Raising Crawfish Aquaponics

Raising Crawfish Aquaponics

Raising crawfish in aquaponics is possible with the right knowledge. Although, we are most familiar with raising fish in aquaponics, other aquatic animals such as crawfish can also be included. You can easily raise crawfish alongside your aquaponics fish.

Although there can be some limitations in raising crawfish in aquaponics, you can work your way around it.

How To Raise Crawfish In Aquaponics

Raising crawfish in your aquaponics will add a whole lot of diversity to your system. It is possible to raise crawfish alongside aquatic fish as they can live as good tank mates in your aquaponics system. However, there are things you need to put in place to avoid your fish from eating your crawfish.

Although not all types of fish will eat your crawfish. The fishes that might end up eating your crawfish are the omnivores fish and fish that are two times bigger than your crawfish. Also, note that almost all fish may try to eat baby crawfish, however, there are some things you can do to prevent this.

The good thing is that crawfish are bottom dwellers, unlike fishes that love to swims on top. Crawfish also loves hiding places so that’s an added advantage. This is why you have to create hiding spots for your crawfish so they can avoid your fish. You can make use of big stones as their hiding spots.

However, there will always be that slight chance of your fish eating your crawfish. But don’t sweat it. Just try to follow the tips mentioned above to keep your crawfish safe.

Crawfish & Filtration

Although crawfish may help in terms of filtration, you will still need to get a filtering system as your plant might not be enough filter. The crawfish filtrating technique is not so superb. This is because as they are cleaning up your system by consuming this excess organic waste from fish, they are also producing their waste materials. Therefore, you will need to add an additional filtration system to clean your aquaponics so their waste does not clog up your system.

Stocking Density Of Crawfish

Crawfish can take a lot of space in your aquaponics. As such, you can only raise a few of them in your aquaponics system. This is why it’s not advised to raise the only crawfish for your plants as the few crawfish will not provide your plant adequate nutrients. They should be raised with fish so the fish can produce enough nutrients for your plants.

Stocking Density Of Crawfish

As we mentioned earlier that crawfish are bottom dwellers. They are capable of taking over your fish tank which is why you need to raise a few of them. When a female crawfish is pregnant, it can produce up to 100 eggs. This can cause a rapid increase in the population in your fish tank.

However, if you wish to sell them, then you should help in their survival chance by giving them more hiding spots. This way, your fish will be limited from attacking the little crawfish and you can have some left for sale.

Crawfish Growing Requirements

Follow these crawfish growing requirements and enjoy a smooth crawfish aquaponics system:

  • Temperature: crawfish grows best in temperature of around 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • pH: they also prefer their water pH to be around 7.1 to 8.1. Other species of crawfish will do well with a pH of around 6.4 to 8.1. Therefore, make sure you are enlightened on the type of crawfish species you will be raising.

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  • Bio-filtration & Water Quality: ensure your filtering system cleans up excess ammonia and nitrite to a level your crawfish can handle. Ammonia and nitrite toxicity can reduce the survival chance of your crawfish thereby killing them. Therefore, always test the nitrite and ammonia concentration levels.
  • Maintain A Reduced Number Of Crawfish: because crawfish requires bigger space, try to maintain a reduced population. When they start producing offspring and their population is high in the tank, try to most out. You can sell the little offspring to a bait shop or fish store.

So, you should ensure you test your water frequently for your crawfish to grow well in good conditions. If you don’t provide your crawfish with the right growing conditions, they might die.

Crawfish Feeding Habit

Crawfish are omnivores. Therefore, they can eat anything like a fish waste product. They can also help you hunt worms, snails, leeches, etc you might have in your system.

Crawfish don’t usually go out to search for food. They make do with what they have around them. Therefore, there’s no worry about them eating your little fish.

Crawfish Feeding Habit

Closing Remark On Raising Crawfish

Raising crawfish in aquaponics might be pretty demanding. However, it is fun and you can still enjoy some benefits to it.