Can You Plant Zucchini In A Pot?

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Last Updated on October 29, 2022

Ideally, the zucchini plant will grow huge and spread wide. Therefore, a substantial amount of garden space is needed for this plant. But the question is can you plant zucchini in a confined space such as a pot or container?

Zucchini, also called summer squash is used or paired with so many dishes such as summer salads, zucchini pasta, stuffed zucchini, etc. They are loaded with many nutrient benefits such as various vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. So, growing this lovely plant will be a great addition to your garden.

We’ve got here all you need to know about the growing zucchini plants the right way. We will also let you know if you can plant zucchini in a pot or container. So, continue reading for some insight into this.

What Are Zucchini?

The zucchini plant is known as a summer squash vining herbaceous plant. The fruits this plant produce are usually picked when their immature seeds and epicarp are still tender or soft and also edible.

Zucchini is packed with high nutrient content and is low in calories. They also contain other important minerals including iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous.

What Are Zucchini

Know If You Can Plant Zucchini In A Pot

Certainly, you can plant zucchini in a pot or container. Therefore, if you’re probably short of gardening space, you can opt for growing zucchini in a pot. So let’s find out how you can successfully grow zucchini in containers.

Growing Zucchini In Pots

You can grow zucchini plants in containers or pots and enjoy the same benefits as you would if you grow them in your garden. To grow this plant in containers, you will need to select the appropriate variety specially meant for containers.

Zucchini plant comes in two varieties namely bush and vining.

  • Vine: the vining variety grows big and in a sprawling manner. They will grow in a long, snaking stalk and the fruits produced can grow anywhere along the vine. The vine variety grows very long and will require a lot of space. Basically, they are grown on mounds and they have their vines growing downwards. However, you can train them to grow upwards using a trellis. You can as well grow them in a tomato cage to reduce the area they occupy.
  • Bush Varieties: the bush varieties on the other hand grow from a central point. They are usually more compact and their fruits will grow from the bottom of the plant. Their fruits and leaves grow from a central point. Thus, they don’t require too much space and it will be quite easier to harvest them.

Therefore, we can see that the bush variety will be ideal for growing in containers. Now let’s take you through how to grow this plant in a container.

However, Viney variety can as well be grown in a container if you have a very large pot or container. You will also need to dedicate time to training the vines to grow upright.

How To Grow Zucchini In A Pot

Follow these tips to help you with growing zucchini in containers or pots:

1.    Select The Right Container Or Pot

We recommend you choose a big pot or container regardless of the variety you will be growing. Your containers or pots can choose plastics, terracotta, ceramics, and so on.

Ideally, your container should be around 14 to 18 inches deep and 16 to 18 inches across. You can use a large plastic storage bins. You can also go for something a bit smaller such as a 5-gallon bucket or container. Ensure your containers or pots have drainage holes.

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2.    Potting Soil Mix And pH

After choosing the appropriate container that has drainage holes, go ahead and fill the container with the appropriate potting soil mix.

The Zucchini plant will flourish in a well-draining organic potting mix. So, ensure you use a good and quality commercial potting mix that comprises ingredients such as peat moss, soil, perlite, and compost. The soil mix should also be aerated and be able to retain moisture.

Just like all squash plants, the ideal pH for the zucchini plant ranges from 6 to 7.5 which is slightly acidic.

3.    Planting Site

The Zucchini plant loves the sun. Therefore, place your zucchini in a sunny site. Supply them with about 6 to 8 hours of daily sun exposure.

4.    Temperatures

For optimal growth, the ideal temperature for daytime should be around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The nighttime temperature should be around 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

The appropriate soil temperature for starting zucchini plant seeds should be around 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Temperatures for Zucchini

5.    Seed Sowing

Because this plant is a warm loving plant, seed sowing should be done after the last frost in spring. Put about 5 to 6 seeds in the middle of the container and about an inch and half below the soil.

Once the seedlings begin to germinate to a few inches, you should thin the seedlings back. The smaller seedlings should be cut off while leaving the two largest seedlings. Again, when the seedlings attain 8 to 10 inches, you should cut off the weakest ones and leave the healthiest ones intact.

Avoid pulling the seedlings when thinning them to prevent damaging their fragile roots. Instead, make use of scissors.

Another option you can go for instead of seed sowing is to simply plant the small zucchini plants. They are known as starter plants and you can purchase them at your local garden center. Pay attention to the plant variety you purchase and ensure they are suitable for your garden.

6.    Watering

Water your soil after sowing seeds. Afterward, water your soil and refrain from overwatering. During summer, water your plant three times a week and reduce watering times during rainy days.

Monitor the soil moisture and water more often during the hottest days. Make sure the soil is never totally dry.

7.    Harvesting

Harvesting is done when your fruits attain around half of their matured size. Your zucchini fruits are ready to be picked when they are about 6 inches long. Depending on the cultivar, you can begin harvesting from 45 to 60 days after seeds begin to germinate.

Harvesting Zucchini


How big of a pot do you need for zucchini?

If you are growing them for the first time, it’s a good idea to start small. If you’re not sure about what kind of space you have, then get a couple seeds and see how they do. The more you grow, the bigger the plants will get, but if you only have a small space, you can still grow a lot of zucchini.

You will have to figure out the spacing between the plants. If you want 2 inches between plants, then you will need 10 rows of 5 inch plants in a 3 foot by 4 foot bed. You could also grow 8 rows of 6 inch plants if you wanted. You can always transplant the plants later on if you decide you don't want them in your beds. The size of your pots will depend on how big your plants grow. If they grow large and tall, you may want to consider buying bigger pots than what you currently have.

How do you grow zucchini in a pot?

If you are asking about growing zucchini in pots, then yes, that is possible. However, you will need to keep the soil moist.
The first step in growing zucchini in a pot is to prepare the container. You can buy a plastic container at any garden center or home improvement store for around $20. Make sure that the container has a drainage hole and a place for your plants to sit. You will also need to add some fertilizer to your container. I would suggest using the kind of fertilizer that is labeled as plant food and contains a slow release formula. You will need to put a good amount of fertilizer into the container. You will need to water the container until the water comes out of the drainage hole. You can also water with a spray bottle.

Can you grow zucchini indoors?

If you have a sunny, south-facing spot in your garden or even in a small patio, you can grow zucchini. It’s one of the easiest vegetables to grow and it will reward you with abundant, sweet, zucchini that is ready for harvest in just 45 days. You can grow zucchini indoors in pots or even in large containers.
Zucchini is easy to grow, as long as you start them off in a warm, sunny spot. In the summer months, plant them about 12 inches apart. During the winter months, you can plant them at the same time as tomatoes or peppers. They should be planted in the same kind of soil that you would use for tomatoes. You can choose to grow plants from seed or buy plants from a nursery. If you want to grow your own, you’ll need to give your plants plenty of room to grow. Don’t let them get too crowded. If they get too crowded, they will not grow well. It’s important to keep the plants watered and fertilized.

Conclusion On Can You Plant Zucchini In A Pot

We can see that it’s quite possible for you to plant zucchini in a pot. Just choose the right variety and the cultivar that suits your garden. Then follow our tips on how to plant your zucchini.

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