When To Harvest Celery

Celery plants are a wonderful source of phytonutrients that have the ability to reduce inflammation (a health situation that is capable of causing arthritis and osteoporosis. A single stalk has over 24 compounds that can offer protection to the body against inflammation.

Growing and raising a celery plant is generally considered to be a gardening challenge because of its low tolerance for both cold and heat.

Planting Celery Seed 

When To Harvest Celery Plant?

Understanding the distinctive traits of the celery plants suggest if it is ripe or not. Harvesting the celery too early can lead to its stalks (leaves) turning yellow or dying.

How To Harvest Celery

Harvesting by A Bunch: This means digging out or cutting at least 1 inch above the soil across the base of the plant.   Harvesting by Stalk: This method is also known as the cut and come....

Caring For Your Celery

The celery plants are liable to lest and it requires a lot of routine maintenance and a properly monitored planting to enable them to thrive and grow to their best during their long growing season.

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