Planting peppers- How Far Apart Should They Be?

Peppers can serve as a great addition to your garden. Be it green, red, yellow, etc, pepper are all awesome source of vitamin C, vitamin A, and other minerals. But do you know how far apart to plant your green peppers? It is crucial you get the spacing for your peppers right as this is one determining factor to their final yield. Therefore, let’s look into how far apart to plant green peppers for maximum yield.

The pepper plants have so much versatility that you can simply select which variety to grow such as small bell pepper, hot peppers, bell peppers, etc. 

Pepper Plant

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Guidelines On How Far Apart To Plant Green Pepper

1.    Distance Between Row 2.    Distance Between Plants 3.    Spacing Between Other Pepper Varieties

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1.    Seed Planting 2.    Stake Your Pepper 3.    Fertilizer Application 4.    Watering 5.    Weeding And Pest Control 6.    Fruit Production

How To Grow Peppers

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