How To Grow Tomatoes From Seeds

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Last Updated on February 28, 2022

Tomatoes are one of the best plants to grow in your garden, no matter your experience level. Knowing how to grow tomatoes from seeds is beneficial to know when starting your garden. Though some people may buy mature tomato plants, tomato seeds are also a great option for many gardeners.

Tomatoes are generally easy to grow and produce an abundance of fruit. Fortunately, there are many great dishes you can use fresh tomatoes or you can make them into sauces as well. They can be great to grow whether you have a yard with a garden or grow them in a container on your balcony.

How To Grow Tomatoes From Seeds

Tomatoes are a great plant to grow in your garden as they grow well in most warmer climates. Though you can buy mature plants to plant right into your garden or a container, you can also grow them straight from seeds.

Though growing tomatoes from seeds can seem intimidating if you have never done it before, it is quite straightforward with the right knowledge. Growing from seeds also gives you more variety in the type of tomato you grow.

Decide On Your Seeds – How To Grow Tomatoes From Seeds

Before you get planting, you want to decide on your seeds. Some varieties of tomatoes are more ideal for certain recipes than others are.

Also, be sure you have the right room for the variety you want to grow. Determinate tomatoes grow to around three feet tall, making them the best choice for containers. On the other hand, indeterminate tomatoes grow to be very large, up to six feet tall, making them a better choice for garden beds.

Plant Your Seeds In Small Containers

Once you have selected your type of tomato, you will want to plant it indoors in small containers. You can use yogurt cups or egg cartons, as long as they have holes for drainage poked in them.

Use a seed-starting mix as soil to encourage root growth. Fill your containers up with the mix and use a spray bottle to water the soil until it is moist.

Plant your seeds around 1/8-inch deep in your soil, placing two to three seeds per container. Gently firm over the seeds with soil to ensure sufficient contact with the soil. You can then cover the containers loosely with plastic wrap to keep the moisture in.

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How To Grow Tomatoes From Seeds

Keep your seeds in a warm location, which is around 70-80 degrees Farenheit. You can place your containers on a heat mat to help keep them warm enough. At this point, you do not need to worry about having your plants in sunlight.

The seeds will generally start to sprout within 1-2 weeks. Once your tomato plants begin to sprout, you can move them to an area with sunlight or use artificial light. You can also remove the plastic wrap at this point.

When leaves begin to appear, you will want to transfer them to a larger pot that is around 16 ounces. You will want to make sure to keep the soil moist.

Transplant Your Plants – How To Grow Tomatoes From Seeds

As your tomatoes continue to grow, you can begin to introduce them to the outdoors. Place them outside for a few hours and bring them inside whenever temperatures fall below 50 degrees Farenheit. Repeat this process for around 10-14 degrees Fahrenheit.

Around two weeks after the last frost or when soil temperatures are at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit, you can transplant your tomatoes into your garden. Plant them in an area where they will get at least six to eight hours of sun a day. Allow around two to three of space between tomato plants to give them plenty of room.

Transplant Your Plants

Tomato Care

Before planting your tomatoes, mix compost into the soil. The soil should be loose and well-draining. Around five weeks after transplanting your tomato plants, add mulch to help the soil retain moisture.

Use organic fertilizer or tomato fertilizer every two weeks to ensure your tomatoes are getting enough nutrients. Avoid using fast-release fertilizers and avoid high-nitrogen fertilizers on your tomatoes.

Water your tomato plants in the morning so they have plenty of moisture throughout the day when it gets hot. Water generously the first few days after transplanting your tomatoes. Your tomato plants will need around two inches of water a week.

Taller varieties can benefit from stakes or cages. This will help prevent fruit from developing on the ground and help the plant stay upright.

How To Grow Tomatoes From Seeds – Harvesting

Tomatoes are ready to harvest when they are firm and bright red in color or the color they are supposed to be, depending on the variety. Leave them on the vine for as long as possible for the best results.

Harvesting Tomatoes

Growing Your Own Tomatoes

Growing your own tomatoes from seeds is easier than you may think. In addition, growing them from seeds gives you more options of varieties to grow.

Do you have any questions regarding how to grow tomatoes from seeds? If so, please ask any questions regarding growing tomato plants in the comment section.


How to Grow Tomatoes From Seeds From Fresh Tomatoes?

To plant seeds from a fresh tomato, soak the seeds in water for 14 hours. Then, dry your fresh seeds with a paper towel and plant them within seven days of soaking.

How to Grow Cherry Tomatoes From Seeds?

Plant your cherry tomato seeds in a small container with drainage and moisten the soil well. Keep the containers in a warm spot indoors for around six to eight weeks before the last frost. When the temperature of the soil is at least 60 degrees, you can then plant your cherry tomatoes outside.

How to Grow Tomatoes in Pots from Seeds?

Start your tomato seeds out in small containers such as yogurt cups or egg cartons. Keep the soil moist and the plants warm. Once leaves begin to appear and the temperature outside is at least 60 degrees Farenheit, you can transfer your plants to a pot.

How Long Does it Take for Tomatoes to Grow from Seeds?

In general, it will take around 6-8 weeks for seeds to become seedlings. Once they become seedlings, it will take around 50-100 days for tomatoes to fully mature to harvest.

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