Growing Black Beauty Zucchini – Important Facts

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Last Updated on August 5, 2022

A guide to growing black beauty zucchini is essential to gardeners who would love to grow this scrumptious vegetable.

Black Beauty zucchini is the classic dark green, straight, thin-necked summer squash. It was introduced by W. Atlee Burpee in 1902 and quickly became popular because of its productivity, good flavor, smooth texture, and long shelf life. This vegetable produces well even under less-than-perfect growing conditions.

However, you do not have to stick to tradition if you don’t want to. The bright yellow or gold flowers are edible as well as the young leaves which are added to salads.

Growing Black Beauty Zucchini

This plant is easy to grow if you know some tips and tricks. Here are several tricks that should be able to help you grow it.

  • Starting Seeds. You may start black beauties indoors before transplanting them outside after all danger of frost has passed. If you transplant them in the fall, black beauty zucchini will provide a steady supply of tender, dark green squash in your home garden until frost.
  • Ideal Planting Location. Black beauty zucchini thrives in the warm weather, so you should plant it in a location that is exposed to full sunlight and is sheltered from cold winds.
  • Mulching. You should also use black plastic mulches around young plants to help them grow well by retaining more of the soil’s warmth and moisture.
Growing Black Beauty Zucchini
  • Watering. Water black beauties regularly during the growing season because summer squash needs regular watering especially after it starts flowering or fruiting. You can check whether your black beauty zucchini needs watering by sticking your finger in the soil up to your first knuckle and feeling whether the soil feels dry.
  • Fertilizing. You should use black beauty zucchini fertilizer when planting black beauties and once every two weeks until it starts fruiting. While black beauties do not need much nitrogen, they still require nutrients such as potassium and phosphorus to grow well.

For the best flavor, harvest black beauty zucchinis when they are young. They can be enjoyed raw or cooked and they will also freeze well.

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How Often To Feed Black Beauty Zucchini?

Black beauties are heavy feeders so make certain that they receive regular applications of liquid fertilizer throughout their growing season.

Black beauty zucchinis need ample nitrogen to develop their dark green foliage. Organic vegetable gardeners may want to plant black beauty zucchini along with green beans or peas because they fix nitrogen in the soil.

You can also nourish black beauties by mulching around them with compost or aged animal manure. The best fertilizer to use on these plants is the one providing nitrogen and potassium in low amounts. Organic fertilizer is also good for black beauty zucchini. Feed your plants at least once every two weeks with black beauty zucchini fertilizer.

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How Long Does It Take Black Beauty Zucchini To Grow?

Black beauties are very fast-growing summer squash.  Their maturity time depends on how often you water them and fertilize them as black beauties need more moisture than most vegetables.

They can be harvested in about 55-60 days after planting black beauty zucchini seeds or transplants. If you start black beauties indoors early enough and give them ideal growing conditions, they will be ready for harvest 50-55 days after planting.

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When To Harvest Black Beauty Zucchini

Black beauty zucchini is ready when it reaches six to eight inches long and two inches in diameter. It is best to harvest them when they are under eight inches as this is when they have the best flavor.

Harvest them when the skin is glossy black with white stripes or solid black. Use them within two or three days after picking for the best flavor and texture, before they become seedy and coarse.

Once black beauty zucchini starts producing fruit, you should harvest them several times a week. Black beauties produce abundant crops of high-quality summer squash over a long period.

When To Harvest Black Beauty Zucchini

When picking black beauties, cut them off with a sharp knife or pruning shears while leaving 1/2 inch of stem attached. Alternatively, just twist off black beauties while supporting their weight in your hand – similar to handling a ripe melon. Harvesting these fruits carefully will keep them fresh longer which is essential if you want to use them for longer.

How Big of a Pot Do You Need For Black Beauty Zucchini?

Did you know you can also grow your black beauty zucchini in pots? Ideally, you should use a container that measures at least eight inches deep. Black beauty zucchini is a very productive black summer squash that doesn’t need much space and can be grown in large pots.

You can grow black beauties in small pots 3-4 feet wide. These vegetables are extremely easy to grow and produce lots of nutritious black summer squash.

Fill the pot with a good quality soil or cactus mix, mixed with 30 percent fine sand and 10 percent composted manure to ensure optimum drainage.

Start fertilizing these plants every two weeks from planting until you start seeing the fruit forming. Use black plastic mulch to help them retain soil moisture and warm the plants up earlier. Water black beauties regularly during the growing season to provide adequate moisture.

Conclusion On Black Beauty Zucchini

If you are interested in growing black beauty zucchini, we hope you find the guide above useful. Have you grown this plant before and have tricks up your sleeve you would like to share with us? If so, please share any tricks for growing black beauty zucchini in the comments.


Is Black Beauty zucchini a bush or vine?

Black summer squash is an annual, warm-season vegetable grown for its tender black fruit. They are vining black zucchini plants that can grow up to 6 feet tall x 3 feet wide black zucchini bush. Vines are not very suitable for container growing black beauty zucchini, but this one can still get decent production in pots.

How much space does Black Beauty zucchini need?

Black zucchini squash plants are vines that can spread up to 6 feet - meaning it's not too big. You can also successfully grow them in pots.

How much water does black beauty zucchini need?

Black beauties need regular watering to help them fruit well because their fruits are particularly sensitive to drought. Water black beauty zucchini deeply, soaking them until the top 8 inches or so of soil are quite moist.  However, don't let them sit in wet soil black winter squash because this will rot them.

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