How Long Does Lavender Take to Grow: Expert Advice

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Last Updated on March 9, 2023

You may be wondering: how long does lavender take to grow? Let’s take a closer look. It is a perennial plant, meaning it comes back every year. It takes about two to three months for lavender to grow and produce flowers. However, to fully mature, it can take up to two to three years!

Lavender takes a relatively short amount of time to grow. It starts as a seed and can take anywhere from a few months to a year before it’s ready for the first harvest. Let’s take a deep dive into all things lavender – and answer the question: how long does lavender take to grow?

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How Long Does Lavender Take to Grow?

The reason you’re reading this post is that you’re wondering how long it takes for your lavender to grow. The truth is, it all depends on which type of lavender you’re growing. Typically, you’ll notice your lavender flowers around three months after planting. Once it does start to flower, it’s important to prune your lavender plant regularly to ensure it continues to grow and thrive. You’ll know it’s ready to prune when it feels slightly dry.

However, for full maturity of your lavender plant, it can be anywhere from two to three years. After this point, your lavender will be a part of your garden for the next decade or so; provided you’re taking care of it adequately. The great thing about lavender is that it’s hardy, can last all year, and is low maintenance.

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How Fast Does Lavender Grow in Pots?

You may be wondering how fast lavender grows in pots, or if you can even grow lavender in pots! The answer is: you absolutely can. You need to ensure that you provide your lavender in a thriving environment. For example, a terracotta pot is best to use, and it should have good drainage.

You’ll also need to provide ample light and water. Lavender needs at least 8 hours of direct sunlight per day. You should also ensure that you’re using well-draining potting soil. After a few months, your first batch of lavender should be ready for harvest.

lavender grow in pots

How Long Does Lavender Last?

You may be wondering what the average life span is when it comes to lavender. Lavender can be grown throughout the year and if cared for adequately, can live for up to 15 years! As long as you’re continuing to prune, harvest and take care of the soil, your lavender will be a part of your garden for years to come.

When to Plant Lavender

While lavender is a perennial plant, you may be wondering what the best time of year is to plant your lavender. The answer is, it all depends on what type of lavender you’re growing, where you’re growing, and what you’re using to grow your lavender in. Typically, the ideal time to plant lavender is Spring, in either April or May. It’s important to never plant your lavender in the Winter, or colder months.

How Long Do Lavender Seeds Last in Germination?

If you’re curious as to how long lavender seeds take to germinate, it’s usually anywhere from 2-4 weeks. However, the time could increase depending on the variety you’re growing. The soil shouldn’t be too moist and only lightly cover the seed with warm soil for best results.

Lavender Germination Temperature

The temperature of your lavender throughout germination is important. The ideal temperature is anywhere between 70-75F. If kept at this temperature, your seeds will likely germinate within 21 days.

How Do I Know if My Lavender is Healthy?

Lavender is a perennial plant that grows in temperate climates. It can grow to be anywhere from two to six feet tall, and the flowers are typically purple or lavender. The leaves are long and narrow, with serrated edges. The flowers have five petals, with one at the top of the flower and four on the stem.

How Can I Make Lavender Grow Faster?

You can plant lavender seeds in a pot of soil and water them regularly. Lavender plants need lots of sunlight to grow, so if you have a window with direct sunlight, that would be the best place for your lavender plants.

Conclusion: How Long Does Lavender Take to Grow?

I hope this post has helped to answer the question: how long does lavender take to grow? And given you an idea of how easy it is to grow lavender at home. It’s a low-maintenance plant, so you can grow lavender effectively and swiftly. Do you have any tips or tricks when it comes to growing lavender? If so, please feel free to let us know in the comments below. And remember, sharing is caring!

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