Kratky Method For Strawberries

Kratky Method For Strawberries

can If you wish to learn about growing strawberries using the Kratky method, we will let you know in this post. A Kratky method is a form of passive hydroponic method and it is known as the simplest form of hydroponic system.

This type of simple hydroponic technique is named after Bernard Kratky who’s a researcher at the University of Hawaii. You can grow various plants such as herbs, leafy greens, pepper, or tomatoes, as well as strawberries successfully using the Kratky technique.

Kratky Method

The Kratky method is another great way of growing various plants without the use of soil or dirt. The plants are suspended above a nutrient solution and it’s a clean and productive way of gardening.

The only difference is Kratky technique does not make use of an air pump or aeration for air and water circulation. Therefore, no electricity is needed.

How To Grow Strawberries With Kratky Method

There are two ways you can grow strawberries from. You can grow strawberries from seeds or a young strawberry plant. However, we recommend you grow strawberries from young plants because growing them from seeds might take a while to get results.

Growing Strawberries With Young Plant

For growing strawberries using the Kratky method, you will need the following materials:

  • Container to serve as a reservoir for holding nutrients (most growers use 5-gallon bucket).
  • Net cups.
  • A cover lid or grow tray to insert the net cups.
  • Growing media (such as hydrotons balls, pebbles, rock wool, coco coir, etc).
  • Healthy young strawberry plants.

To grow strawberries using young strawberry plants, you will need to obtain a healthy young plant either from the soil or from an existing hydroponic strawberry garden. Make sure you rinse off the roots if you are taking your strawberry plants from the soil.

Next, get your net pots and slide the little plants into the net pots. Fill the net pots with your desired growing medium to support your strawberry plant. Try gently pull some roots of the young plants so that they can come out at the bottom of the net pots.

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Kratky Method Strawberries - Net cups

By doing this, you can perfectly set the roots to sit in the nutrient-filled water. Only the tips of the roots should touch the nutrient solution, we don’t want any part of the upper plant submerged in water. The gaps between the roots supply oxygen to the plants from inside the nutrient container.

Kratky Nutrient Solution

Now you can set them in your Kratky nutrient solution. Supply your set up with some grow lights if you’re growing indoors. However, if you’re growing outdoor, find a good sunny spot in your yard and you’re good to go. You should begin to see a new leaf and root growth in a couple of days. After about a month, you should notice some good growth with your strawberry plant with flowers and broad leaves. You should also begin to see some little strawberries growing.

When the nutrient solution has almost been exhausted, your strawberry plant should have been ready for harvest. This means a single nutrient solution should be enough to go for a growing cycle and no need for replacement. However, if you notice the nutrients solutions are almost completely dried or used up, you should replace them.

Strawberry Runners

When strawberry plants get fully established, they will begin to shoot out runners. It will be a great thing if you can cut and replant or clone these runners to another setup so you can have some new strawberry plants. This will also help trim their edges so they don’t look too bushy.

Strawberry Runners

Recommended Temperature For Kratky Strawberry

Temperature is one of the most crucial requirements for strawberry plants. Without the right temperatures, your plant will be slow in flower and fruit yield therefore, no production good growth and production.

The appropriate temperature range for strawberries is around 60 to 70 degrees.

Light Requirements

Strawberry plants usually consume a lot of energy. Therefore, the appropriate light requirements we recommend for your strawberry plants will be 14 to 16 hours daily. This way, your strawberry plant will be well established and yield plenty of fruits.


After about 8 to 10 weeks of planting your strawberry, they should start showing their lovely bright red colors. This means they should be ready for picking.


Final Say On Kratky Method Strawberries

Growing strawberries using the Kratky method is pretty easy and beneficial. It is a soil-free method that will result in abundant fruit production all year round. You also, get to enjoy the fresh and juicy fruits at the comfort of your home.