3 Tier Plant Stand With Grow Lights

3 Tier Plant Stand With Grow Lights

Using 3 tier plant stand with grow lights is a good way of growing plants in a vertical manner especially if you have issues with space. This will give you the access and advantage to growing more plants to give you more yields.

Also, if your fragile seedlings or clones are not so ready to face the harsh outdoor conditions, you can simply use a suitable plant stand with grow lights.

In this post, we will be talking about how you can use 3 tier plant stand with grow lights. We will also give you some recommend stand you can purchase for your growing plants. So, let’s begin.

Using Grow Light Shelves

Grow light stand will help you withholding your grow light as well as some other hydroponic equipment. They will basically help with the arrangement of your plants.

When considering using grow light shelves for your indoor growing plants, ensure you have the right size of length that fits the shelves. Although, it’s not much of a big deal if you have the length a bit longer. This is just to allow your growth set up will look well arranged.

Using Grow Light Shelves

So, the horizontal length of your shelve should be almost the same length as the shelve. This means if you have your shelve to be 4 feet long, your grow light length should be within that range.

Also, the compartments of your shelves should have holes where you can easily hang your grow light.

How To Set Up Growing Shelf

You can either purchase a complete tier plant shelf with grow lights or simply build a DIY grow shelf stand.

To build your own setup, simply purchase the grow lights, grow trays, and the shelving unit. Then you go ahead to attaching the grow lights on each shelf tier.

Depending on how many grow light tiers you have, go ahead and set them up with your grow lights. Also, depending on how much light intensity your plants require, you can set up one or even two grow lights for each stand.

Each tier of your shelf should open lines where you can attach your grow lights. Your grow light should have a chain or wire rack that you can use to hang over each tier and hook it up with your grow light. The hook will allow you to move your grow lights up and down.

Moving your grow light up and down will allow you to set up the appropriate height of your grow and plant distance. You can always adjust the light anytime especially to suit the stage your plant is. Go ahead and put your growing tray on each tier and adjust your grow light appropriately.

For starting seeds, your grow lights should be positioned close for about a week. For this reason, you should go with low emitting heat grow lights such as fluorescent lights.

Some Recommended 3 Tier Plant Stand With Grow Lights

Readymade grows light shelves will save you the stress of building your light shelving. So, here is some recommended 3 tier plant stand with grow lights:

1.    Gardener’s Supply Company Indoor Grow Light, 3-Tier Stand Sunlite Light Garden

The Gardener’s supply Sunlite garden 3 tier grow light stand features indoor grow light with plant trays for your plants. You can start your seeds and grow your plants with this 3 tier stand. It is pretty easy to assemble and it comes with clear instructions to guide you through the assembling.

They offer a brighter light for your plant growing needs. You also get the pleasure of moving the grow light up and down for you to get the right grow light distance. The fixtures also come with a pull chain for easy height adjustments.

This 3 tier plant stand arrangement will look so decorative in your living room or anywhere indoors. You can grow your seeds with this stand as well as growing herbs and houseplants. You can also try other plants like orchids with this 3 tier grow light stand.

Overall, this is a great 3 tier plant stand with grow lights that will serve as an excellent starting point for your seeds or plant propagation.

2.    Gardener’s Supply Company LED Grow Light Stand, Heavy Duty 3-Tier

The Gardner’s supply LED grow light stand is another nicely built 3 tier stand. It is made of heavy-duty steel which makes it durable. It is well painted and the holes are well lined up.

This stand is also pretty easy to set up without the need for professional help all you need to do is just go through the instructions. It also comes with nice trays for growing plants and the shelves are water-tight.

The LED grow light is a full spectrum that will assist your plants through different grow life cycles. The bulbs are long-lasting and can last up to 50,000 hours of use.

You can grow various plants such as basil, lettuce, parsley, sweet peppers, etc under the stand grow light. They are also ideal for growing flowers and other plants.

It also has adjustable light features that allow you to raise or bring down the lights for your plants’ comfort. Their lights are also low emitting heat.

This 3 tier stand also has a rolling caster that allows you to easily push or move anywhere around your home.

However, this 3 tier plant stand with grow lights is at a high price but you can enjoy the price of the money spent.

Final Say On 3 Tier Plant Stand With Grow Lights

It’s really quite great having a 3 tier plant stand with grow lights because of its versatility. It offers you the benefit of growing in a vertical manner with a managed space.

You also get to grow various plants including seedlings, clones, and other types of plants indoors.