What Is The Bleeding Heart Flower Meaning? 

Do you know the bleeding heart flower meaning and what it stands for or do you just grow it without knowing?  Let’s learn all about it.

A bleeding heart flower is a kind of lovely plant that belongs to the family of Solanaceae.  It is a flowering plant that has pink, red, white, or yellow flowers.  The plant is known as a perennial plant, which means that it will live for many years after it is planted.  It can be grown in many different types of soil.  It can be found in many different parts of the world.

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What Is The Bleeding Heart Flower Meaning?

You can find this plant in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and other parts of the world.  It is also a popular gift for Valentine’s Day.  A bleeding heart flower means “I love you very much.”

The name of this flower comes from the fact that it looks like a heart when you look at it from the side.  In some cultures, it is believed to be an aphrodisiac.  This means that it makes you feel good in bed.

Bleeding Heart Flower Meaning? Some people believe that the red color on the flower comes from the blood of Jesus Christ.  In some cultures, the red color represents the blood of Jesus Christ and this makes people happy.

What Is The Blooming Time For Bleeding Heart Flower

The blooming time of the bleeding heart flowers varies from one place to another.  The blooming time of this flower ranges from February to May.

If you are looking for a particular type of bleeding heart flower, you can get them in all seasons.  You can find this flower in any part of your garden, except for the rainy season.  In fact, the best time to plant this flower is in the summer months.

You can also buy this flower from a nursery or garden center. The bleeding heart flower has been used as an ornamental plant in many countries. It is considered a symbol of love and friendship.

How Long Does The Bleeding Heart Flower Bloom?

The flowering period of a bleeding heart is approximately 60 to 90 days. The bleeding heart flower lasts for 3 to 5 weeks after blooming. It should be cut off at its base so it won’t dry out.

How To Grow Bleeding Heart Flower – Bleeding Heart Flower Meaning

This flower needs good soil with a pH level between 6 and 7.  You need to add organic matter like compost to the soil.  You should keep the soil moist and well-drained.  This flower also requires light shade.

If the weather is too hot, you can put some plants in pots and put them in a shady place.  You can use pebbles or gravel to keep the soil from becoming compacted.  The temperature for this flower ranges from 45°F to 65°F.  You can find the best time for planting this flower in the spring or in the fall.

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Bleeding Heart Flower Meaning

When you plant the bleeding heart flower, make sure that you don’t water it too much.  It does not appreciate too much water as it makes it rot.

This flower also needs sunlight to grow and bloom.  It has a large root system, so you need to plant it deep.  Make sure that you don’t plant the bleeding heart flower next to other plants.  It might interfere with their growth.

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Care And Maintenance For Bleeding Heart Flower

After planting the bleeding heart flower, you should water it once every two weeks until the soil is moist.  If the weather is very dry, you can water it more often.

Keep the soil moist but not wet.  You can use a sprinkler or you can use a hose to water it.  You can prune your bleeding heart flower once or twice a year.  You can cut it back by a third of its length.  You can also take off some leaves to make the plant look better.  You should make sure that you don’t damage the roots when you do this.

This flower blooms best in the spring and the fall.  You can use an organic fertilizer to feed your bleeding heart flower once a month during the spring and fall.  The fertilizer should be added at the base of the stem.  Make sure that you use a fertilizer that is safe for your plants.

Care And Maintenance For Bleeding Heart Flower

In Conclusion – Bleeding Heart Flower Meaning

The bleeding heart flower meaning is something most people look up. In this article, we have explored some of these meanings. The first meaning is the one we have discussed above – that is love.  This flower is commonly grown by most people in America and is loved due to is heart-shaped flowers.

This flower can also mean that you want to show your love and affection to someone else. This is why people often use this flower on Valentine’s Day. This flower is meant to be shared with another person.


What is the bleeding heart plant used for?

The bleeding heart plant is common for ornamental purposes and grows in most areas where the owner portrays a certain beauty.  

Is bleeding heart edible?

No, this plant is not edible.  It's used for ornamental gardening. 

Can you touch bleeding hearts?

Yes, you can touch bleeding hearts flowers but you have to be very careful not to destroy them or make them drop to the ground and die.

What colors do bleeding hearts come in?

The flowers come in a range of colors that include pink, red, white, or yellow flowers.