Orange Spider Lily – Learn About What Spider Lilies Signify And More!

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Last Updated on December 12, 2022

An Orange Spider Lily (Lycoris Sanguinea) or tiger lily as it is often called is a plant that is sought after because it is symbolic of different cultures. In the southeast of the Mississippi lowlands, there are marshes and wet woodlands where the spider lily grows. With its incredibly tiny perianth segments, it resembles a spidery daffodil.

This gorgeous plant contains a basal clump of linear leaves, each growing directly from a bulb. Passing bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds are attracted to a generous planting of the orange spider lily. These one-of-a-kind blooms, which range from orange to scarlet, are among the first to adorn late-summer landscapes.

The vibrant clusters of umbels planted in groups make for a charming show. The genus Lilium also referred to as the family of real lilies is where they belong. Orange spider lilies signify confidence, pride, honor, hatred, pride, disdain, conviction, and fortune. Find out more about the meanings of these glorious plants below!

Do Orange Lilies Symbolize Hatred?

Lilies have traditionally been the flowers given as gifts to mark special occasions. This is because each type has a special meaning and significance. Although they are regarded as lovely and well-liked flowers, their orange varieties also represent pride, hatred, and contempt according to the Victorian era. However, this depends on individual circumstances and beliefs.

Keep in mind that these plants stand out from the throng with colors that are equally as vivid as others in the genus. Additionally, they can also represent respect and honor for a prominent individual. Therefore, the orange spider lily is often used to show recognition to someone for their wonderful effort.

 Are spider lilies bad luck?

It is the ideal flower gift for significant life milestones. However, the orange lily is also toxic and even small amounts of the plant can have serious side effects. This could be one of the reasons that these plants also have a dark side when it comes to their meanings and beliefs, similar to a ying-yang effect.

Are Spider Lilies Bad Luck?

Yes, according to certain cultural beliefs, spider lilies do represent bad luck. Buddhists frequently decorate their ancestors’ graves with red spider lilies to commemorate the start of fall and pay respects. Unlike the orange spider lily, the red varieties are described in the Lotus Sutra as flowers that grow in hell.

Because of this, certain traditions in China and Japan hold that these flowers guide spirits through the afterlife and into reincarnation. Listed below are a few interesting points to take note of.


  1. he locations of the medieval executions of Japanese Christians are also said to have seen the blooming of crimson spider lilies, according to legend.
  2. More urban legends claim that red spider lilies blossom alongside the sidewalk whenever someone crosses paths with a person they will never meet again.
  3. These legends are partly to blame for the association of flowers with farewells in addition to their connection to death and the hereafter.
  4. Despite being planted at graves as an offering and a sign of protection, red spider lilies are so closely linked to death that people believe they bring ill luck.
  5. Except for funerals and memorial services, there aren’t many occasions where red spider lilies are appropriate gifts.
  6. Lily bouquets are also presented as altar offerings to respect ancestors.

Here’s some great information about the beautiful Mangrove Spider Lily, which is one of the flowers from these stunning varieties. 

 Are surprise lilies and spider lilies the same?
Why are Spider Lilies Called Naked Ladies?

Amongst the most unusual flowers that you can cultivate in your garden are spider lilies, also known as surprise lilies or naked ladies. These exotic ornamentals are a popular choice for anyone wishing to add vibrant flowers with a startling lack of foliage. The showy blooms are also aromatic, which increases their allure. Therefore, naked ladies are great for a variety of settings since they are both adaptable and beautiful.

The reason they are referred to as naked ladies is that their stems are bare. Also, you may be surprised to know that their blooms appear before the foliage does, which gives them a nude look. However, these gorgeous plants have a history that can be inferred as they remain in the ground for much longer than anticipated. In the late summer or early fall, the long stems support a vibrant shock of petals, and in the winter, the foliage takes its place.

The red spider lily is the most common type found in the United States. However, the orange spider lily is also a sought-after plant in these parts. No matter the color, these blooms are incredibly stunning and seductive flowers to behold with their eye-catching naked stance. Their positive and negative implications connected to their symbolic meaning are appreciated by many.

Are Surprise Lilies and Spider Lilies the Same?

Surprise lilies, spider lilies, and hurricane lilies are some of the common names for Lycoris which has two varieties. These include the types whose leaves emerge in the fall and the ones whose leaves are seen in the spring. The latter includes the surprise lily, red spider lily, orange spider lily, and hurricane lily. Here are a few helpful tips to take into consideration when growing them.

 Do orange lilies symbolize hatred?


  • Winter hardiness of the red spider lily extends to Zone 6b in the US.
    spring foliage Lycoris may thrive as far north as USDA Zone 3.
  • The adorable spider lily bulbs are also referred to as hurricane lilies because they frequently produce red, pink, yellow, or white flowers on naked stems during hurricane season in the US.
  • The leaves on surprise lily bulbs continue to develop even after the petals have faded. Surprise lilies have foliage that grows in the winter and goes dormant in the summer, unlike other bulbs.
  • Once established, the plant endures for many years in both good and poor soil, sun or shade.
  • The surprise lily blooms from July to mid-August.
  • When most other flowers have finished blooming, the magical spider lilies will showcase their shades of red, orange, yellow, or white lending vibrancy to the scene.
  • The Missouri Botanical Garden suggests using bulb offsets to disseminate these summer-bloomers.
  • Although planting them will give your garden a natural appearance, to avoid crowding it is essential to thin out the bulbs. This gesture will ensure that they keep thriving.


Lilies are adaptable, timeless, and available in a wide range of colors. These gorgeous flowers are the ideal choice for showing condolences or pampering a loved one on their anniversary, as well as to display at funerals. However, this aspect would also depend on your beliefs as the orange spider lily does represent hate to some.

However, if you’re not hell-bent on bad omens, then these lively lilies make a lovely gift to commemorate a special occasion. These may include a job advancement, graduation, or any other special celebration. Lilies have a long history of being revered as majestic flowers in Greek mythology, where it is said that Hera, the wife of Zeus, is responsible for their creation.

In actuality, it was the milky dribbles that she left on the ground, after declining to feed Hercules, that were thought to be the lily seedlings. Additionally, you should also keep in mind that lily varieties that represent those ideal moments in life can help you express a range of emotions without uttering a word. Here’s a video with more information about the meaning of spider lilies. 

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