8 Facts About The Philodendron Red Moon

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The philodendron red moon is a rare but loved plant that most gardeners love to grow indoors or outdoors.

The philodendron red moon is a tropical plant that grows in warm, moist rainforests.  It is part of the ornamental Philodendron variety.

Description Of The Philodendron Red Moon

The philodendron red moon is a tropical plant that grows to be about three feet tall.  It can be grown indoors or outdoors.

This plant does best with bright, dappled sunlight and likes mildly moist soil. It should be grown in temperatures between 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity levels should be kept above 60 percent for best growth results.

It can be grown in both indoor and outdoor pots. The plant is sensitive to frost and can be damaged by cold temperatures.

Description Of The Philodendron Red Moon


The philodendron red moon is a tropical plant that has beautiful green and red leaves with red stems.


The philodendron red moon is a tropical plant that is easy to grow from cuttings.  It can be propagated by taking cuttings from the stems or by starting with a cutting and growing it in soil. 

It can also be propagated from seed.  Growing from seed can be difficult, however, because of its long dormancy period.

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Facts About The Philodendron Red Moon

1. It is a fast-growing plant that should be grown in a warm environment. The philodendron red moon is a stunning indoor houseplant.  Philodendron red moon Facts:

2. The philodendron red moon is a tropical plant that grows best at temperatures between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit.  In areas with colder temperatures, the philodendron red moon will not grow well.

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3. The philodendron red moon can be kept in a wide variety of environments, including indoors and outdoors.  However, it does need sunlight to thrive but should be kept in areas with dappled sunlight as direct full sun can cause damage. The red moon is a popular plant in the home because of its striking appearance.

4. The philodendron red moon can grow in well-drained, peat moss, and sphagnum moss-based soil.  The plant has an extensive root system and benefits from soil rich in organic matter.  It should be watered when the top two inches of soil are dry. It also does not like sudden changes in temperature, so it is best to keep it indoors during the winter months.

5. As with most houseplants, the philodendron red moon will be affected by many pests and diseases. When infested with pests such as aphids, spider mites, or whiteflies, the plant can be harmed. It is important to keep the soil moist and clean to avoid these problems. Be careful as the plant is susceptible to bacterial leaf spot and root rot.

6. The philodendron red moon is sensitive to direct bright sunlight.  Too much sun can damage the leaves of the plant. Though it goes best in dappled sunlight, it also grows well in bright, indirect sunlight and afternoon shade.

7. The philodendron red moon does not require fertilizers.  However, it can benefit from an occasional fertilizer,  such as three times a year.  This can help boost the plant’s growth.

8. The philodendron red moon can be maintained using regular watering and dappled sunlight. It will need to be repotted every two to three years.  This will allow the roots to grow deeper and help prevent the plant from getting too crowded.

The philodendron red moon has a number of uses in the home and garden.  They are grown for their striking appearance, beautiful foliage, and ability to keep their leaves green and healthy all year long. 

When grown indoors they can be used as houseplants, but when grown outdoors they make an ideal ground cover.  They also make a great addition to the garden, as they add color and texture.

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Take Home

The philodendron red moon is a rare plant that is grown by dedicated gardeners.  It is best to start from a seedling as it will grow fast and easy.  If you don’t have a philodendron red moon yet, it’s time to get yourself one.


How can you tell if a philodendron is a red moon?

The leaf color of the red moon philodendron varies from green to reddish with red stems. 

How much light does a red philodendron need?

The red moon philodendron can benefit from dappled sunlight or afternoon shade. It will do fine in the shade, too. Avoid direct sunlight in the heat of the day.

How do you take care of a red moon philodendron?

This philodendron does not require a lot of care. You can water it when the soil is dry, but don't overwater. The plant also thrives in moist to moderately moist conditions.

Is philodendron red heart rare?

Philodendron red heart is a rare cultivar with the color of the leaves and stems making a beautiful addition to any home.