How Many Cucumber Seeds Per Hole Should You Plant?

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Last Updated on October 26, 2022

Growing cucumber is easy and fun, but how many cucumber seeds per hole should be planted to achieve the best crop?

Cucumber seeds can be started indoors or sow them directly into your garden after the frost is over and the soil is warm enough.

If you have never tried growing cucumbers from seed, you are in for a real treat!  We will share our knowledge of how to do it.

Cucumbers are one of the easiest vegetables to grow from seed.  Once you learn how simple the germination process is, you will want to grow them more.

How Many Cucumber Seeds Per Hole?

Not all seeds are created equally; some will germinate well while others will not germinate at all.  The problem is, you cannot know their germination rate until you plant them. So to help you solve this mystery, how many seeds to plant per hole is vital to know?

By planting 2 to 3 seeds per hole, you allow yourself the luxury of choosing the best seedlings that look the strongest. All you have to do is determine the one you like most and snip off the weaker seedlings.

How Many Cucumber Seeds Per Hole

Cucumber Seed Starting Methods

There are two methods you can choose from when planting cucumber seeds.  They include direct sowing or starting them indoors.

  • Direct Sowing. This is sowing cucumber seeds directly in your garden, making it super easy. Planting directly in the garden makes it easy to grow your crop without distracting them with transplanting. Direct sowing should happen after the danger of frost has passed and the soil has warmed up.
  • Starting Seeds Indoors.  You can start your seeds indoors before the end of the cold season to have them ready when the soil is warm enough for planting. Most gardeners prefer this method if they have a short summer or their garden soil is not suitable for sowing seeds.

How To Plant Cucumber Seeds Outdoors

Starting cucumber seeds outdoors in a raised bed is a great gardening hack to protect the plants from cold soil.

    • Choose a raised bed but not too deep since their roots stay close to the surface.

    • Start these seeds outside roughly 2 weeks after the last frost, or longer if needful.

    • Choose a spot that receives lots of direct sunlight, at least 6 hours daily.

    • Create a mixture of fresh soil and fertilizer in a raised bed that is approximately 8 inches deep.

    • Ensure your soil is moist and compact.

    • Prepare rows that run north to south, where you will plant the cucumber seeds.

    • Plant 2-3 seeds in each hole, about 1 inch into the soil and 6-10 inches apart. Leave at least 1-2 feet between rows.

    • Cover the seeds with soil and water well.

    • Leave some mulch on top of the soil to help with moisture reservation and provide the soil with extra nutrients.

    • Check the seeds daily to see if the soil needs watering.  Ensure that your soil remains consistently moist but not soggy.

    • Allow your seedlings to grow to about 4 inches before thinning.  Keep your thinning to at least 0.5-1 foot apart.

    • Once mature, harvest your cucumbers on time before they start tasting bitter.  Be sure to find out the best picking length for the variety you are growing from the seed pack.

How To Start Cucumber Seeds Indoors

If the weather in your area is unpredictable, it is best to start your cucumber seeds indoors.  These seedlings are not resilient to transplanting, so the best thing is to sow them on the organic sowing trays.

    • Start cucumber seeds at around 4-6 weeks before the final frost date.

    • Fill the sowing trays with the starter mix.

    • Water the soil thoroughly until it is moist and compacted.

    • Make holes of at least 1 inch deep with your finger in each tray

    • Place at least 2-3 cucumber seeds in each hole.

JOLLY GROW Seed Starter Peat Pots Kit Germination Seedling Trays are Biodegradable and Organic

    • Cover the seeds with soil, water them again, and gently press the top layer of soil.

    • Keep the containers in a bright spot with direct sunlight.  If there is no sunlight, use a heat mat to maintain about 70 degrees F to maintain the soil temperature.

    • Check the soil daily and water it when necessary; keep it moist but not soggy.

    • The seeds will germinate in about a week. 2 to 4 weeks after germination; the seedlings can be transplanted outdoors or to a larger container.

    • If moved to a larger container, ensure it is big enough and has space to grow horizontally.

How Long Does It Take To Grow Cucumbers From Seed?

Cucumbers grow fast, around 50 to 70 days, so you will be able to harvest them soon enough.  If you don’t want to have too many overripe cucumbers, plan out your cucumber planting schedule.  Leave 2 weeks between each planting season to allow enough time to harvest the cucumbers at their ripe stage.

Alternatively, you can plant cucumber seedlings that you can buy from gardening outlets. Transplant them in the best way you can think of to avoid the shock and death of some seedlings.

How Long Does It Take To Grow Cucumbers From Seed



How do you plant cucumber seeds?

When you sow cucumber seeds in the spring, they germinate quickly and you can expect to see sprouts in about four days. The key to successful cucumber growing is to keep the soil moist and warm. You can plant two or more seeds per hole, but you should wait at least two weeks before you plant any other crops. The cucumbers will grow faster if they are planted in rows with a spacing of about 30 inches between plants. To avoid disease problems, the cucumbers need to be grown in a greenhouse or in a cool, well-ventilated area during the summer. Cucumber plants need plenty of water to grow and produce fruit. If you do not have access to a hose, you can use a watering can or bucket to provide water to your cucumber plants. In the fall, you can harvest cucumbers from the plants when they are ready to pick.

How many seeds should I plant per hole?

You would want to plant about 1 cucumber seed per 3-4 inches of space. You will want to use an indention tool to make sure your seeds are not touching each other. If they do, then you will want to thin them out with a knife. I agree with the other comments about using a trowel, not a pencil. It is not advisable to use a pencil to plant seeds. If you do this, it can cause the seed to become lodged in the ground and it may not germinate. It is best to use a trowel to put the seeds in the ground.

How long does it take to grow cucumbers from a seed?

It takes around two months.

Cucumbers do not like hot weather, so they grow best in cooler climates. They prefer full sun, but will tolerate partial shade. Cucumbers can be planted any time after the soil is warmed up by spring frosts.
It is best to start your cucumber seeds indoors. Most cucumber varieties are seedlings, so you need a small container for each seedling. Planting cucumbers directly into the garden is not recommended, since most cucumber varieties are grafted onto large plants. If you decide to grow cucumbers in the garden, wait until the soil has warmed up. Cucumbers can be planted in either rows or hills. The goal is to have a healthy root system. Do not overcrowd them. Make sure that the soil is moistened well before planting. You can water with a soaker hose, or put a sprinkler on it. In some cases, you may need to cover your cucumbers with a floating row cover.

What month do you plant cucumber?

The best months to plant cucumber seeds are April to June.
When it's ready to plant, you need to soak the seeds for 12 hours in a solution of 1/4 cup of white vinegar per quart of water. They should then be planted when the soil is warm, usually around 65-70 degrees F (18-21 C).


Many gardeners love to grow cucumbers from seeds because they are fast growers, and their germination rate is almost 97%.  Once you know how many seeds per hole, you can sow your seeds in the right way to get the right crop.

Before sowing your seeds, ensure that the soil temperature never drops too low.  If you feel that the weather is still too cold or the soil has not warmed up enough, it’s best to start them indoors and transplant them as young seedlings. You can start them indoors sometime in April and transplant them outdoors at the start of May.

Ready cucumbers should be harvested on time even when you don’t want them because the plant will stop producing if you don’t harvest them on time.

When harvesting, cut your cucumbers from the vine but don’t pull them off, or you will damage your vines. Each vine can produce 20 to 50 fruits in a season.  It is possible to get some odd shapes, but they will still taste as good as the straight ones.

That said, enjoy growing your cucumber and, more so, starting them from seed.

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