Raising Salmon At Home

Salmon is one of the most consumed foods and the most imported seafood in the US. Getting started with raising salmon at home is not so complicated with the right knowledge and we will enlighten you on this.

The following materials are required for getting started with raising salmon at home: Fish tanks or aquarium Incubation tray Styrofoam Water Salmon eggs

Materials Needed for Raising Salmon at Home

Home fish farming is an awesome experience. One of the best ways of raising salmon at home is through the use of closed containment. Raising salmon in a solid closed tank or containment will mainly protect the eggs ...

How to Raise Salmon at Home

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1. Incubation Stage


Growing salmon can take up to two years from the egg stage. 

2. Fry System


The young fish are now moved into the fry tank for a period of 6 to 7 months.

3. Feeding Stage


The young fish are now moved into the fry tank for a period of 6 to 7 months.

4. Fingerlings Tank


They are then transferred into the fingerlings tank for 5 months.

5. Smoltification    Stage


As the fish grow in size and reach about 40 grams, smoltification is induced.

6. Fish Sampling


A sampling of the salmon fish is carried out every two months to keep a good eye on their performance rate. 

7. Growout tank


They are now about a year old and transferred to the grow-out tank.

8. Harvest


When your salmon fish has grown to the preferred target size of about 10 to 12 pounds, you can proceed to harvest.

Ensure you keep the tank or aquarium at a convenient temperature that is suitable for your salmon fish. They are cold water-loving fish. So, you can make use of a refrigerating unit with a device capable of keeping track and controlling the temperature of the tank.


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