Recommended Growstones For Aquaponics

You need to know not all hydroponic growing media are suitable for aquaponics. So, one of the most appropriate growing media for your aquaponics is growstones. We will be discussing more growstones for aquaponics so read on to find out.

Growstones are growing media used in supporting soil-free plants in hydroponics or aquaponics. Growstones also known as hydro stones are the best growing media for your aquaponics system.

What Are Growstones?

Growstones are reusable. They will supply your aquaponics plants with good aeration. Even if you overwater your aquaponics plants, you don’t need to worry about root rot because of its top-notch aeration abilities.

What Growstones Has To Offer Your Aquaponics System

1. Growstone 950HY33CF, 9-Liter Hydro Stones: It is made from recycled glass. It is a great choice for the aquaponics system, hydroponics system, as well as traditional soil mix. 2. Growstone 750GC2L12 Gnat Nix Control, 2-Liter: It is another recommended medium you can use for your aquaponics or hydroponics system.

Recommended Growstones For Aquaponics

3. Growstone 100516218 Mix This Soil Aerator Bag 9ltr, 9-Liter: This growstone mix has been carefully mixed to suit both your hydroponics and aquaponics. It will also suit your fish as they have a good surface area that aids bacteria in converting ammonia to nitrates for plant use.

Recommended Growstones For Aquaponics

Growstones are perfect for the aquaponics system because they will offer you a problem-free aquaponics growing medium. With that said, we do hope you have learned some things about growstones for aquaponics. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask us as we will give you a quick reply.


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