Best Bait For Tilapia & Tips To Catching Tilapia

Best Bait For Tilapia & Tips To Catching Tilapia

When it comes to catching tilapia, you need to know the best bait for tilapia to make your angling rewarding. To be successful in fishing tilapia, you need to master some skills and be patient to boost your likelihood of catching fish.

Tilapia fish is mainly herbivores and they are a shy type of fish, making them tricky to entice or lure. We will give you the best bait for tilapia to increase your chances of successfully catching tilapia anytime you go out to fish. So, let’s explore.

Best Bait to Use for Tilapia

The best part is tilapias are herbivores therefore you don’t need to spend your money on costly bait such as minnows or nightcrawlers. Their collection of food comprises algae and other little aquatic plants. Below is some of the best bait to catch tilapia fish:

1. Pea: Peas are great bait for tilapia and we recommend using a frozen pea so they can stay well on the hook. You can easily purchase peas from the stores, online, etc. Either you make use of shelled green peas or canned peas, they are all the same.

Best Bait to Use for Tilapia - Peas

2. Corn: Corn is the most common bait used by fishermen. The five types of corn used in angling include frozen corn, feed corn, canned sweet corn, imitation corn, and flavored corn bait. The most productive corn bait amidst this corn is frozen corn and canned sweet corn. Apart from luring tilapia, corn also lures trout, catfish, and perch.

3. Bread balls: if pea or corn is not easy to get, you can make use of bread balls. Also if the bread ball does not stay well on the hook, you can freeze the balls. This way, the balls get hard enough to let the hook to penetrate and stay well.

4. Earthworms: you can also opt for earthworm for catching tilapia fish and you can obtain earthworm from vermicomposting. Ensure they are looking like little invertebrates to enhance the chances of these tilapias fish eating them.

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Tips on How to Catch Tilapia Fish Successfully

Apart from obtaining the right bait, you need to also know and learn some tips on how to successfully catch a tilapia fish. Here are some tips to successfully catching tilapia fish:

  • Spawning Season, the Best Period to Fish for Tilapia: the most productive time to fish for tilapia is during their spawning season. Spawning usually occurs when the water temperature drops 60 degrees Fahrenheit. During this period, tilapias are extremely territorial and they attack anything that comes in the way of their spawning beds. This will improve the chances of hooking down the fish increasing your catch.
Spawning Season, the Best Period to Fish for Tilapia
  • Shallow Angling: the shallow waters are ideal for angling. This is because, during the spawning period, tilapia prefers to spawn in the shallow waters. This is because there is adequate vegetation and they can hide from predators and other fish.
  • Dodge their Spawning Bed: refrain from getting too close to their spawning beds. Tilapias are shy and can be easily spooked. You don’t want to chase them away and miss the opportunity of catching them. Instead, you can fish from the shore.
  • Time of the Day to Catch Tilapia: it is ideal to catch tilapia any time of the day. However, to increase your chances, fish during early morning sunrise, evenings during sunset, and midday.
  • Hook Bait the Right Way: sometimes, anglers are not aware their bait has been mouthed by the tilapia fish. Use short lures rather than big lures so you can get a strong hook and ensure the tip of the hook is exposed. Some good tips if you’re a beginner is to take time to practice how to hook various lures.

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When you’ve successfully caught a tilapia fish, handle the hooked fish with care. You want to avoid tearing the fragile mouth of the tilapia off the hook. We suggest you delay about 5 seconds to set the hook as the fish fight before bringing up the fish rod.

Tilapia Fishing Bait – Take Away

The best baits for tilapia as we outlined are peas, corns, bread balls, and earthworms. Apart from these baits, we recommend you follow our tips on how to successfully catch tilapia to increase your chances of catching tilapia.

Also, the best time to fish for the delicious tilapia is their spawning period. You should as well avoid getting close to their spawning beds so you don’t spook them. Remember they are the shy type of fish

An important note is to be aware if there is public free access to fishing in a particular fishing spot. In the United States, not all fishing locations are permitted angling.