Why Are My Cucumbers Round?

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Unusual things may occur with your cucumber plants such as them turning round. Then you begin to wonder: Why are my cucumbers round?

This is due to them noticing an unusual growth pattern of cucumbers. Instead of the familiar long protruding shape of a cucumber, the cucumbers turn out to be deformed and round in shape.

Most times, it could be due to external influences such as water, light, heat, nutrients, pests, and diseases as well as pollination. And sometimes, it might be the type of variety that was planted.

Although, cucumbers are a very fast-growing plant, such that, they can start producing fruits and can be harvested within six weeks after planting, with all things being equal. If you put the right things into practice, getting a successful result of long green juicy cucumbers is possible.

Let’s get more answers to your question: why are my cucumbers round?

Round Cucumber Varieties – Why Are My Cucumbers Round
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There are different varieties of cucumbers that come in different shapes and sizes. Apart from the regular long thin green cucumbers, which can be up to 8 inches in length and 2 inches in diameter, there are other types.

There is the fat and dwarf type of cucumbers. Their lengths are usually about 5 to 6 inches. And there are also the round types of cucumbers too. So it happens that cucumbers can take different types of form due to their variety.

Round Cucumber Varieties

Why Are Your Cucumbers Round

Sometimes, you get to your garden or even at the grocery store and you see cucumbers with the unusual shape unlike the regular long thin ones.

This keeps you bothered because you’ve put in the work to grow your cucumber plants. You are also in the expectation of harvesting the type of cucumbers you want.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why cucumbers become round and deformed.

1.    Shortage Of Nutrients

A situation whereby there’s a shortage of nutrients available to cucumbers can be unpleasant to the plants. This can lead to the cucumber becoming round, stout, or short. And then you keep wondering and asking; why are my cucumbers round?

Cucumbers require lots of nutrients while growing. Before planting your cucumber, prepare the soil first by mixing compost and organic mulch in the soil. Do this a few weeks ahead of planting your cucumbers.

This will help in making the necessary nutrients available for the plants. However, you can first add little or no fertilizer to the soil if it’s fertile.  Once you notice a kind of abnormal growth or unusual changes about your cucumbers, like yellowing, get a fertilizer with an NPK of 5-5-10.

The plants need lots of phosphorus, potassium, and even more, nitrogen to be healthy again.

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Why Are My Cucumbers Round

2.    Lack Of Water – Why Are My Cucumbers Round

Water in the right proportion is a necessity for cucumber plants for healthy growth. This means not watering your cucumber plants well can affect the growth of the cucumbers. This will result in a low harvest and deformed cucumbers.

Lack of water also leads to wilting of the plants in the sun due to dehydration. The solution is for you to water your plants once or twice every week, depending on the condition of the soil, if it’s wet or not.

Make sure you always check for soil dryness in order to know when it needs watering.

In fact, water the plants more if it is dry. This way, they get to have enough water for themselves but endeavor not to over-water the plants.

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3.    The Environment Of The Plants

Another factor that can affect the looks of cucumbers is the environment where they are being planted. The soil for growing cucumbers must be well-draining. This helps to foster aeration, draining, and circulation of water in the soil.

Another factor to look out for is the temperature. If the temperature is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit and no form of light is available to the plants, their growth will be stunted. Furthermore, a high temperature around 95 degrees Fahrenheit and above is a no-no for these plants. This will reduce pollination, thereby resulting in lower plant yield, fruit size, shape, and quality.

The Environment Of The Plants

4.    Poor Pollination – Why Are My Cucumbers Round

The main cause that can be attributed to underdeveloped or deformed cucumbers is pollination. The cucumbers won’t develop well or will have stunted growth if the flowers are not pollinated fully. On the same plant, there are cucumber cultivars with male and female flowers.

To transfer the pollen in them, they need pollinators. Hence, lack of pollinators like bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies, in the garden, may lead to ineffectiveness of the pollination process. In order to have more pollinators come to your cucumber garden, grow plants that have much pollen and nectar.

Furthermore, adopt more natural and eco-friendly methods of preventing the rampaging of pests in your garden. Like handpicking, shielding, and setting traps. Do this instead of the use of pesticides. This is because pesticides will kill the pollinating insects also.

Tips For Growing Better And Healthy Cucumbers

The following cucumber growing tips will help you in growing healthy cucumbers and harvesting quality cucumbers in your garden:

  • You can start your cucumbers with seeds indoors. Start them indoors three to four weeks ahead of the time you will be transplanting them in the ground.
  • Make sure the temperature of the soil is above 70 degrees Fahrenheit before you transplant the seedlings directly or plant the seeds in the ground.
  • If you’re planting the seeds directly, plant the seeds with the space of at least 36 inches apart.
  • Cucumber plants prefer loose well-draining soil. Hence, don’t choose a location with hard soil and small planting space.

  • The best soil to plant your cucumbers in is light and lovely sandy soil.
  • For clay soil, mix peat or compost in the soil for better soil.
  • Add more compost to the soil once you notice the appearance of new shoots. This helps the buds to grow more.
  • The habitat where your cucumber plants are grown must have good drainage. This will help the plants not to get rotten because the surrounding won’t get waterlogged. Hence, water gets to drain quickly.

Conclusion On Why Are My Cucumbers Round

At this point, it is certain that you already have an answer to the question: why are my cucumbers round?

With the tips mentioned above on how to improve the unpleasant state of cucumbers, you should now be able to get the best results out of your quest of planting cucumbers.


Are round cucumber edible

If the cucumber is not the variety that is round in shape, then it is not edible. When cucumbers grow into a round deformed shape, it means they are not healthy and they are low in quality. Hence may not be a good idea to eat them.

What causes curved cucumber

Deformity in the development of cucumbers is a result of factors like ineffective pollination process, shortage of nutrients, lack of water, and many others.

Why are my cucumbers yellow and round

A number of factors can lead to your cucumbers being yellow and round but the main cause for it is poor pollination. This is when there are not many pollinators in your cucumber garden. Pollinators help to affect the process of pollination and fertilization of the pollen in the male and female flowers. Other factors like overwatering, lack of nutrients available to the plants, and others can lead to cucumbers becoming yellow and round.