Jungle Velvet Calathea – Plant Care Tips

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Last Updated on May 1, 2022

Jungle velvet calathea is a flowering tropical plant that is characterized by its striking velvety two-toned leaves. The plant is botanically referred to as Calathea Warscewiczii and it belongs to the Calathea species.

Jungle velvet calathea can be placed indoors to add that striking look to your decoration and it can add tropical greenery to your home. They have this charming foliage that features green patterns on the upper parts with a purple underside.

The plant jungle velvet calathea is a perennial plant that can do well indoors with little care so they are ideal as houseplants. Just provide the plant with warmth and a humid environment. Then water the plant correctly once the topsoil feels dry and also fertilize the plant once a month during its growing season.

So, let’s further dive into the proper plant care tips to give jungle velvet calathea.

Jungle Velvet Calathea Plant Care Tips

Here are some detailed plant care tips for jungle velvet calathea:

1.    Lighting System

Jungle velvet calathea  is a low-light requiring type of plant. The plant of jungle velvet calathea will thrive well under bright indirect sunlight, so protect the plant from the direct sun.

When direct sunlight hits the leaves of calathea, it can scorch them. So, the spot you should be choosing for your potted jungle velvet calathea should be close to an east or north-facing window.

During hot summers, the ideal thing is to provide partial shade to your plant during this period. Then when it’s the winter period, position your plant in a bright spot then your plant can obtain good indirect sunshine.

So, because this plant can do well in low light conditions, the potted plant of jungle velvet calathea can thrive in environments that have a bit of natural light such as offices, rooms, and the like.

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2.    The Ideal Soil Type

The best soil to use for jungle velvet calathea is loamy soil that is rich in peat potting mix and the soil should have excellent drainage. Ideally, you should combine two parts of peat moss and one part perlite just to improve drainage and create the appropriate growing medium for the plant.

Regular houseplant soil can as well be amended by adding regular charcoal bits, orchid barks, pumice, or coco coir. Using this type of natural soil amendment can improve drainage thereby encouraging a more porous growing medium.

3.    Temperature Requirement

Jungle velvet calathea do well in warm temperatures of around 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Just ensure the temperature doesn’t drop below 60 degrees Fahrenheit and avoid any sudden drop in or fluctuations in temperature.

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Furthermore, just to make sure your plant continues to thrive, you should protect the plant from draft or warm airflow. Then during winter, make sure the plant pot isn’t close to a heating duct or a hot radiator.

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4.    Humidity Requirement

Jungle velvet calathea flourishes in high humidity, especially when indoors and they grow best in 50% humidity.

If you want to duplicate their tropical environment, using a room humidifier can help. Just sit the plant pot on a tray with pebbles or you can simply group the tropical houseplant together.

How To Properly Water Jungle Velvet Calathea Plant

You need to know how to properly water jungle velvet calathea plants as this is also part of their care guide. Even though this plant requires damp soil to flourish, it still does not like to sit in a waterlogged area and the plant doesn’t like dry soil. this reason can make watering to be a bit fussy.

The ideal period to water this plant is when the potting is slightly dried. You can do a simple finger test by inserting a finger about 1 inch deep into the soil to feel its moisture. Once the top 1-inch part of the soil is dry, it’s time to water your plant. But if the topsoil still feels damp, just hold on for some days before you water.

So, water the potting mix properly until you see water draining out of the drainage holes. Then make sure you let all excess water drain out before you return the plant to its spot.

How To Properly Water Jungle Velvet Calathea Plant

Note that hot temperatures make jungle velvet calathea soil dry out quicker. Therefore, your plant will need to be watered more often during hot periods. However, during winter periods, this plant tends to slowdown in growth. Hence, it is ideal to water less during winter.

Additionally, the type of pots you use can determine how moisture moves. For instance when you use terracotta pots to grow your jungle velvet calathea, moisture evaporates faster compared to using pots that are plastic made.

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Jungle Velvet Calathea Fertilization

The plant of jungle velvet calathea is not a heavy feeder. You can provide the plant with nutrients by applying a balanced houseplant fertilizer once monthly during their growing season.

Using a weak fertilizer solution occasionally can help minimize the risk of burns caused by nutrient burns.

The plants of jungle velvet calathea are quite sensitive to over-fertilization which is why you must avoid using too strong fertilizer. A good thing you can do is to flush the soil every two or three months just to get rid of excess minerals.

Jungle Velvet Calathea Fertilization


As charming as the velvety two-toned plant of jungle is, the plant needs to be cared for the right way so you can continue to admire its lovely features.

This post has listed the ideal growing requirements the plant jungle velvet calathea needs to thrive well. So, do well to look through our plant care guide and continue to provide the appropriate growing conditions for your jungle velvet calathea plant.


Is Calathea jungle velvet rare?

Yes, the plant of jungle velvet calathea is indeed a rare species but they are loved by different individuals and used as a houseplant to decorate homes.

How big does a Velvet Calathea get?

The plant jungle velvet calathea tends to grow pretty fast and big. The plant is capable of attaining a height of about 80 cm.

Can you propagate jungle velvet?

It is usually a bit hard to propagate jungle velvet using normal stem cutting. But there is a better way to propagate this plant and it is by division during repotting period in the spring.

How do you water Calathea jungle velvet?

You need to provide the right watering scheme for the plant of jungle velvet. This plant does well in damp soil so water generously. However, avoid overwatering and use a well draining pot so water doesn’t sit in the soil and pot.

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