Get To Know What Size Pot For Cucumbers

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Last Updated on October 31, 2022

Growing cucumbers in pots are one of the best ways to grow cucumbers. What should be put into consideration is what size pot will be suitable for growing your lush green crispy cucumbers.

Cucumbers can be grown in a container or in your outdoor garden. Cucumbers are inclined to grow in two ways which are vining or climbing and this depends on the variety. Hence, you can either have a climbing or a spreading cucumber variety.

In this article, you will find out how to grow cucumbers in containers effectively in containers. You will also get to know what size of the pot is suitable for growing cucumbers.

Pot Size For Cucumbers: What Size Of Pot For Cucumbers?

The cucumber plant can be a bushy plant that spreads out. It can also be a vining plant that needs to climb in order to fan out well and grow to its full potential.

Cucumbers that climb usually yield more fruit. However, vining cucumbers are bigger and can grow up to 8 feet tall and you can grow them in pots. But they will need bigger pots that can contain a large amount of soil.

Also, some cucumber varieties tend to grow well than others in pots. So, put this needs to be put into consideration before starting the process of growing cucumbers in containers.

Pot Size For Cucumbers - What Size Of Pot For Cucumbers

However, the best variety is the bush variety. They have short vines of about two to three feet long. The “Bush champion” which is the smaller variety should be planted in a 10 inches container. The container should also be at least 12 inches deep.

This should be for a plant in each container. If you’re planting the “Spacemaster” bush variety, use a 5-gallon bucket for each of your plants.

Cucumber Plant In Pot

Choose a variety that favors growing in containers. Start planting two months before the last frost date in your area.

But let’s go through the step-by-step procedure of planting cucumbers in pots.

1.    Choose A Suitable Cucumber Pot Size

It is important to know what size of the pot will be suitable for growing your cucumbers. Select a pot that is at least 12 inches wide in diameter and 8 to 12 inches deep.

2.    Drill Holes For Drainage In Your Container If It Doesn’t Have

Remember cucumber plants are water-loving plants but soggy water shouldn’t be the case. They need watering as well as draining at the same time.

It’s a great advantage if you check the bottom of your pot and it has holes. If it doesn’t, create holes at the bottom of your pot with a drill. Use a drill bit for soft surfaces.

Drill Holes For Drainage In Your Container If It Doesn’t Have

3.    Make A Stake

Although the bush variety cucumbers don’t require a stake as much as the vine variety does. It is still a good idea to create one if necessary. It will be of great advantage to the cucumber plants.

Create one by taking three long stakes and tying them together at the top with a cord. Form a teepee shape at the bottom by spreading out the stakes at the bottom. Then place and spread the stakes inside the pot.

Make sure the three stakes are standing comfortably and touching the bottom of the pot. The idea is for the plant to climb along with the stakes from when they start growing.

4.    Pot Filling With Soil Mix

Use plenty of soil. Cucumber plant needs big pots in combination with plenty of soil so their roots can develop extensively.

Get a pre-mixed potting soil for growing vegetables to plant your cucumber seeds in. Don’t forget to also ask “what the pot size for planting cucumbers is before buying” at the store. Or better still you can create your own soil mix.

5.    Fertilize The Soil

Mix a good fertilizer to boost nutrition in the soil. A fertilizer with a slow-release formula of 10-6-6, where nitrogen is of high proportion, can be used.

Cucumber Fertilizer Powder 100% Water Soluble Plus Micro Nutrients and Trace Minerals

What Size Pot For Cucumbers

6.    Plant Your Seeds

Before you start sowing your seeds, ensure the timing is right. Start two weeks after the last frost date in your zone. You can start planting if it’s indoors. Cucumber plants need warmer soil.

Thus, let your soil be up to 70 degrees warmer in temperature before planting. Make a hole that is ½ inches in the soil.

You should plant more seeds than you ought to plant. This is for you to be sure to have at least one or two seeds germinate. Plant three to five seeds. If eventually, more than one or two seeds sprout, then you will have to thin. Go ahead and sprinkle more soil mix into the hole.

Pat it down but don’t compact the soil. To maintain moisture in the soil and around it, use a humidity dome or plastic covering to cover your plant. Use a soft bottle sprayer to spray water on the soil.

To prevent the soil from becoming dry, sprinkle peat moss over the seed and soil. Cucumbers grow well in a warmer environment. Put the plants where they can get enough 8 hours of sunlight every day.

If not, get a grow light, especially if you’re plants are indoors. Continue maintaining the right growing conditions for your cucumber plants.

Do Cucumbers Need Deep Pots?

The answer is yes, they need deep pots.  The Cucumber plant needs enough space in order to contain plenty of soil. This helps the root system to grow and fan out extensively.

The foundation of the plant and the root determines how healthy the plant will be and how well the plant will grow. This in turn will bring about a great harvest.

How Many Cucumbers Can You Put In A 5 Gallon Bucket?

That been said, ever wondered how many cucumbers you can plant in a five-gallon bucket?

Because of how large and deep a 5-gallon bucket is, which has enough room for the roots to grow well, it can hold two cucumbers. The two plants will be able to grow well to their full potential. It will also help to conserve space for other plants.


How can I grow cucumbers in a small pot?

I believe that you're asking about growing cucumbers in a small container with soil. If so, here's what you need to do: Select a small, deep pot (if you're growing in a larger pot, make sure you don't fill it up with soil). Fill the pot with compost or a combination of compost and topsoil.

Put some water in the pot. Add seeds. Cover the pot with a plastic bag (or cover it with plastic wrap if you have one). The bag will help keep out pests, but you still need to water. Keep the pot out of direct sunlight. You want the pot to be around 65 degrees F. (This temperature is also called "indoor" temperature).

Do you need a special container for cucumbers?

You don't have to have a special container. You can use just about any container you want. However, there are several things you should consider. The first thing is the size of your container. In other words, how big is your container? There are two sizes of containers: small and large. The small containers are only 1 gallon in size, and they hold about 10 cucumbers. The large containers are 2 gallons in size, and they hold about 20 cucumbers. Small containers are good for growing only one or two cucumbers at a time. You would plant seeds directly into the soil in a small container.

There are many types of containers for cucumbers. You may have to use a large container that you can keep filled with water. You can also grow them in a hanging basket.

How many cucumbers do you get per plant?

I'd say 10-15 for a decent sized plant. If it's not growing well, you can pull some out and see if that helps. You don't want to leave it too long though because cucumbers don't like being too cold. Also, if you have too many cucumbers, you can take the tops off and use them in other ways, such as making salsa or pickles.

How deep do you plant cucumbers in a pot?

I'd say it depends on how big the pot is. I planted mine in a 6" pot with good drainage and watered them from the bottom. If I had a bigger pot, I'd probably plant them in the center of the pot, 2-3" deep.

Is it easy to grow cucumbers in pots?

Not really. Cucumber seeds are not a good choice for growing in pots. The cucumber vine has a lot of suckers and grows very fast. In addition, the vine is susceptible to powdery mildew and squash bugs. If you want to grow cucumbers in pots, grow melons or other container-friendly plants instead.

How do you trellis potted cucumbers?

I have trellised cucumbers in pots for a few years. The only thing I would recommend is to put the trellis under the pot, as it will help keep the soil level and avoid slumping. You could also use a regular trellis if you don't have one lying around.

Conclusion On What Size Pot For Cucumbers

Growing cucumbers in containers have just made life easy. Having a big garden is no longer necessary when it comes to growing cucumbers. The only major concern should be what pot size should be used for growing cucumbers.

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