter. You will need a hardwood branch that is more than three inches in diameter.

Propagate Through Grafting

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