Disease Resistant Tomato Varieties List

Disease Resistant Tomato Varieties List

Tomato plants can be prone to a bunch of unimaginable problems or diseases capable of taking a toll on the entire crop. The good news is that you can avoid the various problems or diseases that tomato plants tend to be susceptible to. This is why we will be looking into disease-resistant tomato varieties list.

There are over 60 different diseases tomatoes plants are inclined to catch. With so many unpleasant diseases tomatoes tend to be prone to, it is only right you select the best varieties that can be resistant to most of these various tomato-related diseases.

Diseases resistant tomatoes have been selected and bred for years to resist some common diseases they tend to be vulnerable to. So, let’s look into the list of disease-resistant tomato varieties we can go for when planning on growing our juicy tomatoes.

Selecting Disease Resistant Tomatoes

Even though you can take some measures to manage these diseases such as crop rotations, drip irrigation, sterilization of garden tools, and so on. All these will only control these issues to a limited range. The key to decreasing the issue of tomato disease relies mainly on choosing disease-resistant tomato plants.

The selection of disease-resistant tomato varieties has helped a lot in reducing the risk of tomatoes being vulnerable to different diseases. However, this does not guarantee the total immunity of tomatoes to all kinds of diseases. Of all these diseases resistant varieties, no single tomato variety resistant to all diseases has been developed yet. For this reason, when choosing tomato disease-resistant varieties, we recommend you select the ones applicable to your garden.

Selecting Disease Resistant Tomatoes

For instance, a particular tomato breed may thrive or flourish in your garden. On the other hand, this same tomato variety may end up catching tomato-related disease for another gardener two states away. Therefore, if verticillium wilt or tobacco mosaic virus was once a problem in your garden region in the past years, it is only ideal to choose the tomato variety resistant to this disease.

Disease Resistant Tomato Varieties List

Each variety of tomato resistance is mainly resistant to some or most tomato diseases. However, they aren’t resistant to all types of tomato-related diseases.

When you purchase your disease-resistant tomatoes seeds varieties, the seed packets or seed labeling often has some abbreviations. These abbreviations or letters mark the disease-resistant variety for that specific tomato breed. Therefore, it’s important to read these abbreviations right so you can know which varieties you are purchasing.

Understanding Codes For Disease Resistant Tomato Varieties List

Here is a list of some of the most common disease-resistant tomato varieties code you may find and their meaning:

  1. AB – Alternarium Blight
  2. EB – Early Blight
  3. F – Fusarium wilt
  4. FF – Fusarium races 1 and 2
  5. FFF – Fusarium races 1, 2, and 3
  6. N – Nematode
  7. PM – Powdery Mildew
  8. T or TMV –Tobacco Mosaic Virus
  9. TSWV – Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus
  10. V – Verticillium wilt

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Apart from these codes, other codes such as HR or IR may as well be written next to the codes. HR means High Resistance and IR means Intermediate Resistance.

Multiple letters seen in a tomato disease-resistant variety name means the tomato is resistant to more than one disease.

  • So now that we have an idea of some codes you may come across, let’s look at an example. If you come across a seed labeled VFNT, it simply means that the seed has been bred to resist verticillium wilt, fusarium wilt, nematode, and tobacco mosaic virus.

In all this, keep in mind that the label you find on the seed package is simply an indicator. The performance of a specific tomato variety will depend on various factors such as rainfall, soil content, its environment, and plant care.

Choosing The Right Tomato Bred For Your Garden

A type of tomato variety may thrive well for your garden and this same variety may not do well for someone else in another state.

This is majorly due to different climates and different soil that produce different patterns for the same tomato variety. Even those regions with slight variations in climate (temperature, rainfall, and air quality) can still cause the same tomato variety to flourish differently for different regions.

For instance, septoria leaf spot and early blight are tomato-related diseases that tend to progress or thrive in humid regions such as the eastern United States. Therefore, if you live in these regions, it would be wise to select tomato varieties that are resistant to early blight and septoria leaf spots.


Guidelines For Choosing Tomato Bred

The guidelines below will assist you further on how to find out and select which tomato variety best suits your region:

  1. Recognize The Vulnerability Your Region Tend To Face – The first important step is to discern which tomato diseases are common in your region. You can do some findings by asking your local nursery owner or have a chat with your local gardeners. You can also put a call through to your local extension office to know which tomato diseases are frequently recorded by local gardeners.
  1. Understand Resistant Code On The Seed Package – It’s also important you learn what codes are written on the seed package. We’ve given you some tips above to understanding codes you may find on the seed package.
  2. Choose The Best That Suits Your Region – At the end of it all, ensure you choose the best tomato variety that suits your region.

Which Tomato Bred Is The Hardiest?

Here is a list of some of the best tomato varieties resistant you can go for:

  • Bush big boy
  • Bush early girl
  • Sweet tangerine
  • Fourth of July
  • Big beef
  • Celebrity
  • Umamin
  • Supertasty
  • Big daddy
  • Summer girl

Choose The Best That Suits Your Region

All of these varieties will resist the most common tomato disease that includes nematode, verticillium, fusarium, and tobacco mosaic virus.

Additional Say On Disease Resistant Tomato Varieties List

Knowing a great list of tomato-resistant varieties isn’t just enough. Even after you’ve purchased a hardy tomato bred that can sufficiently avoid these diseases, you need to also imbibe some measures so your plant can flourish.

Here are some preventive measures to take:

  • Crop rotation.
  • If you’ve worked on any diseased plant, ensure you disinfect your gardening tools.
  • Water at the base of the plant.
  • Maintain moisture conditions and avoid wet and humid conditions that may entertain diseases.
  • Mulch your soil.