Roots Organic Soil 707: Benefits and How to Use

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Last Updated on January 26, 2021

The Roots Organic Soil 707 is one of the best organic soils you can use in your garden. The soil mix contains minerals such as peat, perlite, coco, and other organic materials that help to stimulate plant growth. 

When it comes to choosing a suitable potting soil for your garden, you cannot be too careful. Your goal as a responsible gardener is to provide your plants with the right materials it needs to grow. This includes making sure that the soil is packed with the right minerals and nutrients to support healthy growth

In this article, we will be reviewing the Roots Organic Soil 707 where you will learn about all the many benefits and why it is popular among organic farmers and gardeners. 

What Is Roots Organic Soil 707?

The Roots Organic Soil 707 is an organic soil for plants packed in a ready to use 20 gallon potting bag. The formula 707 from Roots Organic was designed to be able to hold water making it suitable for large container gardening. The organic ingredients in the mix are completely approved by authorities (CDFA) for use in certified organic agriculture. Some of the main ingredients include coarse peat moss, bat guano, worm castings, fishbone meal, kelp meal, and soybean meal. 

The soil is packed in bags that make it easy for you to use. All you need to do is to plant your seeds directly into the bag. You can also use it for potting in containers by drilling a drainage hole in the container and place the soil bag directly inside the container. 

For plants to grow healthy roots and stem, they need the right nutrients. With the Roots Organic Soil 707, you can provide your plant soil with the right soil conditions for it to grow. You can also use the 707 soil to revive soils that are deficient in nutrients. 

Organic VS Non-organic Soil Type

There is a lot of controversy among gardeners when it comes to the best type of soil to use for potting. It all depends on your choice of ingredients, but as a grower with a few years of experience using both organic and non-organic soil and fertilizers on my plants, I will always advise gardeners to use organic soils and fertilizers on their plants. This is because organic fertilizers and soils are made from completely natural ingredients that are eco-friendly. This makes them great for your health and the environment.  Some other differences between organic and non-organic soil type you need to be aware of includes: 

1. Organic soil contains materials with a carbon content from living or dead matter; while non-organic soil in most cases is made from chemical compounds. Non-organic soils are made from man-made materials that have been re-engineered to support plant growth. 

2. Non-organic soils are cheaper compared to organic soil.

3. Organic soils have different pH levels while non-organic soils have a neutral pH level. 

4. Organic soils have a tendency to contain contaminants. This is due to the fact that the ingredients in the soil are completely organic and susceptible to impurities. But you wouldn’t get many contaminants in non-organic soils as they do not undergo molecular changes. 

5. Organic soils come in specific blends that are manufactured for separate plants whereas non-organic soil types are suited for all soil types and plants. 

6. Non-organic soil makes use of recycled products such as Styrofoam to support aeration; while organic soil makes use of pure natural methods to supply plant roots with the right amount of oxygen it needs to grow. 

7. Lastly, we support the use of organic potting soil because unlike non-organic soil, it is completely free from toxic chemicals that could endanger your life and the environment. 

Roots Organic Soil 707: Benefits and How to Use

Benefits of Roots Organic Soil 707

Some of the reasons why we encourage the use of Roots Organic Soil 707 is because 

1. The soil was designed specifically to encourage the speedy growth of plants. When you make use of this potting soil in your garden, you do not need to worry much about regular fertilizer application. This is because the product is already formulated with the nutrients needed by plants to grow healthy. 

2. The ingredients in the mix include compost, perlite, coarse peat, worm castings, pumice, feather meal, soybean meal, kelp meal, bone meal, fishbone meal, and coco fiber. These are all the nutrients your seeds need to grow healthy leaves and fruits. 

3. The soil is packed in a 20 gallon grow bag that is ready to use without difficulty. All you need to do is to trim the top of the bag and plant your seed directly into the bag or transplant into a larger container. 

4. There are no traces of chemical compounds in the soil; making it completely free from toxic materials that can endanger your health and environment. 

5. The soil can be used for a variety of plants that require a slightly acidic pH level to grow healthily. 

How to Use the Roots Organic Soil 707

Like we have mentioned earlier, you can easily make use of the soil without breaking much sweat. The soil is packed in a bag that you can plant your seeds in temporarily before repotting them in a container. You can also plant directly to a container by drilling a hole to allow drainage of excess water. You will also have to make use of more soil; as you will have to fill the container properly until it is full.

You can purchase Roots Organic Soil 707 on Amazon.

Roots Organic Soil 707: Benefits and How to Use

Other Alternatives to Roots Organic Soil 707

 This is a completely organic potting soil that is packed with nutrients and minerals to support healthy plant growth. It is also easy to use and can be adjusted for a variety of plants. 

This is another quality potting soil mix you can use for your plants without much stress. All you have to do is water regularly and apply fertilizers from time to time. 

Finding the right potting soil for your plant shouldn’t be a problem. With the Roots Organic Soil 707 you can provide your seeds with the right nutrients it needs to grow. 

Which potting soil do you use in your garden? We will like to hear from you. 


What is the pH of roots organic soil?

The pH of roots organic soil can vary from 5 to 6.5 for soil gardens. If you would like to adjust pH, the adjustment should be done earlier before applying root organic to your plant. 

If the soil is dry, you can water a little and leave it for some minutes before applying root organic to your plants.

Is Roots organic really organic?

Root organic is purely made from excellent qualities of organic ingredients. It is a ready to use coco fiber for your potting soil needs. The elements of root organic especially consist of are purely blended organic ingredients and some include worm casting, peat moss, Bat Guano, fishbone meal, feather meal, green sand, soybean meal, kelp meal, and many more.

It has also been mixed with the appropriate percentage of pumice and perlite. Root organic is basically used for soil amendments such as enhancing water holding capacity, good drainage, and good root system. Your plant will also experience exceptional growth with root organic. It is also great for a soilless garden. 

Roots organic soil 707 vs. fox farm ocean forest

Both root organic soil 707 and fox farm forest is great, they are basically almost the same. However, root organic soil will give a better result for your plants providing them a healthy, faster, with fewer plant issues. 

Root organic is perfect for all types of plants including clones and seedlings. It retains more water than fox farm ocean forest would. This is because Fox farm ocean forest is a bit sandy. Therefore it does not hold as much water as root organic soil does. 

Fox Farm Ocean is usually known for its great advantage to cannabis growers. However, it’s a matter of preference. Know and choose what works best for your plant type. 

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