When To Harvest Celery

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Last Updated on May 6, 2022

When to harvest celery is what will be discussed here. Planting a seed is as important as harvesting a plant because every farmer or gardener plants with the mindset of harvesting as when due. This principle also applies to celery plants but to have a bountiful and beautiful harvest, the planting process must be carried out with care, and seriousness. Every necessary attention must be paid to the plant.

The growing process as well needs to be monitored and to achieve the maximum from the plant when they are due for harvest; the proper harvesting procedures have to be followed.

Then when and how can you harvest your celery plant? This and more will be discussed in this insightful article.

Celery plants are a wonderful source of phytonutrients that have the ability to reduce inflammation (a health situation that is capable of causing arthritis and osteoporosis. A single stalk has over 24 compounds that can offer protection to the body against inflammation. When to harvest celery will be discussed here so let’s begin.

Planting Celery Seed – When To Harvest Celery

These wonderful plants are raised from the seed and planted either in an open field or a hotbed with inclination to the season of the year. The moment they attain a height of 6-8 inches after thinning and transplanting, they are transferred to a deep trench for easy blanching.

Growing and raising a celery plant is generally considered to be a gardening challenge because of its low tolerance for both cold and heat (of course because balancing the temperature of a plant isn’t as easy as it looks).

In the process of planting, mix the tiny seeds (after being soaked in warm water over the night to help with proper germination) with sand and sprinkle over a starter soil tray, then cover with a plastic wrap till trap warmth and retain moisture as that is what’s required for celery seed.

Once the seedlings pop out, remove the wrap and transfer it to a pot, and place it in a strategic location where it can get a minimum of 15 hours of sunlight on a daily basis. Not to forget that the celery plant needs moisture so it must be ensured to keep it watered often.

To prevent the plant soil from coming out, endeavor to cover the base of your pot with a coffee filter or paper towel.

Also, before you sprinkle your soil and seed mixture into the potting soil, you shouldn’t forget to add fertilizer (in the quantity required or as directed by label instructions) to the soil before filling it into the plant pot.

When the plants are about 50mm, transfer pots to the garden where the soil isn’t in danger of frost and is about 100C and ensure they are at least, eight inches apart to ensure proper growth.

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When To Harvest Celery Plant?

Everything under the sun sure has timing; the time to plant, the time to sleep, time to eat, and time to weed and all. For a plant that was planted, there must be a time to harvest. So, when is the right time frame to harvest your celery plant?

Understanding the distinctive traits of the celery plants suggest if it is ripe or not. Harvesting the celery too early can lead to its stalks (leaves) turning yellow or dying.

Most celery varieties take between 95 to 150 days after transplanting. Once the base of your plant reaches 3-4 inches in diameter and the stalks have grown about six (6) inches tall from the stem, it is ready to be picked.

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When To Harvest Celery

How To Harvest Celery

There are two paths to harvesting the plant;

  1. Harvesting by A Bunch: This means digging out or cutting at least 1 inch above the soil across the base of the plant. This is usually done when you intend to have an untouched bunch of celery. This also keeps the root of the plant in the soil thereby giving it an opportunity to grow back gradually, which in turn gives you yet another but smaller harvest.
  2. Harvesting by Stalk: This method is also known as the cut and come again method and it’s the commonest method being used in harvesting celery plants. This is done by using sharp scissors to cut the base of the outer stalk about 1 inch above the soil. When doing this, one must be very careful to avoid cutting into the entire plant. This method gives the opportunity for the inner stalks to grow into maturity throughout the planting year and gives you more plants to harvest when you’re in need of it. Just as the name implies, you cut some, go then return for more.

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Caring For Your Celery – When To Harvest Celery

The celery plants are liable to lest and it requires a lot of routine maintenance and a properly monitored planting to enable them to thrive and grow to their best during their long growing season. Some care tips include:

  • Regular and proper watering of the plant
  • When weeding, utmost care needs to be taken as the celery roots are shallow and are easily disturbed.
  • Sufficient organic matter/mulch doesn’t just help keep weeds from germinating but also keeps the soil moist and cool. It also introduces worms and other soil creatures that are beneficial to your plant. When choosing your mulch, you can contact your nearest garden instructor to help know and decide which mulch matches your soil and crop.
  • Make use of row covers during the first month of planting to protect new and young stalks from aphids and other destructive insects.
  • Companion Planting: Planting your celery close to plants like shallots, dill, mint, and garlic help attract pollinators and drive back fungus and intruding insects.
Caring For Your Celery

Conclusion On When To Harvest Celery

When to harvest celery plant has been explained here. We have also looked into how the harvesting can be done and how to care for the plant.


Does celery grow back after cutting?

The fact is that celery are biennial vegetable so this implies that once you’ve harvested celery for two years, it won’t grow back after you cut it.

How long can you leave celery in the ground?

Celery can be left in the garden on the ground for around a month. Just make sure the soil that is built up around it can maintain the appropriate temperature.

Does celery come back every year?

Because celery is biennial a plant, once they have been harvested after two years, they don’t usually grow back.

Are celery leaves edible?

Yes, celery are pretty edible and they aren’t toxic. However, consume them in moderate portions and take note that their nutrition is offered in little portions.

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