Recommended Growstones For Aquaponics

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Last Updated on October 29, 2022

You need to know not all hydroponic growing media are suitable for aquaponics. So, one of the most appropriate growing media for your aquaponics is growstones. We will be discussing more growstones for aquaponics so read on to find out.

Growstones are great bio-filters for growing fish and veggies in your aquaponics garden. They have excellent physical integrity and you will enjoy a smooth, clean and healthy aquaponics system.

 What Are Growstones?

Growstones are growing media used in supporting soil-free plants in hydroponics or aquaponics. Growstones also known as hydro stones are the best growing media for your aquaponics system.

They are basically made from glass and they come in various sizes. Growstones are lightweight and porous.

They are good replacements for other grow media such as perlite, and if you know perlites, you should know it’s a mined mineral. Perlite is very easy to break and turn into a fine powder which is why growstones is a more reliable alternative for your aquaponics.

 What are Growstones

Growstones are a highly sustainable renewable resource and they can also replace clay pebbles. They can be used in aquaponics as well as all types of hydroponics.

What Growstones Has To Offer Your Aquaponics System

The benefits growstones offers your aquaponics gardens are as follows:

  • Growstones are reusable.
  • They will supply your aquaponics plants with good aeration. Even if you overwater your aquaponics plants, you don’t need to worry about root rot because of its top-notch aeration abilities. So be rest assured of a healthier root system with growstones.
  • Using fewer growstones than when you use perlite or other grow medium for your aquaponics will even give you better results.
  • Growstones have an excellent surface area which gives room for bacteria that helps convert ammonia from fish waste to nitrates to be used by the plants.

  • Growstones have excellent moisture retention. They can wick water up to 3 to 4 inches above the growing medium.
  • They will not break down or decompose into water or your system and they will maintain their physical integrity at all times. Thus, the fish reservoir tank will always remain clean throughout.
  • Growstones will give a neutral pH if presoaked for a couple of days before use.
  • Even though they are made from glass, growstones will not injure or cut you when you handle them. Also, even if growstones break, they won’t harm you.

Recommended Growstones For Aquaponics

Here are some growstones we recommend for your aquaponics system:

1.    Growstone 950HY33CF, 9-Liter Hydro Stones

The Growstone 950HY33CF is a Gs-1 hydro stone made from recycled glass. It is a great choice for the aquaponics system, hydroponics system, as well as traditional soil mix.

It has all the properties that a growstones will offer such as optimum aeration, good drainage, and it’s a clean grow medium. This growstone will also decrease over-watering that can predispose your plant to root rot thus offering your plants a healthy and clean environment.

They are great for your aquaponics plants root as they will improve nutrient absorption that will improve healthy plant growth.

It also has a great surface area that encourages nitrifying bacteria that converts the fish waste to plant nutrients.

2.    Growstone 750GC2L12 Gnat Nix Control, 2-Liter

Growstone Gnat Nix control is another recommended medium you can use for your aquaponics or hydroponics system.

We particularly appreciate this growstone gnat nix control because it will offer an additional gnat control for your aquaponics garden. We do know that gnats are a common pest most soilless growers’ encounter. It will also help reduce over or under watering that can cause root rot. Therefore, your plants can grow healthily.

They are great for moisture absorption, drainage, and oxygenation. All these excellent qualities will improve your aquaponics plant development and result in greater yields.

3.    Growstone 100516218 Mix This Soil Aerator Bag 9ltr, 9-Liter

This growstone mix has been carefully mixed to suit both your hydroponics and aquaponics. It will also suit your fish as they have a good surface area that aids bacteria in converting ammonia to nitrates for plant use.

It can replace clay pebbles or perlite and it’s 100 percent made from recycled glass. Promotion of moisture absorption, good drainage, and aeration. They will also improve nutrient absorption which will help in your aquaponics plant growth.

It will also improve aeration and drainage in traditional soil, coco coir, peat, or compost.


What are brownstones?

Growstones are made of quartz that is treated to be hard and scratch-resistant. Growstones are used in conjunction with plants, which grow into the stone to anchor it in the ground. Growstones can be used in many different applications including growing succulents, herbs, cacti and more!

Growstones are made from quartz and are treated with a special adhesive that makes them extremely durable.

What are they good for?

The benefits of using growstones are numerous.

They are an easy way to have a garden or pot without the hassle of having to constantly water and maintain your plant’s soil. This means that you can enjoy your garden throughout the year and not have to worry about watering. You don’t have to continuously fertilize and weed your plant’s soil either, since growstones keep your plant’s roots planted into the ground. Growstones also provide a more stable environment for plants since they are much easier to move than pots. They also do not need to be watered as often because the soil is already moistened when the plant is placed in them

What sizes do they come in?

Growstones come in many different sizes so you can choose which one will work best for you.

These sizes range from the smallest size, which is about 1 inch by 2 inches, to the largest size, which is about 6 inches by 12 inches. The smaller sizes of growstones are great for planting small seeds or seedlings while the larger ones are ideal for large plants.

What’s a quality grow stone product?

Growstones are from Aqua-Tropical Technologies are designed to help you in your quest for high-quality plants that grow and thrive in an aquaponics system.

Growstones are a series of three, pre-cut plant containers that are specifically designed for use in an aquaponics system. They are made of a high quality plastic and they feature a built-in reservoir for water circulation and aeration.

What are the advantages of these kinds of stones?

Growstones have several advantages over other stones: They can be used for growing both fish and plants They are made from recycled glass They are durable They are easy to clean They come in various sizes They are dishwasher safe They are biodegradable Growstones are made from 100% recycled glass, and the material is durable and very strong. The pieces are also dishwasher safe, which is a huge advantage if you are cleaning your system often.

Conclusion On Growstones For Aquaponics

Growstones are perfect for the aquaponics system because they will offer you a problem-free aquaponics growing medium.

With that said, we do hope you have learned some things about growstones for aquaponics. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask us as we will give you a quick reply.

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