Is The Sweet Tomato 100 Determinite Or Indeterminite?

When we talk about determinate or indeterminate tomato plants, we are basically referring to the growing style of a tomato plant. Most gardeners would like to know the growing style of the tomato variety they choose to plant so they can carefully plan their garden properly.

The sweet 100 tomato plant is indeterminate and it is definitely not determinate. This implies that  will keep on producing fruits throughout their growing season and they tend to grow in a vining manner.  

Is Sweet 100 Tomato Plant Determinate Or Indeterminate?

This tomato variety grows so vigorously and they produce delicious fruits. They are indeterminate tomato variety that grows in a vining way.

About The Sweet 100s Tomato

The Northrup King Seed Company in Minneapolis which is now a division of Syngenta was the company that developed the sweet 100 tomato hybrid.

Some Background History About Sweet 100 Tomatoe

The only major complaint about this cherry tomato variety is the issue of cracking. Cracking is mostly caused when the plant has less water and heavy rain pours down.

Major Downside Of The Sweet 100 Indeterminate Tomato

This tomato variety can grow so very big reaching up to 4 feet wide and 10 feet long. Therefore, space this tomato plant about 24 to 48 inches apart.

Growing Sweet 100 Tomato

The sweet 100 cherry tomatoes are excellent in cooking applications. You can as well freeze them and use them for pickling, can also be used in a recipe that calls for cherry tomatoes.

Applications Of Sweet 100 Tomatoe

– Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes are loaded with vitamin C. – They are very low in calories and they are cholesterol-free. – The tomato cherry is packed with potassium. – The sweet 100 cherry tomato also provides folate and fiber.

Nutritional Benefit

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