Can You Grow Squash In A Pot?

Last Updated on October 28, 2022

There are several great varieties of squash you can grow in your home garden. They are great plants to grow for gardeners of any experience level, whether you decide to grow butternut squash or zucchini. However, if you don’t have a lot of space, you may wonder, can you grow squash in a pot?

Typically, most varieties of squash take up a lot of room in the garden. They often grow in abundance, which is normally great but can be problematic if you are tight on space. Fortunately, with the right tools and care, you can grow certain varieties of squash in a pot.

Varieties Of Squash You Can Grow In A Pot

If you have a small garden or live in an apartment, you simply don’t have the room to grow certain types of squash. Fortunately, there are some delicious varieties that are great for growing in pots. With the right size pot and proper care, these squash can thrive in a pot. 

Growing squash in a pot gives you the opportunity to make the most of your space. With the right steps, you can get a bountiful harvest that will be delicious. Here are some of the best squash varieties for growing in a pot, whether you live in an apartment with a balcony or a house with a small yard.

Varieties Of Squash You Can Grow In A Pot

Bush Acorn

Bush acorn squash is a variety of winter squash that grows to be 36 inches per diameter. It produces around three to eight fruits per plant. The fruits are acorn-shaped and are deeply ribbed.

They are dark green in color with flesh that is orange. The flesh of the Bush Acorn is delicious for stuffing and roasting.

Black Magic Zucchini 

Black Magic Zucchini is a summer squash that grows to be one to two feet tall and three to three and a half feet wide. It has semi-spineless vines and the fruit grows between six to eight inches long. It is famous for producing high yields of fruit, but it does not take up a lot of space.

The zucchini is dark green in color with a glossy appearance and a small seed cavity. The flesh is white and creamy, perfect for sauteing, baking, grilling, roasting, and making noodles.

Bush Crookneck

Crookneck squash is a type of summer squash with a unique long shape with a slightly bent neck. It is light yellow in color and can grow up to three feet wide and two feet tall. It is fast-growing and tends to produce an abundance of fruit. 

Crookneck squash has creamy flesh that has a mild, sweet flavor. It is great for sauteing, roasting, and stir-frying.

Burpee Early Summer Crookneck (Heirloom) Summer Squash Seeds 50 seeds

Sunburst Scallop Summer Squash

Sunburst Scallop Summer Squash is a unique type of summer squash. It has a scallop-like shape and is bright yellow in color. The plant of the Sunburst Scallop has a compact, open habit bush.

The squash has a crunchy texture and buttery flavor, which makes them great for stuffing, roasting, and grilling. The fruit is small in size when harvested, only around three inches, but the flesh is white and tender. They are similar to Patty-Pan squash.

Astia Container Zucchini

Astia Container Zucchini is a French-bred bush squash developed particularly to be grown in pots. A type of summer squash, they have beautiful silvery-green leaves that are deeply indented. They produce an abundance of tender-flesh zucchini while needing only a small area to grow.

Astia Container Zucchini grows to be around five inches long and has a glossy, green appearance. The tender, mild flesh is great for roasting, steaming, and sauteing. 

Honeybear Acorn Squash

Honeybear Acorn Squash is a type of winter squash that is compact in size with a high yield. The fruit has an acorn shape, with a dark green exterior and orange flesh. Each plant produces around three to five fruits per bush.

When cooked, the squash has a sweet flavor, making it great for roasting and stuffing. They have a great flavoring and are great for single servings when halved.

Honeybear Acorn Squash

Max’s Gold Summer Squash

Max’s Gold Summer Squash has compact vines and is highly productive. This variety of summer squash has long, straight fruits with a small seed cavity. It is known for its signature bright yellow-golden color.

The fruit on Max’s Gold Summer Squash is flavorful and has a lovely texture. This makes it great for grilling, roasting, salads and they are even great for snacking.

How To Grow Squash In A Pot

When growing squash in a pot, it is important to have a large enough container with proper drainage. The very minimum size you need is a container that is 24 inches in diameter. However, some squash may outgrow a container this size, so it may be best to invest in a larger size. 

When planting squash in containers, it is best to place some fine gravel in the bottom covered by a piece of wire mesh to help with draining. Be sure to drill several large holes in the bottom of the container to help with the draining process. For soil, it is best to use soil that is loose and well-drained, with lots of organic matter.

Place your pot somewhere where the squash will receive at least seven hours of sunlight a day. It is best to place a trellis or stake to help support the weight of the plant as it grows. Water your squash when the soil is dry a couple of inches down.


Can I grow a squash plant in a container?

Yes, you can. Squash is very forgiving and will grow just fine in a pot. If you are growing it for the winter months you might want to consider some type of a cold frame to protect it from frosts. If you are growing it for summer then you won't need that. The thing to watch out for is watering it. It is easy to overwater and over-saturate your plants.

The only thing you need to do is make sure that it has enough light and space for the plant to develop roots. You can even get a seedling from a local garden center if you don't want to purchase one. You just need to be patient. Squash take quite a bit of time to mature and are not always as prolific as some other vegetables.

How big of a pot do I need to grow squash?

Squash is easy to grow, but there are several things you need to be careful of. First, squash doesn't like to be crowded. They need lots of room to grow and plenty of sun to thrive.

Squash plants are generally quite large, and will require a substantial container. However, there is some room for compromise if you can find a large enough pot (not one that's too deep).

The usual recommendation is to plant a large squash plant in a 5 gallon pot. This will give you a lot of space for your roots, and they will also be well-supported by the sides of the pot. However, the depth of the pot will limit how much you can grow your squash plant. If you want to grow your squash plant in a pot with a diameter larger than a standard 5 gallon pot, you'll have to consider whether or not the extra depth will be worth the cost of the larger container. 

You need room for your root system, and to provide a good amount of support for your plant.

Can you grow squash indoors?

If you have a greenhouse and are willing to pay the $$$ for it, then you could grow them inside.

The best way to get a start is to buy a couple of seeds from the seed catalogue and plant them in a pot. The first year you plant them they will not produce anything, but next year they will produce. If you plant a large number of seeds they will produce at the same time. If you buy plants at the garden centre then you can plant them in a large container and put them outside in the summer. Squash seeds are very cheap, about $0.50 per dozen. You can also buy them in bulk from most garden centres, as they are usually in the bulk section. I grow my squash in pots in my greenhouse, and also in a big pot on my deck. They like a sunny spot with a lot of heat, so I'm usually outside in the summer. In winter, I bring them inside. They do well in containers because they get plenty of water.

Growing Squash In Containers At Your House Or Apartment

There are several great varieties of squash that you can grow in a pot. With a container that is at least 24 inches in diameter with good drainage and soil, your squash plant can thrive, producing delicious fruit. This is a great option if you are limited in space in your garden but love squash.

Do you have any questions regarding can you grow squash in a pot? If so, please ask any questions regarding growing squash in containers in the comment section down below.