Informative Guide On Garden Hose Pressure Washer

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Garden hose pressure washer can serve as a great tool for cleaning different surfaces and objects in your garden. Whether you want to clean your aged deck, stained concrete, dirty fence, and so on, a pressure washer is can get the job done easily.

Rather than using your regular low-pressure hose to clean these surfaces, you can simply connect your regular garden hose to a pressure washer. However, you also need to get the ideal garden hose size that will fit the pressure washer for optimal results.

Garden hose pressure washer will help you get rid of any dirt that may be deposited in any porous material. Hence, this makes the pressure washer an effective tool for cleaning brick, wood, mortar and paving tiles. So, here is an informative guide about garden hose pressure washers.

Garden Hose Pressure Washer
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9 Fun Things to Do With A Pressure Washer

A Garden hose pressure washer is an electric-powered tool that is designed to take in water from a regular garden hose and this toll generates an increased water pressure. This works with the help of the mechanical pump that forces the water flowing in to move up through a narrow hose and out through the nozzle by directing the flow of water.

Garden Hose Pressure Washer

5 Main Parts Of A Pressure Washer

Before you begin to work on these tools, you should have some info about the various parts of a pressure washer. We have 5 main parts to a pressure washer and they are:

  1. Water pump: this is responsible for pumping water with enough force to bring about high-pressure output used for cleaning tough materials.
  2. Engine or motor: gas or electricity is what the engine or motor runs on. So, a pressure washer that is electric will require plugging into an electrical outlet. Then the one that runs on gas will require the gas tank to be filled before use.
  3. Water inlet: the water inlet needs to be connected to the garden hose to supply constant water to the pressure washer.
  4. High-pressure hose: once water is able to flow into the pressure washer, it is pumped out through the high-pressure hose. Now, this hose tends to vary in length but they are usually about 20 to 50 feet.
  5. Wand and nozzle attachments: you can find the wand at the end of the high-pressure hose which is installed with the nozzle attachment. The direction and water output of the pressure washer can be controlled by this wand. There is a trigger that needs to be squeezed on the wand for water to spray out of the nozzle at the end of the wand.

What Is The Ideal Garden Hose Size For Pressure Washer?

The common garden hose size diameters include 5/8, 3/ 4, and half inches. However, when it comes to connecting your garden hose to a pressure washer, you might want to consider going for a bigger size such as one inch or 1 ¼ inch.

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The reason is that once the water from the pressure washer enters the garden hose, more room is required to move or flow through. Therefore, to ensure there is adequate space for increased water flow, a wider end of the garden hose is required.

  • A garden hose with a diameter size of one and quarter inches can take up to 2000 PSI. Hence, this can handle almost nearly all types of pressure washers you may find without allowing them to destroy your plant or flare up your area.
  • With a diameter size of one inch, it can handle up to 1500 PSI. This size is ideal for high-end pressure washers. However, if it happens that the pressure washer is more low-end, then it can still handle it.

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Hose Length Needed

The length of the hose may not really matter except the hose is extremely long. You can go for a length of 25 feet of hose for your balconies, patio, as well as small yards. However, when you’re dealing with bigger yards, you will need a longer length (as long as 50 feet) to get to corners that are hard to reach. But know that longer hose length filled with water will feel heavy to carry or drag around.

You can have a decrease of about 4 PSI per 100 feet for an average 5/8 inch supply hose. What most manufacturers recommend is a pressure washer of a minimum of 20 PSI.

Hose Length Needed

Can Longer Garden Hose Decrease Water Pressure?

The length of the garden hose can truly affect the pressure of water as well as the rate of flow. If the length of the water hose is long, it can lower the flow of water and vice versa.

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Garden Hose Pressure Washer: Precaution To Take When Using This Tool

Sometimes spraying your face with some water can feel refreshing, especially with hot weather outdoor. A regular garden hose stream is not so forceful, so if it touches your face, it may not cause any harm.

However, you need to take care when using a garden hose pressure washer if it is releasing very high water pressure. If this high-pressure water sprays on your face, it may cause serious damage to some part of your face.

Your eyes may be seriously affected and it may cause serious bruising and abrasion on the skin. Therefore, ensure you learn how to handle this tool with proper care.

You can further take some good steps by wearing protective eyewear, closed-toe shoes, and gloves just to keep yourself safe.

Final Word

Garden hose pressure washer can do a great job cleaning lots of surfaces and objects. And this article provides an informative guide on the things you need to know about this useful tool.


How do I make my garden hose high pressure?

You can get more pressure on your garden hose by simply turning the bolt on the PRV clockwise on your main water supply near your water meter.

Can you attach the pressure washer to the hose?

Yes, it is possible to attach a pressure washer to your hose. Select a nozzle that fits and connect the pressure washer to the water supply line with the garden hose.

Does the length of a hose affect water pressure?

Yes, the length of the hose can have some effect on the water pressure. This implies that the longer the pipe of the hose, the more the water pressure will drop.

Can you use a 100 ft water hose on a pressure washer?

You can use a 100 feet water hose on a pressure washer. Just know that a longer hose tends to minimize the water pressure slowly.