How To Make Compost-Tea Without A Pump

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Last Updated on March 17, 2022

A fantastic and very simple way to feed your garden soil and plants is Compost-Tea. Have you heard about this special brew? Compost-tea can be used as a mild liquid fertilizer or plant booster, it also helps the plants deal with small pest issues. And, guess what? Compost tea has been used by farmers for a long time ago. The early Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks brewed it to fertilize their crops. Keep reading to know more about how to make compost tea without a pump.

A Quick Guide to Make Compost Tea Recipe

Compost-tea is in a sort of a way, an infusion of a bag of compost in pure water. As simple as it sounds, it’s in practice very simple too. The procedure goes like this:

  1. Get (or recycle and sew up) a cloth or mesh bag, 
  2. Fill it with mature compost
  3. Put the compost mesh bag in a bucket of water for a few hours, 
  4. Stir a bit for a few times, and… there you go. 

Compost-tea is good for the soil and your loved plants because it has a high content of organic matter and holds living colonies of healthy bacteria and fungi. These microbes are in constant dynamics with plant roots systems (rhizosphere), preparing the food for them to absorb it better. Healthy microbes in the soil are like the chefs of plants. 

There are two simple procedures to apply the compost-tea, one is fast and requires very little materials or tools. The other way is a bit more complicated to set up and requires diverse tubing and an air pump (similar to the ones used in aquarium set-ups). Let me tell you more about the simple method to achieve a quick & homemade liquid fertilizer. To know everything you would possibly want to learn about compost-tea, visit Rob Avis’ article on Compost-teas and Extracts.

How To Apply The Compost-Tea

Compost-tea has proved to benefit the soil’s nutrition and therefore the plants that grow on it, but in comparison, it’s way simpler to apply it than solid compost itself. After you prepared your compost-tea, the steps to apply it are: 

  1. Strain the bigger particles with a sieve or strainer. You can also try with an old piece of cloth (T-shirts are great, so are socks or meshy tights). 
  2. Dilute the compost-tea in a 1:4 ratio: 1 part of the compost-tea and 4 parts of rainwater or chlorine-free water. 
  3. To apply the diluted compost-tea, you may carefully pour directly to the soil or spray your plants leaves early in the morning or late in the afternoon. 
  4. Repeat frequently, maybe once a week or once every fortnight for the first months. After that, space applications to once every three or four months.

How To Apply The Compost-Tea

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Compost-tea is truly a great and easy liquid multipurpose fertilizer that can be prepared a moment before the application. It is rich in beneficial microorganisms that help nurture the soil and the plants that grow of it. 

In case you are an experienced Compost-Tea brewer, I recommend you try the procedure with an active aerator (air pump). Deanna Cat has a great article about aerobic (with air) compost-tea brewing at her blog Homestead & Chill. 

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