How To Care For Hydrangeas Indoors?

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Last Updated on March 13, 2022

Hydrangeas are a beautiful plant that grow well in pots and make great additions to any room. They require little care, but caution is key when handling them because they can become easily damaged if moved too often or with the wrong tools.

Hydrangeas are a popular houseplant that can be cared for indoors. They require little care, but they do need to be placed in a vase to allow for proper hydration. Read more in detail here: hydrangea care indoors in vase.

Why are my hydrangea leaves turning brown?

A: This is a common issue with hydrangea plants. The leaves are turning brown because they arent getting enough sunlight. You can try to move your plant closer to a window, or you can also use a grow light to help the plant get more sunlight.

What do I do with my potted hydrangea in the winter?

A: You can keep your potted hydrangea indoors in the winter, but you should also consider bringing it outside. If you do this, make sure to bring a pot with drainage holes and place it on top of a layer of gravel or sand. This will help prevent the soil from getting too wet and will also allow for better air circulation.

Why did my hydrangea wilted overnight?

A: The most common reason for your hydrangea wilting overnight is that it was in a pot, which allows the roots to dry out. This can be remedied by repotting your plant into a larger pot with fresh soil and water.

Hydrangeas are a beautiful flower that can be planted in the ground and still thrive indoors. They need to be watered daily, but they will not require much care. Reference: can indoor hydrangea be planted outside.

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