Drip Rings Hydroponics

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Last Updated on April 4, 2022

In both hydroponics and aquaponics, moisture and nutrient solution needs to get to the right place for your plant to grow optimally. Using drip rings in your hydroponics or aquaponics is a great way of conveying water or nutrient to your plants.

Drip rings hydroponics will deliver the nutrients to your plant root thereby maintaining adequate moisture level to your root zone. Your grow media are not left out as well as they will also take in and retain some good moisture that will be available for your pants’ use.

Therefore, there’s no worrying or issues of dryness or in your hydroponics plants or even grow mediums. We are all about easy gardening and we will be teaching you how to make your drip rings hydroponics. We will also be recommending some drip rings you can purchase, so read on for more info.

Hydroponic Drip Ring

Hydroponics drip rings is a round-shaped ring used in delivering water and nutrient to grow mediums and plants roots. The drip rings hydroponics has holes that have been strategically poked to emits water and nutrient content directly into your plant and grow media. It is also fitted with a half-inch water inlet that you can use to plug any watering configuration.

Therefore, it is an irrigation system that assists in sustaining an evenly consistent moisture environment in the root zone. You can use these drip rings for irrigating soil, peat, as well as hydroponic media.

Hydroponic Drip Ring

The hydroponics drip rings can be used in both indoor and outdoor gardens and they will make a great irrigation system for your garden.

DIY Drip Rings Hydroponics

It is pretty easy to make your DIY drip rings. We have made things easy for you by giving you a step-by-step way of making your drip ring.


  • Wires (small and big wires)
  • Clips to holding
  • Plastic or rubber tubing
  • Pairs of pliers for bending wires
  • T fittings for connecting your drip ring
  • PVC cutter, a poker, or any cutting tool to make holes around your drip lines

All these materials can be obtained from your local hydroponic store or online shopping sites.

Steps On How To DIY Drip Ring Hydroponics

Follow these steps to begin your DIY ring setup:

Step 1

The first step is to cut the tube and connect the two ends with the T fittings. You will need to cut the tubing according to the size of your plant bed or the individual plant area you wish to cover.

Step 2

Drill some holes around the drip ring. You can drill 5 or more holes depending on the length of your tube ring.

Step 3

Then your drip ring is ready to be positioned on your plant bed or individual plant area. You can use the T fitting for your hydroponic nutrient water inlet.

Ensure you clean your hydroponics drip rings between each growing cycle.

Some Recommended Drip Rings Hydroponics

If you don’t want to go through the stress of the DIY process, you can simply purchase readymade drip rings for your hydroponics garden. Here is some recommended drip ring you can go for:

1.    HYDROFLOW HGC748086 Irrigation Fitting Rain Ring Drip Emitter

The hydroflow rain ring drip emitter is a convenient irrigation ring that can be used in the soil as well as hydroponics. They are durable and suitable for both indoors and outdoors use.

The ring has specific holes that will allow water nutrients to rain over your plants and it will totally cover your hydroponic growing media. Therefore, it can be used for any type of growing media.

The hydroflow rain drip emitter is very easy to clean between every grow cycle. The parts will come apart easily for cleaning and inspection. When it’s time to clean, just soak and rinse it with any cleaning solutions such as citric acid, peroxide, or any soft bleaching water mixture.

It has a half-inch water inlet that can be easily plugged into any watering design. It comes with 3 removable stakes that will hold the ring in the perfect spot and it can be placed at any desirable watering height.

2.    Bloom Brothers GGWR06 Inch Hydro Halo Water

The bloom brothers hydro halo is another effective drip ring you can use in your hydroponic garden. It is suitable for all growing media and can be used for both indoor hydroponics and outdoor purpose.

It features 3 stand removable stakes that help keeps the drip ring in one position. If you want, you can use the drip ring without the stakes.

It is pretty durable thus, can be used for years and it’s easy to clean between every grow cycle.

3.    HydroHat 6″ Drip Ring Plant Watering System

The HydroHat drip ring plant watering system is also a good option to go for. It will evenly emit water and nutrient solution around your plant base.

This drip ring can be used for all types of grow media and it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor gardening purposes. It is also long-lasting and quite easy to clean.

Final Say On Drip Rings Hydroponics

There’s nothing major about constructing your drip rings. Building a drip ring for your hydroponic garden is pretty easy and you can get it done with a couple of parts. Just follow our steps on DIY drip rings.

However, if you don’t want to go through the stress of building your drip rings, you can simply go for one of our recommended drip rings.

All in all, making use of drip rings hydroponics will offer your hydroponics plants lots of benefits that will ensure your plants grow optimally.

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