How Tall Does Cilantro Grow?

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Last Updated on October 30, 2022

Have you ever wondered how tall the Cilantro plants grow?  The plant is used for a variety of purposes, as virtually every part of it is useful. The seeds and leaves are however the most utilized parts of the plant.

A good number of persons enjoy the flavor cilantro gives to food when the Cilantro is added to various dishes.

This is a guide on the general things to note when growing a cilantro plant and also details about how tall cilantro plants can grow.

Knowledge of these details will help a great deal in growing the plant and caring for it the right way. Now let’s get on with the answer to the question: How tall does Cilantro grow?

Cilantro Plant

The cilantro plant is a member of the Apiaceae family, with bright green leaves very similar to that of carrots. When the cilantro plant blooms, it usually produces pinkish-white flowers in clusters. These flowers develop seeds after some time which can be dried and used for dishes or as herbs.

The cilantro leaves are greatly sourced as a result of their bright flavor in many dishes. These leaves are heavily relied upon by Mexicans and East Asians in their delicacies and health. The cilantro leaves are referred to as cilantro in the United States of America. However, in some areas, it is referred to as Chinese parsley, Mexican parsley, coriander leaves, or simply fresh coriander. These designations refer to the same plant and these names should not cause any confusion on what is being referred to.

Cilantro Plant

The cilantro plant can do well in an area where it gets good sunlight. However, the too-hot sun can cause the plant to bolt faster.  It is also sure to do well in light shades and warmer climates.

Unfortunately, when cilantro plant bolts, the leaves are usually unpalatable and will taste bitter. It’s best to allow the plant to flower and produce seeds once it has bolted. This will ensure encourage the continuation of the next cilantro generation.

How Big Does the Cilantro Plant Grow?

So, how big do cilantro plants get? The average mature cilantro plant usually grows to about 12 to18 inches. But if left for quite some time, the cilantro plant can continue growing tall and as high as 20 to 25 inches. The height also depends on the varieties.

You can however begin to pick the cilantro leaves as soon as it is about six inches tall. Harvesting the seeds, however, takes a longer period of time- about three weeks after flowering.

To ensure that the plant attains its maximum height within the shortest period of time, it should be grown in good soil with proper nutrients and access to water. Where these are available the plant grows more rapidly.

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How To Grow Cilantro Plant: Guidelines

The following should be noted when growing the cilantro plant:

  • Where To Plant: The cilantro plant can be planted directly in the garden or indoors with the use of small plant containers. When they are planted directly in the garden, they must be sufficiently spaced.

  • The Spacing Required For The Plant: The cilantro plant ought to be sufficiently spaced for the desired goal to be attained. For a person interested in harvesting the cilantro leaves, they should be planted 2 inches apart in rows 12 to 15 inches spaced. But where the seeds are to be harvested, 8 inches apart in rows of 15 inches is preferable.

  • Water Requirement: The plant requires a lot of water to survive at the very early stage. Arrangements must therefore be made to provide the required water to this plant during the first 6 weeks of germination. After this time frame, the water provided by this plant may be reduced.

  • Fertilizer Requirement: The plant requires some fertilizers at its early stages of growth. nitrogen-heavy fertilizers are most suitable for this plant. The fertilizer should be applied moderately and not too close to the stem of the plant.

  • Best Soil & Light: The plant usually prefers to grow on sandy loam soil with enough organic material and access to sunlight. The plant is more likely to blossom when the soil is not too hard, with good access to water.

  • Time of Harvest: The leaves are usually best harvested before they bolt. For the seeds, you will have to allow the plant bolt.

How To Store Cilantro Leaves After Harvest

After the cilantro leaves have been harvested, the following should be considered to ensure proper storage:

  • The leaves usually deteriorate quickly unless they are preserved. The leaves can be stored in airtight jars or a freezer.

Varieties Of The Cilantro Plant

Depending on what you intend to get from the plant, there are different varieties that you can pick from. The following are the major types:

  • Cruiser Cilantro: This variety of plants usually grows upright and it hardly spreads. It is made up of broad leaves and hard stems.

  • Calypso Cilantro: This variety produces very full plants with leaves that spread. It takes this variety a lot of time to bolt and produces seeds. Therefore, you can enjoy cilantro leaves for a long time with this variety before it bolts.

  • Santo Cilantro: This variety also takes a lot of time to bolt. So you can enjoy cilantro leaves for a good period.

  • Confetti Cilantro: This cilantro variety has a sweeter and milder flavor and may sometimes be overpowering. It grows in an even manner with very fine fern-like leaves.

  • Longstanding cilantro: this variety is another cultivar that is slow to bolt and will grow tall.

Varieties Of The Cilantro Plant


How tall does cilantro grow?

Cilantro grows pretty tall, usually toa height that's somewhere between 1 to two feet. It is this ability that it has to grow that it is great for keeping in a herb garden as you can get a pretty good amount whilst using pretty minimal space.

This is why it also makes a great gift for someone who not only likes to grow plants in their garden, but likes to cook using the freshest of ingredients that they can find.

Will cilantro grow back after cutting?

Cilantro has an amazing ability to regrow after you cut it down. You should be able to put it back in the ground in late spring or early summer.

Why is my cilantro growing so tall?

Cilantro has long been a favorite herb in the kitchen, especially with Latin-inspired dishes. It’s one of those herbs that you can just throw into any dish and it adds so much flavor. But if you’ve noticed your cilantro is growing tall, then you may be experiencing what gardeners call “coriander syndrome.” This is when your cilantro goes to seed prematurely and grows tall and strong.

What do I do if my cilantro is too tall?

You should be able to just cut it off and let it regrow.

Cilantro is a bushy annual herb, but it can also grow as a perennial. It prefers well-drained soil and full sun.

It grows best in heat. Cilantro seeds germinate best in temperatures of 75°F to 85°F. The cilantro plant may be harvested for fresh leaves throughout the summer. Cilantro (coriander) is a hardy annual herb, but it does best when grown in warm climates and full sun.

How Tall Does Cilantro Grow:  Conclusion

This write-up provides an elaborate guide on how to grow the cilantro plant. We have pointed out that the cilantro plant can grow as tall as 24 inches.

If you are interested in growing the cilantro plant, be sure to put our guidelines into consideration.

You can also enjoy numerous benefits from the cilantro plant. Some include great vitamins, herbal and medicinal benefits, amongst others.

So, if this sounds like a plant you will want to have in your garden or home, be sure to observe our guide.

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