How Much Soil Is Needed For A 5-Gallon Pot?

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Last Updated on October 19, 2022

Container gardening can take some calculations, especially if you’re working with a strict budget. You wouldn’t want to buy anything you don’t need. Knowing how much soil is needed for a 5-gallon pot can ensure you don’t have waste.

You’ll also need to determine how much fertilizer or water will keep plants in pots of this size thriving. The crop you choose to grow will also influence the soil, water, and fertilizer needs. These are just some factors you need to consider when container gardening.

In this article, I share how a 5-gallon pot looks, its capacity, and how much soil and water you’ll need for it. 

5-Gallon Pot Size And Capacity

You can use a 5-gallon pot or container to grow various crops or flowers. You can even create a bonsai tree display to freshen your indoor areas. Here’s what you need to know about 5-gallon pots before purchasing one:

5-Gallon Pot Dimensions

The dimensions of 5-gallon pots differ. Some are wider, while others are deeper. Whether the bucket or container is round or squared also has an influence. 

Round Pots: The average rounded 5-gallon pot is 12-15 inches tall and has a diameter of 10-12 inches. 

Squared Pots: A squared 5-gallon bucket typically has a width of 9-11 inches and a lenght of 9 – 12 inches. Most are about 12 – 16 inches deep. 

The mold used by manufacturers and the specific design of the pot are responsible for these variations. 

5-Gallon Pot Capacity

A 5-gallon pot can produce enough fruit or veggies for one person, depending on what you plant. Some crops that grow great in containers and do well in pots of this size include:

Tomatoes: You can plant cherry or bush tomatoes in a 5-gallon pot. Don’t plant more than one plant per pot. If your plant is healthy, you can harvest about 300 cherry tomatoes and 10-30 pounds of bush tomatoes per season. 

Eggplant: A 5-gallon pot can house only one eggplant at a time. You’ll harvest up to 15 eggplants from one tree.

Peppers: You can plant any pepper variety in a 5-gallon pot. Your crop yield will depend on the type you choose. Plant one or two pepper plants per container. 

Cucumbers: Plant one cucumber per 5-gallon bucket. Use a trellis to help it grow upward. 

Broccoli: You can grow one broccoli head in a 5-gallon pot. Continue to water your plant after the initial harvest – some plants produce another head.

Brussels Sprouts: One brussels sprout tree will fill a 5-gallon pot. If your plant gets heavy, stake it. You’ll harvest about five sprouts per week, adding up to more than 30 over the season. 

How Much Soil Is Needed For A 5-Gallon Pot?

You’ll need about 0.7 cubic feet of soil to fill a 5-gallon pot. The type of soil you use, what you want to plant, and how it reacts to water will influence this amount.

If you’re planting crops, you won’t have to fill your pot all the way to the top. Before purchasing potting soil, be sure to research the crops you want to plant in your container garden. You might need less than 0.7 cubic feet per 5-gallon pot. 

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How Much Soil Is Needed For A 5-Gallon Pot

How Much Water Is Needed Per Gallon Of Soil?

On average, you’ll require 2½ gallons of water for a 5-gallon pot filled with soil. This will vary depending on the crops you planted and how well your soil drains. Here’s what you’ll need for other sized pots:

  • 1-gallon pot: ½ gallon of water
  • 3-gallon pot: 1 ½ gallon of water
  • 7-gallon pot: 3 ½ gallons of water
  • 9-gallon pot: 4 ½ gallons of water
  • 11-gallon pot: 5 ½ gallons of water

Using A 5-Gallon Terracotta Pot: What You Need To Know

Terracotta is a type of fired modeling clay used to create beautiful pots for gardens. You can use them indoors or out and plant flowers, fruits, or vegetables in them. Just take note:

  • Terracotta clay is porous and absorbs water. You’ll have to water your crops more often or give them more per session if you want them to grow successfully.
  • These pots are fragile. Place them in an area where you won’t move them.
  • Place your terracotta pots in shaded areas to keep them cool. If they dry out fast, they’ll absorb more water.
  • Plant crops that prefer dry soil like beans, corn, and eggplant.
  • Use terracotta pots when planting crops prone to developing root rot or soil diseases. 

The Benefits Of Container Gardening – How Much Soil Is Needed For A 5-Gallon Pot?

Whether you plant your crops in 5-gallon pots, other containers, or a square-foot garden, there are many benefits to keeping your crops raised. Here are my favorites!

Space Saving: You’ll use less space when planting your crops in pots. It’s an ideal solution if you don’t have land or need to garden on a balcony.

Control: You’ll have more control over your soil, watering sessions, and plant needs when using a raised gardening method. 

The Benefits Of Container Gardening

Variety: Planting in buckets allow for more variety. You can grow one crop per container to ensure you grow something of everything without the different crops impacting one another.

Less Work: You won’t have as much maintenance work when planting in pots. There’ll be fewer weeds to pluck, and working with the crops in your containers won’t be as strenuous. 

Final Words – How Much Soil Is Needed For A 5-Gallon Pot?

How Much Soil Is Needed For A 5-Gallon Pot? Gardening in a 5-gallon pot is practical and easy. You’ll use less soil and water and have a wider variety of crops. There are different designs and materials to choose from, so shop around until you find a pot that works for you!

I hope this article was helpful and a good read. If you have more questions about gardening in containers or different-sized pots, ask them in the comments.

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