What is Perlite? And How is It Useful in the Garden?

Perlite has a major role to play in the growth of plants both in hydroponics and soil gardens. Is perlite organic, and what are its benefits to plant growth and development?

Perlite is a naturally occurring mineral that can be found in nature. It is mined in large quantities in Turkey, Japan, Greece, and in the United States. The mineral is formed as a ...

What is Perlite?

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What Are the Benefits of Perlite to the Plant Soil?

The usefulness of perlite in the garden includes * It has a neutral pH level which makes it able to balance the acid/base level of the soil. * It is obtained from natural deposits in the soil and hence does not contain any toxic chemical compound. * ...

Perlite has a wide range of applications in the garden, you can include perlite in your soil mixes in combination with peat moss and loam in equal amounts.

How Should You Use Perlite in the Garden?

You can spread perlite on the soil surface to help with the breakdown of tightly packed soil to allow for easy drainage and ventilation. You can also use perlite in hydroponic systems as part of a mixture in other growing media or as a standalone media. You should not use it for deepwater systems like the ebb and flow or deep water culture

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