Is Sevin Dust Organic? A Review Guide to Using This Pesticide

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Last Updated on October 29, 2022

Is Sevin Dust Organic? This is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to this pesticide. To put it simply, no, Sevin Dust is not organic, but it’s an effective pesticide. If you’re interested to buy Sevin Dust, below is a review guide that you can use before purchasing one:

Things to Consider Before Buying Sevin Dust

Before getting rid of the pests in your garden, you’ll need to know what to consider first before buying Sevin Dust.

  • First, know if this is the ideal pesticide for you. While this is an effective method to kill pests, it’s not for everyone as it’s not organic. That’s why check its ingredients beforehand so that you won’t end up regretting or wasting your money.  
Is Sevin Dust Organic? A Review Guide to Using This Pesticide
  • Second, take note of how this is applied. Sevin Dust is normally scattered as it comes in a powdered form. If this method is fine with you, then you can opt for this.
  • Third, and the last one to consider, is how often you’re going to use Sevin Dust and how big your garden is. This will help you estimate how many bags of Sevin Dust you’re going to buy.

Now that you’re set, you can now start buying Sevin Dust for your garden. Don’t skip this part so that you can make the most out of this product. 

All About Sevin Dust

For those who don’t know, Sevin Dust is a type of pesticide. This is used not only by farmers but garden owners as well. This is often used to protect a wide variety of plants and vegetables from over 65 different pests.

Is Sevin Dust Organic? A Review Guide to Using This Pesticide

Sevin Dust comes in a powder form. It can be scattered around your garden. It’s best applied in the morning and the evening. This is because the wind during these times is calmer, so the Sevin Dust won’t get blown away. 

Overall, it’s a widely used pesticide not only from large farming industries but personal home gardens as well. 

Features and Benefits

Sevin Dust is a very straightforward pesticide. It’s one of the simplest ones when it comes to its ingredients. Below are its features are some benefits you’ll get when using this product.


  • Carbaryl 5%this is the main component that’s used to kill the pests. This is a chemical that comes from the carbamate family, which is mainly used as an insecticide.  
  • Ready-to-Use ContainerSevin Dust comes in a ready-to-use container. This means that you don’t need to prepare other materials when using this as you can just scatter the dust in your garden directly from its container. 
  • Easy-Open CoverAside from its convenient container, the Sevin Dust also has an easy-open cover wherein you’ll just have to flick the cover with ease. Once you’ve finished scattering the dust, you can just simply close it, then you’re done with everything.
Is Sevin Dust Organic? A Review Guide to Using This Pesticide


Since forever, pesticides are used to control pests from taking over our gardens and farms. And just like the other pesticides, Sevin Dust is also effective in keeping the pests away. If you’re going to start using one now, here are some benefits that you’ll get:

  • Gets Rid of Pests 

This is definitely one of the most effective products to use when you want to get rid of pests. Worms, beetles, stink bugs, maggots, aphids, caterpillars, millipedes, ticks, and ants are just some of the insects that are susceptible to this product, thus allowing you to have a pest-free garden. 

Is Sevin Dust Organic? A Review Guide to Using This Pesticide
  • Keeps Your Produce Safe

Sevin Dust does not penetrate the plants’ tissues, so your produce won’t be affected. This allows you to have fresher, healthier, and safer vegetables and fruits to eat.

  • Helps with the Environment

Sevin Dust is known to break down easily, so it does not pose any harm to the environment. You don’t have to actually do anything here as Sevin Dust will just naturally rid itself after a few hours or days. 

  • Cuts Your Garden Maintenance Time

As it’s in powder form and it comes in a ready-to-use and easy-open container, you won’t have to prepare a lot of materials when you’re getting rid of pests, thus significantly reducing your maintenance time.

Is Sevin Dust Organic? A Review Guide to Using This Pesticide
  • Simplifies Everything

Lastly, as Sevin Dust is a very straightforward product, you won’t have to follow a lot of rules anymore. Just follow the simple instructions provided in the container, and you’re already good to go. 

Natural Alternatives

As stated above, Sevin Dust is not organic. So, if you prefer natural ways to get rid of pests, you can choose from any of the three methods provided below:

Natural Soap and Water

You can use a natural soap of your choice and mix it in water. You can also save your bath water for this. What makes this effective is that soap is a natural pest killer, and it can even get rid of fungi. What’s great about this is that it’s even affordable, so you won’t have to spend too much on this.

Self-Rising Flour

Another amazing, natural alternative is to use self-rising flour. Again, it’s cheaper compared to buying pesticides. The great thing about this is that once the pests eat the leaves or produce from your garden, which has been coated in self-rising flour, they’ll end up bloating and dying, definitely a safer and novel way of eliminating pests.

White Vinegar and Salt

Lastly, who could forget vinegar and salt? These can not only be used in the kitchen but in the garden as well. They’re also affordable and can be prepared easily. Just mix a half-gallon of your white vinegar and stir 1-2 cups of salt in it. Once done, pour the mixture in your garden; in no time, you’ll see that the pests are already gone. 

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Is Sevin dust safe to use?

Yes, it's safe, but you should always wear gloves when using it. You can either buy the powder form or use a little water and mix with a little dish soap. It's a natural fungicide and insecticide. As a plant fertilizer., it would be a little dangerous. It's a very strong fertilizer and it could burn the leaves of your plants if you don't use enough of it. I'd suggest you use the powder form.

When should I use Sevin dust?

Sevin dust is ideal for use in your garden during the growing season. It can be used to control a wide range of garden pests and weeds. It works well on most garden pests, including aphids, mites, mealybugs, thrips, whiteflies, cucumber beetles, spider mites, flea beetles, and leafhoppers. Sevin dust also controls broadleaf weeds, such as dandelions, crabgrass, and clover. It is recommended to apply Sevin dust when you first see signs of pest activity.

Sevin dust is a fungicide used to control powdery mildew and other fungal diseases on plants. It can be applied as a foliar spray or as a dust. The dust form of sevin dust is usually applied at the rate of 1-2 oz per 100 sq ft, using an airbrush. The foliar spray rate is usually2.3 oz per gallon of water.

I use Sevin Dust on everything I grow. I spray it on all my plants, but especially so on tomatoes. It's amazing how many pests will just walk right up to a tomato plant that is treated with Sevin Dust and don't even bother with the plant.

How does Sevin dust wrk?

Sevin dust is a natural, non-toxic product that can be used to kill insects and weeds in the garden. Sevin dust is also useful as a soil amendment when used in combination with compost, manure or mulch. It is a safe alternative to toxic insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. Sevin dust is composed of a mixture of pyrethrins and piperonyl butoxide.
Sevin dust is an effective pesticide because it works on both pests and weeds. It works by disrupting the nervous system of the insect, causing them to stop feeding and then eventually die. Because it is a natural product, it does not harm beneficial insects such as bees or other pollinators.

Is Sevin dust all natural?

Sevin dust is in fact a man-made pesticide. The active ingredient is dimethoate.

Is Sevin environmentally safe?

Sevin is very safe to use as long as you use only the recommended amount.
Sevin dust is a very effective pesticide. The amount of pesticide that you use will determine the size of the area that is affected. Sevin is a pesticide used to kill weeds, bugs and pests. It is applied to the soil or to your lawn in the form of a powder. Sevin dust is a highly effective pesticide. However, it can be harmful to both people and pets if it comes into contact with their skin or eyes. Sevin dust contains a chemical called dimethoate which has been linked to health problems like neurological disorders and liver damage.


Using pesticides or alternatives are needed when you want to have a pest-free garden or farm. If you have a pest-ridden area, then the products above will surely help you, especially Sevin Dust.

This is because this product is efficient to use and very affordable too. If you’re planning to buy one, click here to check the product out. 

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