Do Green Bell Peppers Turn Red?

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Last Updated on March 30, 2022

You may have experienced your green bell pepper turning red after a while. Then you begin to wonder: Do green bell peppers turn red? Green bell pepper turning red is not a sign of an issue.

It is easy to spot or differentiate a green bell pepper from a red bell pepper especially when you see them in grocery stores. The color of this bell pepper can either be fully red or fully green. Even when you decide to buy these bell peppers, the red bell peppers are usually pricier compared to the green bell peppers.

You should also know that peppers can come in various colors and the ripening stage of bell pepper begins with the fruit turning green. So, you can have bell peppers to be green, yellow, orange, red, or even purple in some cases. Do green bell peppers turn red is what we would like to know in this post.

The truth of the matter is green bell peppers do turn red. But what are the things or reasons that make this happen?

Now let’s find out why green bell peppers turn red and get to know more about them.

Do Green Bell Peppers Turn Red?

Certainly, green bell peppers do turn red. The first stage of the ripening process or stage of bell pepper begins with the pepper showing green color. Then the very last ripening stage of bell pepper is when it turns red and this implies that the bell pepper has fully ripened.

Therefore, this implies that the green bell pepper is in the immature stage of the bell pepper. But both green and red pepper are perfectly edible.

Green Bell Peppers Turning Red

Also, green pepper is usually less expensive compared to red pepper. This is mainly because red bell pepper does take a while to grow and attain the red color. So, red peppers are matured or ripened green bell pepper.

Therefore, a grower or a producer can get the result of green pepper quicker in little time compared to the red peppers. Hence, this tends to have an effect on the price difference between a red bell pepper and green bell pepper.

Matter of fact, almost all types of peppers are inclined to turn red if you allow them to remain on the plant for long.

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Ripening Green Bell Pepper Off The Vine Indoors

As we have stated, it takes a while for green pepper to finally ripen or reach its final stage and turn red. It is possible to change or ripen your green bell pepper off the vine indoors.

Gardners that have a short season in their areas and still have a lot of pepper in the garden that has not reached its final maturity stage and turn red can take advantage of turning their unripe green pepper indoors.

A green pepper that can continue its ripening process off the vine indoors to become red. For this to happen successfully, your green bell pepper should be placed on the counter or at a place that is room temperature. However, if you put them in the refrigerator, the ripening process can end.

Additionally, to achieve a more successful result of your bell pepper ripening and turning red, choose bell peppers that have just started changing color if possible. Therefore, just leave out your green bell pepper for it to attain the desired color.

However, take note that the peppers you ripened off the vine won’t be as sweet as the ones ripened outdoors on the plant inside the sun.

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Do Green Bell Peppers Turn Red

Differences Between Green Bell Peppers And Red Bell Peppers

We can get some differences between green bell peppers and red bell pepper:

  • The Appearance Of Bell Pepper

One glaring difference between green bell pepper and red bell pepper is the color. Also, red pepper looks better in dishes or homemade recipes. For this reason, a lot of shoppers like to go for red bell peppers and this also increases the demand for red pepper.

  • Taste – Do Green Bell Peppers Turn Red?

It is often said that red bell pepper usually tastes better than green bell peppers. The reason been that red bell pepper is the matured fruit and it is only logical for fruit to taste better or sweeter as they mature.

So, the fruit of bell pepper tends to taste a little bitter in their green stage then the fruit can taste sweet in the yellow or orange stage.

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  • Nutrition Of Red And Green Pepper

When it comes to the nutritional value or content of both green and red peppers, you will find out that red peppers are healthier.

Red pepper tends to be more healthier because as the fruit changes from green to red, the value of vitamin C content doubles up. Vitamin A content also increases 8 times more. Then beta carotene almost triples its value as green pepper turns red.

Another upper hand red pepper has when it comes to nutritional value is that red pepper is a great source of lycopene. Red peppers are also loaded with healthy antioxidants.

However, in all these nutritional differences between green and red pepper, this doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from green pepper. Green pepper also has nutritional benefits. The only difference is that red pepper tends to be better.

Conclusion – Do Green Bell Peppers Turn Red?

By now, you should be able to get the answer to the question: Do green bell peppers turn red? So, from the above, we have definitely seen that the green bell do turn red.

We have explained that green pepper is the immature stage of a pepper fruit and red pepper is the final ripening stage. You can even ripen your green bell pepper off the vine indoors and this can be done by simply putting your green bell pepper on the counter.


How long does it take for green peppers to turn red?

When a green pepper finally turns red, it means it has ripened and reached its final maturity. The ripening stage of peppers usually depends on the type of pepper variety. Ideally, it can take around 60 to 90 days for pepper to mature. You can also get the maturity date for your pepper in your seed packet.

How do you get green peppers to turn red?

Turning green pepper to red is quite possible even if it’s off the vine. To turn your green pepper to red off the vine, simply place your green pepper on the counter or place them in a room temperature.

Do green bell peppers turn red after picking?

It is very possible for green bell peppers to turn red after picking. So, if this has happened to you, don’t be surprised and you can safely consume this green bell pepper that has turned red.

Are green peppers just unripe red peppers?

Green peppers are the immature stage of a pepper. Therefore, green pepper is an unripe red pepper. If green peppers are left longer on the vine, they can finally turn red.

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