Tokyo Ghoul Flower Name – Learning The Significance Of Japanese Anime Plants

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Last Updated on February 28, 2023

Have you ever wondered what is the Tokyo Ghoul Flower Name? If you are familiar with Japanese anime, then this article has some interesting information for you. To begin with, you would have to have a good understanding of the plant and its history. These eye-catching red devils belong to the amaryllis family and include Lycoris Radiata( the scientific name) also known as the red spider lily, red magic lily, corpse flower, and many others.

Although the plant has its origins in China, Korea, and Nepal, it was later introduced to Japan and then made its way to the United States and other countries via them. It blooms in the late summer or fall, frequently in reaction to a lot of rain. This trait is referenced by the popular name hurricane lily as well as other common ones that can be applied to the entire genus. It is a stunning perennial that has noticeably vivid bulbs.

You will also notice that this plant flowers on its tall stalks and can reach heights of up to 28 inches. Its leaves can reach a size of about 38 inches which is quite broad. The individual blooms are asymmetrical, with long projecting filaments and slender segments that curl backward. To learn more about the Japanese red flower, browse through the information below.

What Is The Japanese Red Flower Called?

The Japanese red flower is commonly known as the red spider lily. The time leading up to the autumnal equinox is what gave rise to one of the most intriguing folklore involving this stunning flower. Ohigan, which is a tribute to ancestors, is a time when Japanese people return back home to pay their respects.

 What does the red spider lily symbolize?

It also occurs to coincide with the red spider lily’s brief blossoming period because it unusually happens in the autumn season. When it comes to the Tokyo ghoul, this plant is also referred to as Higanbana in Japanese due to its associations with Ohigan and the fall equinox. However, the blooms are not the only peculiar aspect of its overall look.

This is because it flowers way before the leaves start to appear which is a bit unusual. It offers clusters of vivid red, spidery blooms with long stamens, casting a scarlet hue over the surrounding area. It also loses its petals and becomes barren as the crimson glow quickly dissipates. Thereafter, you will find that the leaves appear for a brief period before they too turn brown and eventually fall off.

What is the Flower of Death in Japan?

The gratifying decrease in humidity is a welcome indication that red spider lilies will start their blooming season. These plants are also known by their Japanese names Higanbana or the flower of death. This is because they were frequently planted in and around cemeteries to deter wild animals from digging up the graves, hence the start of their relationship with death.

The Tokyo ghoul, red spider lilies, also have several other personalities which would depend on where they’re growing. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the flower’s name can also mean “The Other Side.” The reason is that it is believed that its vibrant colors can lead deceased people to the afterlife. This aspect perhaps explains why it is used at funerals.

 What is the flower of death in Japan?

There’s also the legend that crimson spider lilies blossom along the paths of lovers who are about to split ways, leading to the death of a relationship between two people who may never cross paths again. Nevertheless, putting aside its connections with death, this plant unquestionably signifies the transition from summer to autumn. It is a welcomed pleasant sight because of its breathtaking beauty.

What is the Name of the Anime Flower?

The anime Tokyo ghoul flower is called Lycoris Radiata or red spider lily. This blooming plant also has several other names and meanings and appears in both new and old anime. Japanese anime is similar to global pop culture in many respects. The crimson blossom of death is one of many cliches that are still deeply ingrained in Japanese culture.

For this reason, this red spider flower is frequently shown as representing death or the afterlife in anime. This is so because it is often connected to funerals and graves. Due to the red spider lily’s success in defending fields and cemeteries, as was previously mentioned, it was highly prized in ancient Japan. But as time went on, its appeal diminished and it began to be closely connected with loss of life, loneliness, and the end of a romantic relationship.

This explains why modern anime features the flower so frequently. You would also recognize this plant by other names, including the equinox flower. It is known as an infamous flora that can be found in a plethora of different series, including timeless favorites like InuYasha and hits like Demon Slayer. As we have mentioned above, the flower has a significant cultural value in Japan and is therefore seen in many of the country’s anime.

 What is the Japanese red flower called?

Here are a few interesting facts about them:

  • This plant is distinguished by its thin, curled leaves and spindly blooms that resemble spider legs.
  • This plant has a variety of roots in Japanese religious culture as well as everyday life.
  • The red spider lily, also known as Higanbana, is toxic.
  • Japanese farmers use them as protection from animals and place them around their fields and paddies.
  • Higanbana bloom at periods of intense precipitation, which has allowed them to freely expand throughout Japan.
  • Red spider lilies grow in untamed fields, and they are frequently observed along riverbeds.
  • In Japan, the Buddhist holiday of Higan is also observed for a few days around the spring and autumnal equinoxes.

Here’s some interesting information about Tokyo Ghoul, Flower of the Barron Garden. 

What Does the Red Spider Lily Symbolize?

The Tokyo Ghoul flower or red spider lily, symbolizes death, abandonment, loss, and reincarnation. These blooms have been used all over the world as a form of nonverbal communication. This floral language is known as Hanakotoba in Japan, despite the fact that it is primarily a forgotten skill. Learn the meanings of these blossoms in the floral language of Japan below.

The Japanese word Higanbana translates to, flower from the other side. In English, it is known as the red spider lily. It is recognized by more than 1000 names in Japan, some of which are translated as hell flower, corpse flower, poisonous flower, and abandoned kid flower.

 What is the name of the anime flower

Let’s learn about red spider lilies and what the flower’s significance is below:

1. Higanbana

Higanbana, the flower’s name in Japanese, is a literal translation of the phrase flower of the other side This is referring to the Buddhist belief that states after death, the soul experiences a state akin to purgatory before entering nirvana. According to legend, the red spider lily blooms alongside the route that souls walk to reach paradise.

2. Farewell Flower

The red spider lily is referred to as the flower of farewell throughout Asia. It is frequently presented to individuals who are preparing to set out on a long journey since it represents rebirth and death. In other words, saying farewell for good means that something or someone has passed away.

3. Abandoned Child Flower

Because of a Japanese folktale about a young mother who passed away during delivery, the red spider lily is also known as the abandoned child flower. She lost her soul and now blooms next to abandoned children’s graves as a crimson spider flower.

4. Manjusha Flower of Heaven

The Manjushagi-no-kami, a female divinity who, in accordance with one Buddhist legend, causes red flowers to fall from the sky as a sign of an impending celebratory event, is the source of the Japanese term “Manjushage,” which translates to flower of heaven.

Manjusha Flower of Heaven

Since spider lilies are often seen next to cemeteries, many people believe that they are connected to death, bad luck, catastrophe, and the afterlife. However, although it is a gorgeous flower, the red spider lily is poisonous. Before including a plant in your garden, it’s crucial to be aware of both the plant’s harmful characteristics and the cultural values attached to it.

Because the blooms appear before the rest of the plant develops green leaves, it is also known as the naked lily. Due to its propensity to bloom following or in response to significant rains, it is also known as the hurricane lily or the resurrection Lily. Asian farmers use these flowers to keep pests like mice from eating their crops.

If you’re planning on growing them, you would be glad to know that at least six to eight flower bulbs can be produced by these plants at one time. They can grow up to 18 inches long and are stunning when gathered together. For this reason, planting them close is advised. Now that you know all about the Tokyo ghoul flower name and its significance, you should have a better understanding of Japanese anime. Here’s a great video with written information about these glorious plants.

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