Neem Oil Fungicide

Neem Oil Fungicide

If you are struggling to mitigate fungal disease in your garden, one sure solution is neem oil fungicide. Apart from the pesticide job that neem oil does, it can also work as a fungicide and miticide. Therefore, neem oil works three in one!  Amazing, right?

Fungi Disease

It can be pretty disturbing when fungi invade your plants. The majority of plant diseases are caused by fungi. You must act fast when you spot any fungi activities in your garden before they spread uncontrollably.

Signs of Fungal Infestation

The first step to battling this fungal disease is to identify the presence of a fungal infestation. Fungal infestation can affect any plant. Here are the signs to look at for when it comes to fungal infestation.

  • White Mold: white mold, a fungi infestation, caused by sclerotinia begins to form on your plant leaves and also cause stem rot. It can eventually lead to plant death.
  • Powdery Mildew: fungal infestation will cause powdery mildew on your plant leaves.
  • Stem Rust: the stem of your plant begins to rust with a fungal infestation.
  • Leaf Yellowing and Rust: the leaves start to rust, especially corn leaves. Also, you may notice your plant leaves start to turn yellow. Sometimes your plant leaves may have some brown spot.
  • Seedling: your plant seedlings start to dampen.
  • Berries: you may notice some bird-eye spot on your berries.

Neem oil as Fungicides Treatments

When you have confirmed fungal infestation in your garden, you can now opt for neem oil as a treatment. Neem oil is an organic fungicide treatment safe for treating fungal infestation as well as protection against subsequent infection.

Neem oil treatment is non-toxic and can be applied to a fruit tree, leaves, stem, and soil.

Fungi Disease

Apply neem oil every 7 to 14 days as a preventive measure against fungi disease. To effectively treat fungal disease already present, spray neem oil on the affected plant on a 7-day schedule. Do this until the fungal disease is eliminated.

Spray neem oil fungicides in the evening time or early morning only. Avoid spraying neem oil during the hot periods to prevent the burning of leaves.

Recommended Neem Oil Fungicide

We recommend these neem oil fungicides for your plant:

  1. Garden Safe HG-83179 Neem Oil Extract Concentrate

Garden safe, a component of neem oil, is three in one product (fungicide, insecticide, and pesticide). It is a safe measure of treating and controlling different fungal diseases such as powdery mildew, white mold, leaf, and stem rust, bird-eye spot, tip blight, and so on.

Simply mix concentrated garden safe neem oil with water and spray your plants. Make sure you read the label and follow instructions for accurate results.

Garden safe neem oil is safe for application on your flowers, roses, houseplants, and, ornamental trees. You can also apply it to your vegetables, fruits, and shrubs. Assist your plants and help them grow safely and healthy all through their growing season with garden safe.

It can also be used as a dormant spray, protecting your plants all through the season.

  1. Monterey Neem Oil Insecticide, Miticide and Fungicide Ready to Use Spray – 32 Ounce

Another 3 in 1 neem oil is the Monterey neem oil. No need for mixing. It is ready to use, all you need to do is simply spray Monterey on your plant.

Monterey is formulated to prevent and control all kinds of fungi disease as well as insects and mites.

It works well on houseplants, flowers, roses, vegetables, fruits, shrubs, and trees.

  1. Neem Organics Pure Neem Oil

Neem organic pure neem oil offers effective fungicide control on houseplants, flowers, trees, and shrubs.

Apply 3ml to 7ml neem organic pure oil per quart of water inside a spray bottle and spray your plant. Spray neem oil organic early morning or late in the evening to avoid burning of leaves. Ensure you always read instructions on the label for accurate results.

Neem oil organics can also serve as a dormant spray by protecting your plants all through the seasons.


Let’s take a look at some of what we discussed above:

  • Neem oil fungicide is a safe organic treatment for various fungal diseases in plants.
  • Applying neem oil on all food plants is safe.
  • Neem oil works amazingly as an all-purpose insecticide repellant, mite repellent, as well as fungicide treatment.
  • You can also make use of neem oil as a dormant spray which will protect your plant all through the seasons.
  • Apply neem oil 7 to 14 days as a preventive fungicide, for control measure; apply on a 7 days schedule.