Plants That Grow Well With Lavender – The Benefits Of Companion Gardening

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Last Updated on December 13, 2022

There are many Plants That Grow Well With Lavender as they can tolerate the same low fertility, well-drained drought-prone soils as others. Lavender, is a perennial plant that can live for up to 20 years in ideal conditions, and it is a very valuable commodity all over the world. Not only is it used in the manufacturing of several beneficial products, including skincare, but it also aids other garden vegetation in growing their best.

Because of its strong scent, lavender is an excellent companion plant as it deters garden pests. The majority of these plants can also be grown to draw pollinators to your garden. The most common ones that grow well with it include herbs, flowers, and crops. These, when properly paired, can add to the beauty of your garden and enhance your landscape.

Combining lavender with other sun-loving perennials such as coneflowers, sage, or ornamental grass would be of great benefit. In a herb garden, it goes well with oregano, thyme, and other herby plants amongst others. To find out more about plants that grow well with lavender, take a look at the information provided below!

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Can You Plant Hydrangeas With Lavender?

When it comes to plants that grow well with lavender in most cases, hydrangeas are unfortunately not the most likely choice. Although you can plant them together, it is not recommended for several important reasons.

Therefore, it is best that hydrangeas and lavender be grown separately so that their individual nutrient demands are met. This is because their requirements for optimal growth are very different from each other.

Let us take a look below as to the reasons below:

1. Maintenance

  • – Lavender is a drought-tolerant plant that does best in USDA plant hardiness zones 4 through 8 and requires little fertilization and a lot of sunlight to thrive.
  • – Hydrangeas on the other hand grow best in USDA hardiness zones 3 through 8. These plants also require regular watering and perform best in partial shade.

2. Companion Plants

  • – Shrubs such as azaleas, hollies, yews, mahonia, gardenia, and boxwood complement hydrangeas and help them thrive.
  • – Lavender companion plants include several flowering perennials, crops, and other vegetation that grow in tandem with this well-known bloomer. The reason these plants serve as excellent garden companions is that they can tolerate the same growing conditions.

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3. Planting Soil Requirements

  • – Lavender thrives in infertile, well-drained, and slightly alkaline soil with a pH of 6.7 to 7.3. Before planting, adding sand to the soil improves drainage. This is a critical aspect when growing these plants because they do not tolerate excessive soil moisture.
  • – The majority of hydrangeas thrive in fertile, well-drained soils with plenty of moisture. It is also recommended that compost be added to improve the growing medium’s capabilities. Also, keep in mind that these plants prefer partial sun.

Do Rosemary And Lavender Grow Well Together?

Yes, rosemary and lavender grow well together. Both can be planted as companion plants in your garden to benefit the rest of the plants. This is because these plants attract a wide range of pollinators while repelling rabbits, deer, and other animals. However, keep in mind that because rosemary is not as cold-tolerant as lavender, another companion may be required if you live in a colder climate.

On slopes and hillsides, in rock or herb gardens, container plantings, and hedges, lavender and rosemary make a lovely pair. The semi-woody evergreen sub-shrubs are aromatic sun-lovers that require little other than well-drained soil. In the right environment, they will also coexist in harmony for years once established.

When it comes to plants that grow well with lavender, you can choose from a plethora of varieties with complementary and contrasting shapes, sizes, and blossom colors. However, paying close attention to placement in your indoor or outdoor garden is a must as it will ensure adequate light and space for these plants to grow. Learn about harvesting and distilling lavender in this great video. 

Can I Plant Lavender and Marigolds Together?

Marigolds are amongst the plants that grow well with lavender and make excellent planting additions to any garden or landscape. Companion planting is a popular technique that has been used for centuries. There are numerous reasons why marigolds and lavender plants are so popular.

Below are a few advantages of planting them together:


Lavender in a garden or raised bed would be an excellent choice for perennial varieties. Once established, it requires minimal care and can live for several years. Marigolds make excellent garden or landscape borders and can provide a nice contrast when planted next to these lilac blooms.


Growing these eye-catching perennials together will make more room in your garden, allowing for other herbs and plants to be grown.

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They both have beautiful flowers that attract a large number of pollinators and other beneficial insects, preventing the growth of weeds, and improving biodiversity.


Growing Lavender and Marigold together can be of great benefit to other crops they aerate the soil. Both plants prefer well-draining soil because neither does well in a soggy growing medium. An all-purpose potting soil is ideal for planting in a container. Depending on the soil in your area, planting in the ground may require amending. Before planting ensure that you test the soil using a kit that can be purchased at your local nursery, home center, or online.


Both of these beneficial plants are simple to set up and require little to no maintenance. They are drought-tolerant and provide numerous advantages to the surrounding plants.

Pest Deterrent

Lavender is frequently grown in herb gardens or raised beds, with marigolds planted nearby or as a border. Together, they form a formidable insect barrier, deterring harmful pests from attacking your surrounding plants. They have chemical compounds in their leaves and roots that keep bugs like potato beetles, cabbage worms, and root nematodes at bay. They also don’t consume a lot of nutrients and won’t spread or compete with your other plants.

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Weather Tolerance

Marigolds are flowering annuals that thrive in hot weather. They prefer to be planted in warm weather and dislike moist growing conditions. These plants are drought-tolerant and notorious for being resistant, making them an excellent addition to your lavender or herb garden.

Can Lavender And Peonies Be Planted Together?

Yes, lavender and peonies can be planted together because they have similar recommendations to thrive. For this reason, peonies are also among the plants that grow well with lavender. Not only will it be beneficial to your garden, but by planting one in front of the other, smaller plant varieties can be used to hedge them.

Large varieties, on the other hand, can be interplanted behind the peonies as these slender, dainty flowers have a fuzzy texture that enhances their surroundings. When they bloom, the petals grow upright. Peony blooms open to form a round shape that pairs well with flowers that grow along spikes.

Foxglove, delphinium, lupine, and clustered bellflowers are good spike bloomers that flower when peonies do. Another excellent would be false indigo or Baptisia australis as it is scientifically known. Together, these plants will give your garden area an extravagant breathtaking look.

 plants that grow well with lavender


Many home gardeners grow lavender as a herb, which is quite beneficial. It is effective at repelling insects, especially mosquitoes, and other animals. The plant’s leaves and flowers are highly fragrant and can also be used as a culinary herb, both fresh and dried.

When grown alongside other perennial plants, the combination can aid in enhancing soil aeration and nutrients for surrounding vegetation. If you have limited garden space, growing lavender alongside the other shrubs and herbs mentioned above can help you save space.

Lavender is frequently grown in pots, herb gardens, or raised beds, with marigolds planted nearby or as a border. These plants are excellent for beginner gardeners as they thrive with minimal maintenance. Having plants that grow well with lavender in your garden will afford you a colorful lush landscape. Here are some great tips for growing lavender plants

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