Fascinating Details About Anthurium Ace Of Spades And The Plant’s Care Tips

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Last Updated on April 19, 2022

Are you fond of collecting rare and unusual plants? Then you should consider Anthurium ace of spade. Anthurium ace of spades plant is one stunning rare hybrid that is characterized by this dramatic ace of spade leaf shape. It is one type of houseplant that will stand well and gorgeously in your home.

The large velvety leaves of Anthurium ace of spade is so loved because of the feature of color change the plant offers as the plant matures. Anthurium ace of spades is an easy to grow plant and it is great to be planted in pots or terrariums.

Anthurium ace of spades has some interesting features we will discuss in this post. So, keep on reading to learn more about the Anthurium ace of spade. You will also get some great tips on how to care for the plant.

Some Fascinating Details About Anthurium Ace Of Spades

Anthurium ace of spades is one fascinating plant that every plant collector wishes to get their hands on. If you’re keen to know more about this plant, then here are some interesting facts and details about them:

  • Classification: this rare hybrid plant is classified under the family Araceae, subfamily Pothoideae, and genus Anthurium.
  • Foliage: Anthurium ace of spades foliage is dark green, velvety-textured, with a heart-shaped leaves. The leaves display fascinating enchanting changes as they grow from red while in their vegetative stage to bronze. Then they finally turn to dark green once they mature. Their leaves can be as wide as 2 feet and around 2.5 feet tall.
Some Fascinating Details About Anthurium Ace Of Spades
  • Size of Plant: the plant is a medium-sized plant that can grow up to 2 to 3 feet high with a broad spread. This makes them a good option for an indoor houseplant.
  • Drought Tolerance: Anthurium ace of spades is succulent for water. You don’t need to worry about the plant if you’ve not watered it for days because the thick leaves save water for drier days.
  • Diseases and Pest Resistance: Anthurium ace of spades is quite safe from so many pest and diseases problems. This is because the plant is not so enticing to many pests except spider mites. So, you may be bothered by some spider mites with this plant. but the good thing is that you can easily get rid of them by dabbing or rubbing the leaves using neem oil.

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Anthurium Ace Of Spades Plant Care Tips

Anthurium ace of spades is an easy to grow plant that is also easy to maintain or care for. So, below are some plant care tips for Anthurium ace of spade:

1.    Light Requirement

The ideal light requirement for this plant is medium to bright indirect light. This light requirement allows this plant to sustain its gorgeous dark foliage colored.

Because of the dark-colored leaves, too much light is not required by this plant. The reason is that there is more chlorophyll present. Therefore, this implies that the plant can’t withstand too intense sunlight or intense direct sunlight. If the sunlight becomes too intense, it can cause the leaves to burn.

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2.    Temperature

Provide the plant of Anthurium ace of spade with warm and sunny weather all through the year. The climate needs to be consistent so that the plant can thrive better.

This plant isn’t a cold-hardy plant. So, the appropriate temperature for this plant should be around 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature of this plant should not drop below 50 degrees.

Chilly temperatures or a low climate can damage the plant and cause problems to the plant. When the plant is exposed to cold temperatures, growth begins to slow down and it can escalate into cold injury along the line.

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3.    Humidity

Anthurium ace of spades thrives well in humidity of 70% and above. But make sure the humidity isn’t so high because too much moisture can increase the risk of fungus gnats and bacterial and fungal diseases. Too high humidity can also expose the plant to mold.

How Often Does Anthurium Ace Of Spade Need To Be Watered?

The watering requirement for this plant should be in-between (i.e. not too moist and not under-watered). You need to find a balance when it comes to watering this plant and avoid over-watering because this plant is susceptible to over-watering.

How often Anthurium ace of spades needs to be watered will mainly depend on the time of the year. So, when the season is warm, the plant should be watered about once a week. Then when the summer peaks, you can increase watering to twice or three times a week and this will depend on how hot it is in your zone.

It is easier to determine when your plant needs watering by simply checking the soil moisture content. When you do check the soil moisture content before you water, it can help in avoiding over-watering.

Dip your finger 2 inch deep into the soil to check for moisture content. Once you notice the soil is totally dry at 2 inches deep, then it’s time to water again.

When it is winter period, allow the soil to dry out a little bit more. The reason is because the weather is colder and there is less sun and the plant isn’t growing actively. Hence, watering should be a bit less.


Anthurium ace of spades is a stunning plant that has many fascinating things to note about the plant. If you want to know more details about this lovely plant, you can get such info here. We have also listed a few tips on how you can easily take care of this plant.


What is Anthurium ace of spades?

Anthurium ace of spade is a dramatic evergreen tropical plant that is characterized by its heart-shaped leaves, distinctive dark venation, and a velvety textured touch.

How can you tell if anthurium is ace of spades?

Anthurium ace of spades is pretty easy to tell or recognize thanks to its distinctive features. The leaves of Anthurium have the shape of a heart and the leaves appear pale green with a concentric silver-toned vein.

Do anthuriums like self watering pots?

Self watering pot may go well with Anthurium plants if you set the self watering pot to water minimally in the right quantity. The plant doesn’t like to be soaked in water so you need to properly set up your self watering planter to fit the watering requirement of Anthurium plants.

Should you mist An anthurium?

Yes, you may mister your Anthurium ace of spades by spraying it evenly. However, ensure it is not soggy, and note that misting does not mean you shouldn’t water your plant when needed.

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