How Many Artichokes Per Plant

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Last Updated on October 30, 2022

Are you interested in growing artichoke and wondering how many artichokes per plant? We’ve got the answer for you here.

Artichoke is one easy plant to grow and it will be a great idea plan adding this amazing edible plant to your garden. It isn’t so complicated growing artichoke if you give them proper planting, watering, and trim them appropriately and you will enjoy an abundant harvest.

Here we have a guide to how many artichokes per plant and how you can plant artichoke the right way for continuous harvest. So let’s begin.

Artichoke Plants

The artichoke plant is that long, silvery leaves that will give rise to appealing blossoms. Hence, their charming blossom can offer your landscape a lovely view.

Artichoke is a member of the thistle family. But what most people think of thistle is prickly weed and no garden would want to entertain unwanted weed on their garden. However, artichoke is a type of edible thistle plant thereby letting us know that not all thistles are an inconvenience.

Artichoke Plants

Most of the artichoke plant part is edible. The artichoke plant is also loaded with amazing nutrient or health benefits. This plant is mostly consumed by ancient Greeks and Romans. Artichoke plants can grow up to 3 feet tall and even wide. Their flowers can as well bloom up to 7 inches in diameter.

Planting Artichokes

Planting artichoke may not be so popular in the United States but it can certainly be grown in nearly all the United States growing zones. There are also lots of benefits to adding this nutritious plant to your vegetable garden.

Let’s take continue by taking a look at how to plant artichoke and determine how many artichokes per plant.

Guide On How To Plant Artichoke

The artichoke plant has a long growing season and it needs adequate space to grow well. Therefore an important factor to consider when you’re planting artichoke is the right spacing. This is why it’s important you don’t choke or overcrowd this plant and knowing how many artichokes per plant will guide us.

So follow this guide to plant artichoke the appropriate way:

1.    Pick The Growing Site

Select a location or site that has full sun because artichoke loves sunlight and should be supplied at least 6 hours of sun daily.

2.    Soil Or Garden Bed Preparation

Artichokes are heavy feeders. Therefore, they will thrive well in a well-fertilized soil so ensure you fertilize your soil appropriately. Their soil should be well-draining damp.

Prepare the garden bed by digging your row at least 8 inches deep. About 5 inches dept of compost should be worked in.

FoxFarm Ocean Forest FX14000 -1.5 Cubic Foot Organic Potting Soil

If you wish to plant artichoke in the soil, use a pot of about two feet wide. There are actually great benefits to planting in containers or pots because when winter comes and it gets too cold, you can always bring in your containers.

3.    Planting

You can start artichoke planting with either seeds or transplanting. But we would recommend you go for transplanting. This is because growing artichoke from seeds may not be as successful as transplanting and may take longer to grow.

The seedlings of the artichoke plant will require about 60 days before they can be transplanted into the garden.

4.    Spacing: How Many Artichokes Per Plant

These plants usually take a lot of space. Hence, to prevent hindrance of sunlight to each plant, avoid planting them too close to avoid the large plant shading the smaller ones.

Row planting of artichoke should be 4 to 6 feet apart and transplant each plant 3 to 4 feet apart. This way, you can have enough space to water easily, fertilize and harvest them.

5.    Fertilization

Your plant bed should be adequately fertilized. A balanced vegetable plan should be supplied to your plant every two weeks all through their growing season. This will encourage healthy growth and abundant yield.

6.    Trick Annual Artichoke

Artichoke varieties that are annual will produce buds during their first season. This is because their survival during winter may not be assured. However, if you notice deteriorating results with the annual artichoke plants, tricking may be required.

The seedlings should be supplied cool temperature below 50 degrees in March and April.

7.    Watering

Once you’re done planting, water the plant evenly to allow the soil to settle and feel nourished. This plant loves water. So always ensure you water consistently as needed. You should water once to three times a week. But this can be increased depending on the weather. If the weather is hot, water more and vice versa.

You should also mulch the soil around each plant to reduce soil temperature.

How Many Artichokes Per Plant

How many articles per plant produced should be around 6 to 9 buds. Proper harvest normally takes place around April and May.

When To Harvest Artichokes?

The artichoke plants are capable of living up to 5 years. However, production will commence a year after. Each matured plant will give rise to 10 or more stalks each season. Then each of these stalks will give rise to 4 or 5 buds.

Artichoke plants are ready to be harvested once the buds are full and firm and they have not begun to open into bloom.

Harvest artichoke flowers by using a sharp gardening shear or knife to trim off the buds two inches below the plant stem.

When To Harvest Artichokes

Harvest the middle or central choke bud once it’s about 3 to 5 inches in diameter. Waiting too long can cause the artichoke to become tough. The buds which are secondary can be harvested when they attain 2 to 3 inches size.

Trimming Artichoke Plants

To prepare the artichoke plant for over-wintering; trim the plant when the plant stops yielding buds in the fall. Cut the stem back to a few inches above the ground. Then use a thick mulch of leaves or straw over the plant bed to shield the plant from cold winters.

You can take away the mulch during spring after the last frost date for your growing zone.


Do artichokes multiply?

The artichoke is a perennial herb of the thistle family, Cynara scolymus. It has been cultivated for its edible tuber for centuries.It is self-propagating.

The stems that are not cut off when the artichoke is trimmed, develop into new artichokes. They are very likely to be well established and will not need any help from you. If you are growing them for the first time, you might find it easier to use an existing crown or to put in a few artichoke plants at the end of your bed to give you some help. Artichokes should be planted in rows in the early spring, and the plants will self-seed and take over as they grow.

How Many Artichokes Per Plant: Conclusion

How many artichokes per plant should be around 6 to 9 buds that a healthy plant produces. Growing an artichoke plant is pretty easy and you can simply follow our guide on how to go about it.

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