Raising Crawfish Aquaponics

Raising crawfish in aquaponics is possible with the right knowledge. Although, we are most familiar with raising fish in aquaponics, other aquatic animals such as crawfish can also be included. You can easily raise crawfish alongside your aquaponics fish.

Raising crawfish in your aquaponics will add a whole lot of diversity to your system. It is possible to raise crawfish alongside aquatic fish as they can live as good tank mates in your aquaponics system.

How To Raise Crawfish In Aquaponics

 The crawfish filtrating technique is not so superb. This is because as they are cleaning up your system by consuming this excess organic waste from fish, they are also producing their waste materials.

Crawfish & Filtration

Crawfish can take a lot of space in your aquaponics. As such, you can only raise a few of them in your aquaponics system.

Stocking Density Of Crawfish

- Temperature - pH - Bio-filtration & Water Quality - Maintain A Reduced Number Of Crawfish

Crawfish Growing Requirements

Crawfish are omnivores. Therefore, they can eat anything like a fish waste product. They can also help you hunt worms, snails, leeches, etc.

Crawfish Feeding Habit

Raising crawfish in aquaponics might be pretty demanding. However, it is fun and you can still enjoy some benefits to it.


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