Quantum Board LED- What Are They?

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Last Updated on October 30, 2022

Quantum board LED: what exactly are they and how do they work? The market is full of various types of grow light. Light-emitting diodes (LED) are one efficient and popular type of grow light.

Quantum board LED is one latest tech that has been getting the LED growing users to begin to ask questions about this type of technology. The fact that it is one of the latest LED techs makes it easy for people to want to jump on it as people like to indulge in new trends.

But do you know exactly what quantum boards for LEDs are? Do you know if they are as good as they claim? If these questions have been troubling your mind about the quantum board, not too worry.

By the time you’re almost done reading this page, you should be able to have a good clue on what quantum board LED is all about and its advantages and disadvantages.

LED Lights

LED lights have been popularly used amongst indoor growers and they have been widely accepted by many growers over these past few years. This is because they have been offering wonderful lightning capacity to our indoor plants.

Also, LED lights have now been widely adopted because of economic, energy, as well as environmental reason. However, there is an increasing demand for high-power and high brightness LED lights.

So, designers came up with a common solution which is to make use of the chip on board (COB) LED style. But now there is this new technology that is known as the quantum boards.

LED Lights

Quantum Board LED Grow Light: What Exactly Is It?

The people who designed or came about the term quantum board are the Horticulture Lighting Group (HLG). This implies that they were the very first group to make the first quantum boards. They were typically the new supplier for LED grow lights.

So, when we talk about quantum board it refers to a large circuit board that comprises hundreds of mid-power in which LEDs are mounted to it. Then these LEDs are connected are arranged and connected together in series to form strings.

Now, these strings are joined together in a parallel configuration. This is done just to ensure they are compactable with common high-powered constant current drivers such as HLC 80-H-C, 240-H-C, OR 320-H-C series.

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Configuration Of The Boards

As of now, there are two models available namely QB304 and QB288 where the number in the model numbers represents the number of diodes.

HLG 300L Rspec 270w 120 Volt- Horticulture Lighting Group Quantum Board LED Grow Light

Advantages Of Using Quantum Board LED

There are good benefits when it comes to choosing quantum boards type of grow light compared to other types of regular grow light. So, here are the benefits you stand to gain when using quantum board LED:

·         Efficiency

Quantum board can offer you a better output and will only consume little wattage.

·         Spectrum

There is a generation of full-spectrum white light by the Samsung diodes and this has every visible wavelength of light. These are available in many different color temperatures and they can mimic the natural sunlight making it a great spectrum for plants.

·         Light Spread

The light quantum board generates tends to spread out from many points across a large board. Quantum board type of grow light has a more direct path to the canopy of the coverage area. Compare this to other light that can come from a smaller fixture and emanates further outwards.

Therefore, you can have a more evenly spread light because there will be less intensity in the middle of the coverage area and more intensity around the outside.

·         Affordability

Compared to the other traditional LEDs or COBs that usually give similar outputs, quantum boards cost less.

·         The Option For DIY

Manufacturers including HLG sell kits that make it easy to set up your own light. Therefore, this can help you save some money.

·         Heat Management

A thin piece of aluminum or sometimes a heatsink is where the quantum board is usually mounted to. This helps pass cool air to the diodes. Therefore, you don’t really need fan for cooling. However, quantum board fixtures still tend to get hot.

Drawbacks To Quantum Board LED

Quantum board lights may offer good advantages. However, there are a few downsides to using them.

Drawbacks To Quantum Board LED
  • Penetration Of Canopy

Although, quantum board white lights tend to penetrate better into the canopy of your plant due to the presence of green wavelength. This gives quantum grow lights more advantage over blurple LEDs.

However, more powerful LEDs, such as COBs, tend to give deeper penetration compared to quantum lights.

  • Heat Misconception

When it comes to thermal management, you need to understand how the quantum board works. Just as LED lights tend to give rise to a huge amount of heat even though they run cooler compared to other types of grow lights, quantum board lights are no exception.

Just because it’s been said that quantum light runs cool and doesn’t require a fan does not mean they are free from heat. The diodes of quantum boards still tend to heat up a lot.

But generally, you can expect lesser heat of around 30% when we compare them to HID grow lights.

  • Open Built Components

Quantum boards are built in a simpler way. LED on the other hand is fixed directly to a board.

The diodes of quantum boards are often exposed and even their wires may be exposed. However, a couple of the manufacturers of quantum boards have started adding plastic covers to the exposed wires. However, you may still find a lot of them with open-wire.

This simply implies that the components of quantum boards are less protected but this helps to reduce their cost.

Open Built Components


What is a quantum board led?

Quantum board LED is a type of LED light that has small pieces of boards that are lined up with their LED chips.

How to build a quantum board led for growing weed?

You can make a quantum board led for growing your weed by making use of the components used in HLG. You can easily purchase components from HLG as well as some other manufacturers that sell DIY kits.

Why quantum board led?

Quantum board LED has low energy consumption, they are efficient, and they have a reliable light spectrum and other advantages you stand to gain from using them.


So, from the information we’ve listed above, we do hope you’ve had good knowledge of what quantum board LEDs are.


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