The Best Roots Organic Soil

Finding the right organic soil for your plant or garden can be a tedious task for any farmer; this is because you can be truly certain of the organic matter that is contained in the soil. Also, most growers find it difficult to find the right organic soil that can work well with the type of plant they grow.

Organic soils are engineered to contain organic matter that is packed with minerals and nutrients that are beneficial to the growth of plants. This living matter consists mainly of decaying worms, microorganisms, insects, plant materials, and many other components. Organic soil is derived from living matter.

What is Organic  Soil?

Compost contains decaying matters which could include leaves, flowers, and other food scraps from the vegetative origin.

What Constitutes an Organic Soil? 

Mulch it is made from decaying leaves, wood chips and/or bark.  Manure  is usually decayed animal excrement.

What Constitutes an Organic Soil? 

Supply Nutrients : provide minerals and nutrients that help the plant to grow. Retain Moisture: improve the soil water-holding capacity. Improves Soil Structure : soil helps to improve the soil structure.

Benefits of Organic Soil

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The Best Organic Soil for Plant 

FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil


Roots Organic


Nature’s Living Soil Super Soil Organic Concentrate 


FoxFarm Happy Frog Potting Soil 

Miracle-Gro Potting Soil


Organic soil is a good way to improve the quality and yield of your plant especially when you notice that the soil is deficient in nutrients. Organic soil also works well with organic fertilizers so you want to avoid using any form of chemical as they can be harmful to your plant and the environment.


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