Outdoor Outlet Timer

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Last Updated on August 11, 2022

Outdoor outlet timer basically helps keep your light and other electrical devices on to whatever time you’ve scheduled them to be running. Therefore, it helps you run your electrical devices without wasting electricity because it has given you full control over what should be kept running for a particular period.

Outdoor outlet timer is pretty easy to use or set up and they can be quite beneficial for our daily use. It can offer you some good control over your outdoor electrical appliances.

This timer is great to be used outdoor because they are built to be resistant to weather in various conditions.

So, let’s look into some more details on the outdoor outlet timer and see how useful this device can be for our various electrical appliances.

Outdoor Outlet Timer

Outdoor outlet timer is also known as an outdoor electrical outlet and it is a device that helps keep your light as well as other electrical devices on at your preferred or set time or schedule.

This outdoor outlet timer differs from an indoor outlet timer and this means that both outdoor and indoor outlet timers are slightly built differently. The outdoor outlet timer has watertight covers and this protects the outlet especially when they have a plug in cord. Therefore, they are built in a way that can endure various outdoor weather conditions.

outdoor electrical outlet

This outdoor electrical outlet timer is suitable to be used for your different outdoor appliances including lights.

The outdoor outlet timer works in a way that you can plug your electrical appliance and set them up to a specific running time. So, your devices will be up and running at scheduled periods and you end up saving electricity.

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Outdoor Outlet Timer With Photocell Light Sensor

Outdoor outlet timer can as well be hooked up with a photocell light sensor. They can work hand in hand to give you that versatile option that can give you automatic control over your light or other appliances.

  • Photocell light sensor is also known as a photoresistor and this works by changing its resistance anytime light shines on it. This light changes a photocell makes always depends on the light striking its face or surface. Usually, a light incidence that is high that will strike the surface of a photocell will and this will cause a lower resistance. Then a lower light intensity will give rise to higher resistance in a photocell. It works with dusk and dawn.

Outdoor outlet timer can work with a photocell light sensor. In fact some outdoor timers can come with multiple options that can feature a dial that can be set to a photocell light sensor. Then it usually offers you the option to activate that dusk to dawn light setting. You also have the option to activate different times such as the time a programmed 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, or 8 hours dial settings.

An outdoor outlet timer that features a photocell light sensor is very versatile and can be used for many different applications. They can be used in your yard, for security, outdoor party or wedding, for Christmas time, or even in a restaurant.

You can also have that more outdoor automation control for your seasonal lighting, landscape, patio lighting, and so on.

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Advantages To Be Enjoyed When Using Outdoor Outlet Timer

There are many advantages you get to enjoy using an outdoor outlet timer and they include:

  • Safety

Outdoor outlet works to automatically switch on or off your electrical appliances. Let’s take your lighting appliances for instance, when it turns dark, your light will be turned on automatically with the help of your outdoor outlet timer.

So, anytime your property turns dark, the outdoor timer you’ve set will light up your yard. So, you can see things clearly and feel safe because you have an illuminated spot.

Also, you can even minimize the chances of thieves lurking around your yard with the aim of invading houses that are not occupied. When you’re away may be on holiday, once you automatically set your light to switch on at specific periods, especially at night, it gives the impression that someone is home. Hence, it may help give the sign to intruders to keep off your property.

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  • Convenience – Outdoor Outlet Timer

You can imagine the ease and convenience you get when you set up your porchlight and lampposts to switch on at dusk. You don’t even need to get up and manually turn your lights on.

  • Cost-effectiveness And Saves You Electricity

The fact that this outdoor outlet timer helps you put on lights or appliances that are scheduled to be on at specific periods makes it easy for you to save electricity. Therefore, there’s no wastage of electricity because your appliances will be on at the set time when you need them to be on. Hence, it can help you save some money

It’s even more useful especially when you’re out on holiday and you don’t want to keep your lights on all day.

Also, most of these outdoor outlet timers are fairly affordable so there’s no excuse for you not to have one.

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  • Can Help With Farm Productivity

Some farmers may want to have light time switches just to enhance farm productivity. For instance, light timer switches can enhance egg productivity in chickens at night.

Again, the automatic light switches can help bring convenience to farm management.

Can Help With Farm Productivity

Conclusion On Outdoor Outlet Timer

So, from the above, we have discussed what an outdoor outlet timer is. We have also emphasized some good advantages you stand to gain using this device.

Outdoor outlet timers are great devices to use in our homes and gardens. This device gives control over our electrical appliances as they can be switched on and off at a specified time. As we’ve discussed above, using this device can offer you convenience, safety, effectiveness, and save you electricity.

So, anytime you hear about this outdoor outlet electrical timer, you can be sure of the great works and benefits they can offer you.


How to set a six outlet outdoor timer?

To set a six outlet outdoor timer, you should locate the set timer pin and set it to the time you wish the timer to be on. Then plug your different electrical device into any of the 6 outlets.

How to hook up an outdoor electrical outlet to a intermatic mechanical timer switch?

This can be done by simply linking your electrical appliances to the intermatic mechanic timer switch and set up the time you wish your electrical appliance to be on and off.

Westinghouse 6 outlet outdoor timer what outlets are controlled?

The pins control the timer and they are in the down position and must be pulled up before you program the timer. Then rotate the dial until the indicator points at the time of the day.

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