Nitrogen Rich Foods: 4 Best Foods

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Last Updated on March 2, 2023

One thing about nitrogen is that it plays a key role in biological development. Nitrogen-rich foods are what we will be looking into.

You should know that nitrogen can come in different forms and this can be confusing. Let’s take nitrates and nitrites as an example. They are used to preserve consumable foods, keeping them from getting spoilt by harmful bacteria.

Nitrates and nitrites are also added to processed meat, little wonder they say this type of meat is one of the causes of cancer. Another one is about nitrogen being an important building block for amino acids. Hence, it’s common to find nitrogen present in foods high in protein.

But all nitrates are not bad. There are good ones that provide some benefits with no negative side effects. So let’s find out more.

What Foods Are Rich in Nitrogen: Nitrogen-Rich Foods 

Nitrogen is responsible for the production of antibodies in the body system of humans. The regular consumption of foods rich in nitrogen is very important. Furthermore, nitrogen-rich foods are a great recommendation for people that want to keep fit.

This is because when this food gets into the system, rather than for it to be transformed into fat, it is being transformed into carbs. But when we talk about the amount of protein in food, it is referring to the amount of nitrogen in total that is present in that particular food or food group.

What Foods Are Rich In Nitrogen

If you’re thinking of reducing your appetite, consider having foods that contain protein in every one of your meals.

Also, have it in mind that if you’re trying to keep fit by staying on a protein foods diet and exercising, you will be enjoying benefits like the build-up of new and old muscle material in your body.

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Can Nitrogen Be Harmful?

The reason for the different ways the different types of nitrates and nitrites react, either in a beneficial or harmful way, is because of the compounds they produce.

Toxic compounds can be formed as a result of the acidity of the stomach and cooking with high heat. Processed meat is a very good example that poses a great threat to the body due to how the compounds in it react. It contains the type of compounds that are found in nitrogen-rich foods that turn out to be harmful.

But in this article, the focus will be on healthy nitrogen foods. Also bear in mind that the best healthy nitrogen sources are plant-based protein foods. This is because the protein in them is low. Hence, they won’t get to react much.

Animal-based protein foods are beneficial too. However, most nitrogen is received from plants.

Nitrogen-Rich Foods: Foods High in Nitrogen 

1.    Soybeans as Well as Soy Products

Soybean is rich in protein and it is the reason why they are the best choice for a plant-based source of protein. Any product that is made with soybeans, as well as beans, will contain a high level of nitrogen. Soybeans have a high rate of nutrients in them.

This is why it is advisable to always have them incorporated into your diet. However, they pose to have a series of controversial theories about several types of food. These issues, amongst others, are that they contain antinutrient factors and compounds that act like estrogen.

It has also been said that soybeans are genetically modified. This is why a lot of people don’t take soy products.

However, you can’t be too sure about these theories being 100 percent true because there is yet to be any substantial scientific evidence backing them.

But if you’re worried that the number of nutrients you absorb will be reduced by antinutrients, the number of vitamins and minerals you will be getting from soybeans at the end will still be much. Hence, there’s no need to avoid soybeans totally.

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2.    Beans – Nitrogen Rich Foods

Beans are members of the legume family that are great sources of protein and nitrogen also. Well, beans are popularly known to be a high source of protein, affordable, and don’t usually rot quickly. Beans come in varieties, including different types of colors and sizes. Beans also come in varieties of flavors and textures that can determine your choice of a particular meal.

It is good to not only focus on the type of beans you like alone but other types too. This is because every type of bean has different nutrient composition. You can get the best of your beans by soaking them before using them. You get to extract the nutrients easily from the more beneficial beans.

3.    Poultry 

Poultry is well known as one of the types of foods high in nitrogen with chicken as the commonly consumed choice. This is because chicken is a lean source of protein which is considered healthy and affordable. Another type of poultry that contains lots of protein and nitrogen is turkey.

4.    Meat – NNitrogen-RichFoods 

It is no news that meat is a high source of protein and nitrogen food. Any type of meat can give you lots of protein as well as nitrogen. But bear in mind that all meats are not of the same type, especially when it comes to how healthy one type of meat is than the other.

It is ideal to focus more on consuming lean meat than red meat. It is important to avoid burning and cooking your meat on high heat as this may cause the formation of carcinogens. However, a lot of people still don’t feel part of the variety of meat can pose any threat to their health.

Meat - Foods High In Nitrogen

This is common amongst people on a low cab or keto diet. They feel red meat can be highly beneficial to their health as it is high in nutrients.

But as for processed meat, the fact that it poses a great threat to human health can’t be overemphasized. Processed meat, say bacon, increases the risk of cancer. The fact that they may have been preserved with nitrates and nitrites makes it best to avoid them.

How to Give Your Plants Nitrogen

Nitrogen is important for many plants to thrive, so you’ll need to know how to give nitrogen to your plants effectively. Let’s take a look at some of the methods you can use.

  • Use Manure. Chicken and horse manure are bursting full of nitrogen. So much so, that you’ll need to compost it first. Simply add the manure to your garden waste and leave it for a few months. Other types of manure you can use include cow, rabbit, and even goat! While it can take a while for your manure to compost, it’s the most effective method of giving your plants the nitrogen they need.
  • Use Nitrogen Rich Plants. Some plants will make their nitrogen and add it to the soil when they grow. The most common types of plants that do this are legumes.
  • Add Ground Coffee. The best thing about this option is that it can be added directly to your soil. However, you can choose to add to your garden waste and make compost too. If you’re looking for a natural quick fix to ensure your plants have enough nitrogen, ground coffee is a great option.
  • Fish Emulsion. As well as being high in nitrogen, it also is filled with many other micronutrients to help your plants too, such as calcium. You can usually buy this from a garden center, or you can even use your own fish tank water, if you have one!
  • Use Plant Fertilizer. This is the most obvious way to add nitrogen to your plants. Whether you choose to use an organic fertilizer or a synthetic fertilizer, it’s easy to find fertilizers that contain nitrogen. The first number on the NPK ratio will usually be the nitrogen level, so the higher the number, the higher in nitrogen it will be.

Best Fertilizers With Nitrogen

If you’re wondering what fertilizers are the best that contain high levels of nitrogen, then look no further. Typically, you should look out for fertilizers that contain the following ingredients: urea and ammonium sulfate. Or simply choose one of the following:

Miracle-Gro AAll-PurposePlant Food

While this fertilizer is expensive, it’s worth the extra money, as it’s a well-trusted brand, easy to use, and gets fast results – which is probably everything you’re looking for in a fertilizer. It also comes with a no-scorch guarantee, which means your plants won’t be burned by this fertilizer.

Jobes Houseplant Fertilizer 13-4-5

If you’re looking for a high-nitrogen fertilizer to use inside, then the houseplant fertilizer from Jobes is ideal. It’s odorless, which is ideal for indoor use, easy and useful, and perfect for houseplant care.

Best Organic Nitrogen Sources

If you’re looking for the best organic nitrogen source, then we’re here to help. Here are some of my favorites and why.

  • Chicken Manure – easy to obtain, inexpensive , and works well
  • Horse Manure – much like chicken manure in that it’s easy to obtain, cheap, works well, and is one of the best
  • Blood Meal – comes as a red powder and is very effective. However, it can attract unwanted wildlife because of the smell
  • Compost Tea – all you need to do is water your plants with this. You can use manure or compost. Just add compost to the stocking (for example) and submerge it in water. Mix daily and leave for a week or so. Your compost tea is ready!

Why Don’t Legumes Need Nitrogen-Containing Fertilizers?

When it comes to legumes, it’s important not to use nitrogen-rich fertilizers. This is because they make their own nitrogen as they grow.

how to give your plants nitrogen

Conclusion: NNitrogen-RichFoods 

Foods high in nitrogen can be pretty beneficial. We have listed some sources that are nitrogen-rich foods to enlighten you. Do you know of any other nitrogen rich foods? If so, please feel free to let me know in the comments below. And remember, sharing is caring! 


Which vegetables are high in nitrogen?

The vegetables that are high in nitrogen are cabbage, spinach, Swiss chard, beets, cauliflower, leek, potato, Asian greens, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts. Generally, most leafy greens are a rich source of nitrogen.

Which fruit contains nitrogen?

There are some good numbers of fruits rich in nitrogen. Some of these fruits include citrus fruit, pomegranate, apple, cherry, walnut, and grape.

What foods are high in nitrogen?

Some examples of foods that are high in nitrogen include meat, leafy greens, citrus fruits, garlic, beets, dark chocolate, nuts and seeds, and so on.

What natural foods are high in nitrogen?

Examples of natural foods that are high in nitrogen are beans, almonds, walnuts, lentils, soy-based proteins, seeds, coffee grounds, and so on.

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