Soilsaver Compost Bins Review 2019

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Last Updated on October 29, 2022

As a gardener who also has a heart for the environment, I make sure that I can turn whatever trash or scrap I have into compost that can be used again for the garden. 

If you’re familiar with most mainstream compost heaps, you’ll probably understand how flimsy they are as they are usually made of thin plastic. Due to this, I was pretty happy to come across a product online called the soilsaver compost bin. This is exactly what we’re going to cover in this soilsaver compost bins review.

What to Consider When Buying a Compost Bin

If you are very serious about your garden and going green, then you should consider going for a compost bin. However, you have to first consider these factors before you buy one:

  • Size

The first thing you’d want to consider is the size of the compost bin. Size is really important since it determines how much compost material you can put in it. I have a lot of waste that I’d like to turn into compost, so going for something pretty big is ideal for me.

Soilsaver Compost Bins Review 2019

Preferably, you should go for compost bins that are around 10 to 12 cubic feet since they can hold a lot of compost materials. However, this actually depends on how much of the waste you want to store. If you have a lot, you’ll need a large capacity bin. But if not, you can stick to the smaller kinds. 

  • Durability

Durability is also very important since it determines how long the compost bin will last. I judge the durability of the compost bin by how thick the walls are. This will tell me if the walls can last for a long time or not. 

  • Locking System

You’d want to opt for a compost bin which has a locking system. That way, the compost heap won’t come out. Traditional wooden bins are known to be pretty flimsy and can get knocked over. More often than not, this can cause the compost heap to get thrown into the ground.

It is for this reason a locking system is pretty important. If the compost bin is locked, then the compost heap won’t get messed up on the ground even though the compost bin has been knocked over. 

  • Material Used

The last factor to take note of is the material used. There are a lot of possible materials that can be used for building a compost bin. Some compost bins are made of wood while some are of plastic. Meanwhile, there are others made of either metal wire or steel.

Soilsaver Compost Bins Review 2019

The material of the compost bin ultimately determines how sturdy it is and how well it can withstand external factors such as weather and such. If possible, try to go for bins made of high-quality resin material since they last pretty long. 

Soilsaver Compost Bin Review

Using the buying guide mentioned above, I actually chose the Soilsaver Compost Bin from Algreen as the next compost bin that I’m going to buy. 

According to reviews, most customers say that the soilsaver compost bin is one of the biggest compost bins found in the market, not to mention it’s made of highly recycled material.

Also, it is extremely thick which makes it pretty durable. Finally, it has a very good locking system. All of these features convinced me that this product is a high-quality one; that’s why it’s good for hardcore gardeners such as myself. 

But to give you a more objective view of this product, here are its pros and cons:


  • Big capacity for a lot of compost
  • Made of recycled material
  • High durability
  • Efficient lock system


  • Plastic wears out faster than steel
  • More susceptible to mold growth
  • Vulnerable to rat bites

Features and Benefits

The cool thing about this compost bin is that it has a lot of really cool features that can give you a lot of benefits. We’ve mentioned some of the pros that this product has. In this section, we’ll take a step further and talk about the deeper features as well as its benefits:

Robust Wall

The great thing about this compost bin is that it has such a thick wall. To be very specific, it has a 0.002” thick resin wall that allows it to take any kind of impact or damage. 


If you’re a fully environment-friendly type of person, then you’ll love this one. It is made of resin, and since resin is a rather organic material, it is recyclable.

Soilsaver Compost Bins Review 2019

Large Capacity

As mentioned earlier, it is a very roomy and spacious compost bin. To be precise, it measures 12 cubic feet in size and has a very big storage capacity. 

Locking System

Lastly, it has a really good locking system. The lid is easily lockable and can be easily unlatched if you want to let out the compost heap. Not only is it efficient, but it’s also very easy to maneuver. 

Alternative Products

While I’d love to have the Soilsaver Compost Bin, I can’t deny the fact that there are other alternative products that you can buy which are rather similar. Here are some of them:

Tierra Garden 80 Gallon Composter

The Tierra Garden 80 Gallon Composter is a pretty good alternative to the Soilsaver. Even if it has a smaller capacity, it can still hold up to 80 gallons of compost material which is still pretty impressive. It’s got a good locking system and a circulation system. Compared to the Soilsaver, it has a:

  • Smaller capacity
  • Slightly higher price tag
  • Better circulation system

Try this out if you want an alternative to the Soilsaver!

Exaco Eco-Master 120 Gallon Composter

This is one of the most robust choices that you can have for a composter. It is a 120-gallon composter with a very strong body. It can’t easily be knocked over due to it’s thick and sturdy built. Compared to the Soilsaver, it is:

  • More expensive
  • Larger and have a bigger capacity
  • Not as robust as Soilsaver

If you want a bigger compost bin, check out the Exaco Eco-Master!

Geobin Compost Bin

The Geobin Compost bin has a capacity of over 200 gallons, though it’s not as sturdy as the Soilsaver. It also does not have a lid so you shouldn’t knock it down. Despite that, it does its job pretty well. Compared to the Soilsaver, it has:

  • A bigger capacity
  • No lid
  • A slightly cheaper price

This is a great alternative if you’re on a budget. Save money and check this out now!


What is the most effective kind of compost bin?

There are several types of compost bins available, and the one you choose will depend on your specific needs and preferences. In general, the best compost bins are those that offer the greatest versatility and options for maximizing efficiency and producing high-quality compost. You should consider the following to find the best for you.

1. Composting Bins These are usually made from wood or plastic. They are often insulated and come in different sizes. They are also generally easy to use, requiring little maintenance and cleanup. Pros: They are fairly simple to operate. They are inexpensive. Cons: They are not as efficient as others. You cannot use them with worms.

2. Worm Composting Bin These are made of wire mesh, allowing worms to freely move around inside them.

They are very popular for worm composting because they are easy to clean. They can be placed under trees and bushes where you want your worms to live.

3. Batch Worm Composting Bin These are similar to worm bins, except they have more holes than a traditional bin. This allows worms to move around more easily and ensures that the compost is evenly distributed.

What are the best compost bin brands?

There are a few different types of compost bins and each one has its own advantages. You can find a wide variety of them in the market but you may be confused about which one is really good and which one is not. So, I’m going to introduce you to the best compost bin brands in the world.

The following are the best compost bin brands:


This is the best compost bin brand for you who want to make your composting process easy and convenient. This is the most popular compost bin brand in the world.

It is known for its great design, compact size, lightweight and high quality. It also comes with a built-in water bottle so that you can drink water while making compost. It also comes with a one-touch lid opening system which is very easy to use.

This is another popular and best compost bin brand. This is one of the best compost bin brands that you can get in the market. It is known for its durable and sturdy material, easy to clean, and easy to store. It is made of stainless steel, plastic, and aluminum.

Compost Bins Direct

This is yet another popular and good compost bin brand.

This is a classic compost bin that is durable and sturdy. It is made of durable and sturdy materials. You can place it anywhere in your garden because it is not too big. It is easy to clean and the material is long lasting.

It is made of high-quality plastic and stainless steel. The material is long lasting and you will get no trouble with it.


This is the best compost bin you can buy for your garden. It is made of durable and strong materials. It is light in weight and you can easily place it anywhere. This is a great compost bin that is easy to use. It comes with a lid that prevents the odors from spreading around.


Upon seeing the features and benefits of the Soilsaver, it’s rather apparent that it can solve the many problems gardeners experience with regard to compost heap storage and durability. First of all, it has a very thick resin wall surrounding it, making it quite durable.

Second, it is very spacious due to its size. It has a 12 cubic feet size and a storage capacity of more than 90 gallons. Lastly, it is very easy to use with its locking mechanism and big opening. 

If you’re interested in the product, you may check it out here.

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