Mushroom Compost: Where to Buy and How to Use

There are a lot of materials you can use in composting. They can include green vegetables and old newspaper. You can also source for high-quality compost for your garden by purchasing mushroom compost. 

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— Mushroom Substrate — Spent Mushroom Substrate — Substitute Mushroom Compost

It contains rich amounts of nutrients like Phosphorus, Nitrogen, and Potassium. Three key minerals that your soil needs to support healthy plant growth and development. 

What is Mushroom Compost?

The mushroom substrate is the common type of mushroom compost you can find. The process of manufacturing mushroom substrate usually involves making use of a medium that includes a mix of ingredients.

Mushroom Substrate

Spent mushroom substrates are the type of mushroom compost you purchase from mushroom farms. They are termed “spent” because they are no longer fit for use in growing mushrooms but can be recycled by adding it to a compost pile.

Spent Mushroom Substrate

Other materials can be used in mushroom compost. But before they are added, they are pasteurized to kill off all the bacteria that can encourage the growth of mold. Some of the popular materials used in substitute mushroom composting include coffee grounds.

Substitute Mushroom Compost

You can use mushroom compost on your plant soil as: — A slow-release fertilizer to neutralize acidic soil. — Added to clay soil to improve water retention. — Fresh manure compost can be used as mulch for your plant root.

Uses of Mushroom Compost

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