Tips When Growing The Pink Spider Lily From Seed

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Last Updated on October 28, 2022

In this article, we will learn how to grow the pink spider lily and the perfect conditions to provide this plant so that it thrives.

The Pink Spider Lily also known as the Resurrection lily or “surprise lily,”  is a popular plant among gardeners. It is a bulbous plant with large flowers. The flowers have an amazing fragrance and are bright pink.

These flowers are also known for their longevity. They bloom just when many other blossoms are fading, adding a late-season pop of beautiful color. These flowers have unique trumpet-shaped blooms.

This makes them very appealing to gardeners. They do not require a lot of space and are low maintenance. They require moderate water during the summer.

How To Grow The Pink Spider Lily

What does the pink spider lily symbolize

Tip #1: Bulb germination

Bulbs are usually the best way to start your Pink Spider Lily. This will ensure that you get a healthy plant with no problems. Plant the bulbs with 1/4 inch exposed above the soil. The soil should be organically rich and well-drained. 

Plant the bulbs about six to nine inches apart. At maturity, they will grow to be 18 to 24 inches tall. In addition to planting in gardens, you can also grow them in pots.

Tip #2: Sun and watering needs

Your Pink Spider Lily should be planted in an area where it will get full sun to partial shade. They have moderate watering requirements, no more than one inch of water a week.

Tip #3: Blooming

The flowers will bloom from late summer to fall. They have a beautiful pink color with a very fragrant smell. The flowers will cluster atop tall stems.

Tip #4: Feeding your pink spider lily:

Pink Spider Lillies do not need fertilizer. Some people may choose to supplement the soil with organic fertilizer before planting, but it is not necessary in most cases.

Handheld Fertilizer/Grass Seed Spreader

Tip #5: Transplanting

You can transplant your lilies the first thing in spring or fall when the flowers begin to die back. Be sure to move them to an area where they will get full sun to partial shade with well-drained soil.

Use a trowel to carefully loosen the soil around the bulbs. Then, carefully slide the trowel underneath the bulbs and gently lift them from the soil. Separate the bulbs and remove any that are rotten.

Carefully move the bulbs to their new location and plant them at the same depth they were before. The bulbs can be sensitive when they are moved so they make take some time before they begin growing again.


The Pink Spider Lily is one of the lilies that are commonly grown by gardeners.  They are easy to grow and bloom easily when provided with the right growing conditions. As you try to grow your own, have a happy time!


What does the pink spider lily symbolize?

The pink spider lily symbolizes the purity of a woman and the innocence of a child. The flower is associated with the goddess Diana, who was worshipped in ancient times as the patroness of women and children. The flower’s name comes from the Latin word for “spider,” which is associated with the goddess.

Are pink spider lilies poisonous?

Pink Spider Lilies are poisonous if eaten. Their poison severity is low and can cause abdominal pain, salivation, shivering, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Is spider lily an indoor plant?

Yes, spider lily is both an indoor and outdoor plant. It benefits from full sun and should be placed in a sunny spot. However, it will still grow in semi-shade if given enough light.

Do spider lilies spread?

Spider lilies are perennial plants and do not spread. It is native toand Asia. It has an upright growth habit and grows to around 18-24 inches tall.

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