3 Tips For A Landscaping With Golden Mop Cypress

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Last Updated on March 21, 2023

Landscaping with golden mop cypress bushes is easier than you may think. If you follow a few simple planting, watering, and pruning tips, your trees will thrive!

The golden color of these cypress bushes is what attracts most people. If you want this shade in your summer garden, you need to know how to properly landscape with your mop cypress to help it reach its full potential.

In this article, I list some helpful landscaping tips for golden mop cypress bushes. I also share ideas on how to use them in your garden. 

The Best Region For A Landscaping With Golden Mop Cypress

The best growing area for a golden mop cypress is one with lots of sun and little yearly rainfall. This plant prefers warm weather and grows easily in these environments.

You can place your golden mop cypress to add a pop of color to your garden or create landscaping with a natural bush effect.

The golden mop cypress can grow up to 5 feet. It’s best to plant them in a big, open area. Since it’s a bush-like plant, planting a golden mop cypress with big trees will look beautiful and create space for it to grow. 

Hardiness zones 4 to 8 are best for growing a golden mop cypress.

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Tips For A Landscaping With Golden Mop Cypress

#1 Planting Your Golden Mop Cypress

You should choose a spot with the most direct sunlight daily to plant your golden mop cypress. This evergreen bush grows slowly but thrives in the sun!

Dig the planting hole for your cypress as deep as its root ball. Ensure it’s twice as wide. 

Ensure the soil can drain well and avoid areas that get hit hard on windy days. If you’re planting more than one tree, place them at least 3 or 4 feet apart. 

If you’re transplanting your golden mop cypress from its nursery pot, plant it at the same depth as it was in there. 

#2 Watering Your Golden Mop Cypress

The soil around your golden mop cypress should always drain well, although this plant likes wet and moist ground. 

Since your bush will be in direct sun, you should water it frequently. After planting it in the ground, water your golden mop cypress every 2 – 4 days. You should do this for the first six weeks. 

Once your plant’s roots have been established, you can water it once or twice a week. Check the ground moisture by sticking your finger into it. If the soil feels wet within the first three inches, you can still wait before watering again. 

#3 Pruning Your Golden Mop Cypress

Although these bushes don’t need much pruning, you can do this to fit your aesthetics. If you decide to plant it around your house, you can trim it to maintain its size. For a more manicured look, you can shear it twice a year. Most people prefer to keep it bushy. 

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Landscaping With Golden Mop Cypress

If you want to prune your golden mop cypress, do it early in spring. Pruning it during late summer or in fall will cause damage. 

Great Companion Plants For A Golden Mop Cypress

The golden mop cypress looks good around camellias, trees, and other bush-like plants. You can also pair them with oakland hollies and hostas. 

More great companion plants include lavender, olives, and other herbs. These will help give your garden color and scent! Golden mop cypresses get along well with most other plants if they have enough space to grow.

If you want to be more water-wise, I suggest pairing your golden mop cypress with other cypress plants. Here are some excellent cypress choices:

  • Sawara Cypress (pisifera)
  • Japanese Cypress (obtusa)
  • Lawson’s Cypress (lawsoniana)
  • Atlantic Cypress (thyoides)

Some of these are bright yellow, and others are green. They all differ in width and size. 

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Landscaping Ideas With Golden Mop Cypress

The golden mop cypress is one of the best evergreen shrubs. Because they thrive in so many different zones, almost anyone can plant them!

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area where this bush grows well, you can use it around your house in many different ways. Landscaping with a golden mop cypress is fun, and you can get creative! 

Since they get so big, you can create a natural fence with them. Just plant them close enough to intertwine with one another. You can also prune them to keep them small and create decor around other plants.

Landscaping Ideas With Golden Mop Cypress

In Ending – Landscaping With Golden Mop Cypress

Having evergreen bushes in your garden can help it maintain color through every season. The golden mop cypress is an excellent choice if you want an evergreen plant that’s low maintenance. 

Once you’ve planted it correctly and have its watering needs figured out, your golden mop cypress bushed will be easy to care for. You can choose to prune them or let these bushes grow naturally. 

I hope this article was helpful and you have a better idea about landscaping with these trees. If you have more questions, ask them in the comments!


Where do you plant gold mop cypress?

You can plant your gold mop cypress anywhere where your soil drains well. These evergreen bushes also need at least 7 hours of direct daily sunlight. Avoid planting them under shade. You should also ensure their soil stays moist but drains well enough to not cause rotting root issues.

Can gold mop cypress grow in the shade?

A golden mop cypress can tolerate shade. If it still receives enough sunlight, you won't experience any issues.

How far apart do you plant gold mop cypress?

It's best to plant your golden mop cypress bushed 5 feet or more apart. These plants can get rather big and need enough space to grow.

How big do Golden Mops get?

The size of your golden mops will depend on how you trim them. These bushes can grow up to 5 feet wide and reach heights of more than 4 feet. If you want to keep yours small, plant it in a container or prune it.

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