Get To Know How Often To Water Cilantro

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Last Updated on March 14, 2022

A major question most people ask is this: how often to water cilantro? Cilantro needs special care and when you properly care for this plant, you will enjoy great results.

There are precautionary measures that need to be adhered to when it comes to watering cilantro. If you desist from them, you may end up endangering the health of your plant.

This thereby leads to a state of confusion as many often tend to ask about how often to water cilantro. You don’t need to look too far for the answer because we will be discussing it in this post.

Should Cilantro Be Watered A Lot?

Maintaining moisturized soil is important to cilantro plants. They grow well when they are being watered the right way. But, you should know that adequate water is not needed by this plant.

Also, this plant doesn’t require a lot of water when it has grown a bit to like an inch tall. The amount of water needed by the cilantro plant is determined by whether it’s being grown outside or indoors.

When growing cilantro indoors, it is best you water them very well. This is most especially when you’re growing them in containers and when temperatures get higher. They need to be watered thoroughly, most especially if they’ve been planted newly, for successful growth.

Again, you need to take note that it is important that the pot and the soil or the type of garden soil you plant the cilantro in must be well-draining. This is because of the huge amount of water the plant is being supplied with.

Should Cilantro Be Watered A Lot

The roots of the cilantro plant are extensive, hence the soil must be well-drained. But you might also consider holding back on watering when they are grown.

Cilantro doesn’t need much water when they are grown. In fact, to keep the plants healthy, watering them should be done at appropriate times. For instance, when you check the surface of the soil and it’s totally dry, it means water is needed.

However, when you get the soil clogged with water when the plant is already grown, you make it easy for diseases to have access to the plants. so, just provide the right amount of watering to your plant.

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What Amount Of Water Should Cilantro Be Supplied With?

When cilantro is newly planted, water it with an inch of water every day for successful healthy growth. And when it has grown, water it with an inch of water once a week to keep it healthy. Knowing the exact amount of water cilantro needs is important in order to avoid overwatering.

Overwatering is also not the only factor to put into consideration, under-watering should also be considered. Under-watering is a serious issue despite the fact that the plant doesn’t need to be watered much. Under-watering can lead to wilting of the leaves which causes the leaves to dry off.

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Drought, as well as the death of the plant, can also be caused by under-watering. This is because the leaves will begin to dry and fall off and then the stems get affected.

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Can Cilantro Be Overwatered?

The cultivating means and the nature of the soil will determine how often cilantro should be watered. The soil in which you planted your cilantro should be watered once it becomes dry for the plant. Watering should be weekly.

However, how often to water cilantro should be dependent on whether the plant is still about to germinate or if it has grown.

The plant needs to be watered daily when planted newly in nursery plant beds. Its healthy growth is dependent on enough watering as it helps the seeds with proper germination.

Then when the plants have been moved to the garden, water every week with just an inch of water. However, if you don’t want to transfer your cilantro plants from the containers, then take note that watering must increase daily. This should be most especially during when temperatures begin to rise.

A lot of watering is required if you started your plants as stem cuttings. This is because much water will be needed by the quick sprouting root to establish itself in the soil.

Can Cilantro Be Overwatered

Furthermore, apart from the watering at the beginning, the plants should be watered every day with at least an inch of water. Do this for two weeks, and then continue water with just an inch of water weekly.

However, watering the plants regularly is important if you’re growing your cilantro plants in pots first before you transfer them to the ground. You may also want to know that while it is good to water cilantro plants, overwatering is a thing that is likely to happen if you don’t adhere to the right tips for watering.

How To Know If You’re Overwatering Cilantro?

Overwatering can have serious negative effects on cilantro plants. This can lead to the total breakdown of the plants, thereby slowing down the total wellbeing and productivity of the plant. Let’s take a look at a few signs to look out for that indicates overwatering.

  • Dark Leaves: this condition, which is known as leaf spot, affects plants in the damp and cool surroundings.
  • Fluids Start to Accumulate: the leaves and stems accumulate water and then start to bloat due to the fact that the plant is the type that doesn’t need much water. This is a condition called edema.
  • The Cilantro Leaves become Yellow: overwatering leads to the rotting of the roots. This in turn stops the nutrients, like nitrogen, that are needed for the leaves’ greenish coloration from getting to the leaves. Therefore, the leaves begin to turn yellow.
  • Mildew: overwatering also causes mildew. This condition is an indication of the presence of a fungal disease on the plant. This condition usually causes the plant to become unproductive and to also lose some of its taste and flavor. This condition, however, will not cause the death of the plant.

Additional Say On How Often To Water Cilantro

How often to water cilantro is an essential aspect of growing cilantro plants successfully. Without knowing how the cilantro plant should be watered, you might make a lot of mistakes in trying to get a successful outcome.

Watering your cilantro plant evenly is a very important thing to do. Endeavor to supply the plants in garden beds with an inch of water weekly. But if you have your cilantro planted in containers, you may need to water them more frequently.


Do you water cilantro everyday?

It’s not necessary you water your cilantro every day. Ideally, cilantro watering should be done a few times in a week. Water when it is necessary and aim to maintain a damp but not too moist or soggy soil.

Can you overwater cilantro?

Yes. Cilantro plants can be over-watered and this is usually a bad thing to do. Therefore, try as much as possible to avoid overwatering to avoid the negative impact of having a soggy cilantro plant.

How much water and sun does cilantro need?

Ideally, the appropriate amount of watering for cilantro should be about 1 inch into the soil per week for optimal growth. However, once cilantro plants are established, too much watering isn’t too necessary. The sunlight requirement for the cilantro plant is full sun.

How often to water cilantro in a pot

The watering needs for growing cilantro in pots aren’t so hard to deduce. Aim to keep your soil evenly moist and avoid soaking the soil. you can aim for about 1 inch water weekly.

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